Scion: Sons of Gods ( Tabletop Demigod Epic )

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  1. In the annals of the Greek myths one of the earliest stories tells of a rebellion in the Heavens; Of how one god rose up to strike down his Titan father and free his siblings from confinement within his very stomach. He succeeded and imprisoned their primordial forerunners, leaving them to do what they pleased and live on in the legends of heroes and countries.

    Many see these are stories. Flights of fancy from an era where people searched for answers to that which they could not explain. The gods of old are just stories after all, right? Such is not the case. Not only did these mystical figures and their stories come to pass but one detail is forgotten by many. The slew of freed gods did not all fall in line with the brother that saved them. Others went across the land and sees, finding their own place in the world and creating their own followings.

    The Aztecs. The Norse. The Japanese and Chinese. The Voodoo. The Irish. The Egyptian. The Hindu. While they all claim their own origins all of them originated from the same place in the beginning yet forged their own legacies as the ages passed on. Each were distrusting of the other, always ready to go at each other's throats were the threat of the Titans escaping their imprisonment not such a dire threat. Mutually assured destruction kept them in each other's good graces -- for the most parts.

    As the ages passed and the faith of their followers dwindled many began to take human guises, fulfilling their divine role in their own way among mortals. From time to time one -- whether from simply seeking comfort or pleasure or simply knowing the result -- a godly being in disguise would couple with a mortal and create something chronicled of numerous times in the Greek epics - a Scion. A mortal with divine blood, able to do things beyond any mundane human.

    None are born knowing what they are nor are they told until well into their teens. Upon this Visitation by their godly parent -- or a supernatural representative -- a Scion is given a new purpose in the world. The Titans themselves are held back from destroying the gods and the world of mortals but their creations, the Titanspawn, seek to ravage both. The Gods themselves are limited in their ability to interfere in mortal affairs but often the deities of various pantheons will group their children together to help battle the Titan threat and begin their legend as a modern hero.

    Despite these forces banding together there is still a darkness on the horizon. A destined battle for everything looms on the horizon and it's set upon the shoulders of those willing to stand up for their world to save all from the Titan's forthcoming wrath.


    Scion is a tabletop game game created by White Wolf and set in a world where the children of gods duke it out against the myths of old to keep the world safe. The game puts a party of scions born of various gods and pantheons together, creating a party of exceptional and sometimes clashing individuals as they try to figure out the gifts they have been granted and how best to use them.

    I have yet to decide whether this will be a chat or forum based RP though I will go over those who join to check their preferences. While this is base on an often combat focused tabletop game I will be putting a lot more emphasis on roleplaying and how a character reacts in battle rather than a straight up dice duel though rolling will still be a bit part of this as randomness of whether someone succeeds or fails creates for interesting situations to interact in and respond to.

    The books contain information on the various gods and their favored powers and stats but if you have a god not listed that you'd like to be a scion of them approach me and such a thing can be generated. Note that 'gods' are very definite in the Scion world. Powerful supernatural entities are often not gods and thus do not sire scions.

    Feel free to respond here or PM me directly if you show interest in getting this off the ground!​
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  2. Count me very interested
  3. Quite interesting!
  4. owo Oh really now?
  5. Yeah, sorry, I posted from the job and had to return. I have read a bit about Scion, from way back when I was very into the White Wolf games (Vampire, Werewolf)
  6. Played it in middle school, loved it. <3 We still have space if you're interested.
  7. Really? but must tell you that I dont know a lot about it. Do you have any posting expectations? I ask because english aint my first lenguage
  8. This is going to be roleplay heavy so I would like at least an intermediate level of writing, yes.
  9. Oh I see, well thanks anyway, I dont think Im of intermediate level. Luck with your play!
  10. Whello there Gigi!
    As I said, this seems interesting, so I'll stick around.

    Now a few questions then:

    What books are you using, link please :D

    Are we able to be Scions of OC-gods, and are we to adhere completely to the preset system?
    (Have a love for introducing OC-stuff in every story)

    What kind of plot did you have in mind ?

    As you mentioned going more roleplay-esq about it, are you going to use dice/rules exclusively for combat-actions, or how were you planning on implementing it ?

    Hope this will turn into a lovely story xD
  11. Hello, Windly, thank you for your question. I'll answer them to the best of my abilites.

    I have the PDFs for the books on my computer and could gladly throw them to you in a PM if you intend on joining.

    I would prefer pre-existing gods from pre-existing pantheons exist but I also know that not every god or pantheon in the world is stated. If you have one in mind outside of the books we could certainly make something from that!

    The plot thus far is in my mind. It will start off in Las Vegas where the party has been told to gather by their parents but beyond that I'm gonna have to stay tight lipped. ;p

    Even in the tabletop version White Wolf games tend to be very roleplay heavy to begin with. Dice are more often used in skill checks though there will be combat. Am I mistaken in thinking the sight has a dice roller? :o

    Hopes this clears things up!
  12. It seems like it could turn out interesting, count me in ^^
  13. Awesome! PM me and we can talk the specifics!
  14. Still got 2 spots left before we start!
  15. Alrighty, I'll bite. Basically in the same boat as Oni6470 up there (i.e. haven't done Scion but have experience with other White Wolf stuff), but if that's not a deal-breaker I'd love to try and throw something together for this setting.
  16. ^_^ Excellent! Mind PMing me?
  17. Bump becaues we still need people to start
  18. Somebody, please come and play with us.
  19. Eh, well.
    I somehow stumbled across this rp, and thought:
    -Hell yeah! I like demigod type of RPs!
    -Oh wait... I don't know anything about the fandom/books.

    So, yes. Is it possible to join, without knowing the main lore?
  20. (Mind the double post)
    Okay, after browsing through wiki, I found it strange, that no Slavic Pantheon, or even Slavic gods are in any Pantheon.
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