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I made this and put it here so I can reference this later. This is for a white wolf table top game called Scion, where you plays as sons of gods in a modern setting. Iwaku world has a lot of godlike people already, so a pantheon of us wouldn't be hard to believe. I'll need you guys to fill in some blanks and give me some suggestions, though,.

The Iwakuan Pantheon

These Gods hail from a world called Iwaku, a world situated in the center of a multitude of alternate realities. Due to this position, the Pantheon is particularly aware of the vagaries of fate and how little decisions affect the universe as a whole. However, despite this - they are a passionate and rebellious lot, constantly struggling against fate despite knowing that they are all inevitably trapped by it.

At once, they are capable of being both fate's guardians and its greatest enemies. It is only then that they realize they are merely acting out a narrative written for them since the beginning of time.

Due to their history of struggle, they have learned to call fate by a different name - the cycle. They otherwise call it 'the Narrative'.

They came to this world when yet another gate was opened to their realm, allowing them to freely traverse here. As they crossed the border, they came to meet the other pantheons, and learned of the overworld war.

The Iwakuans realized that the overworld war was linked to their primordial nemesis, the broken cycle, that waited at the end of countless realities. They, too, joined the fight for this world, and decided to help the other pantheons in their fight.

They are particularly new to the god scene, and thus are held in particularly low regard by the other pantheons. The fact that they directly depend on fate to empower them makes them seem all the more unworthy in the eyes of the others.

However, the Iwakuans find much common ground with the aesir, due to their struggles. In fact, the Iwakuans have dealt with the norse even in their home realm, and even have a viking-born son as one of their gods. The fact that both pantheons know that fate has somehow doomed them makes them kin. Yet, somehow, personalities still clash and tempers still flare on both sides - making this relationship tragically tumultuous.

With the greeks, they simply share a deep-seated artistic flair and passionate individuality. Many iwakuans have heard tales of dodekatheon and emulated them in their tales. The greek gods have come to appreciate the twists and tragedies that marked their history made flesh. In this sense, they both inspire each other to great lengths. However, this sometimes leads to a bitter rivalry, due to the pride of both pantheons involved.

The Loa admire the fact that the Iwakuans were simply various gods who formed a community in the middle of a crumbling universe. like them, they too are a new addition to the god-scene, and thus appreciate their aid. The Iwakuans find them strange, but since they're friendly, they're probably not that bad. They have an amiable relationship.

The amatsukami, aztecs and the egyptians find it strange that a people so connected with fate and the cosmos constantly choose to struggle against it. However, they can understand how the Iwakuans are capable of so much. The Iwakuans do not question the other pantheon's methods, but do not appreciate these pantheons questioning theirs. This constantly leads to friction and bloody conflict, particularly with the aztecs.

Virtues: Conviction, Endurance, Expression, Vengeance

Otherwise known as: Crimson Caped Man, Mad King of Insanity

Hailing from the forsaken land of insanity, an ever changing realm of madness and senseless imagery, Paorou lords over chaos and individual will. He is the lord of Reality Bending, and the land changes with his every whim. Because of his abilities, he is known as the world's craftsman. Seated upon his throne on Castle Nerf, adorning a red cape and surrounded by his golden eyes, he also serves as the sun of this forsaken land. His living motorcycle, Crimson jin, flies on wings of lighhtning, allowing him to fly across the skies in an instant.

His favorite color is red, and his personality is a paradox, at once yearning for freedom from the cycle, yet tyrannical in his fatalism. He is said to look like a brown skinned young man, constantly sleepy-eyed and smirking, and at other times he is a one-eyed abomination.

When he does visit the modern world, Paorou has been seen as a lone travelling motorcyclist in a red jacket, an aggressive business man with a red tie, a fat-bellied factory owner that produces red cars, A comic book store owner who constantly has a red issue of JUMP, and at other times, a preacher with a red-leather-bound bible.

His scions do not necessarily follow his predilections for the color red, but end up in positions of responsibility and solitude as he does. Most of his politican sons share his paradoxical attitude, idealistic, yet succumbing to corruption as a necessary evil. Others do not fall that far, but find themselves negligent in other aspects. They find themselves as NARCs, Government officials who are selective about who they recieve their bribes, Undercover Agents, Third-world Country communist advisors, Interrogators, and sometimes, Underachieving college students who happen to be dabblers in the occult.

Associated Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits, Epic Dexterity, Chaos, Earth, Health, Psychopomp, Sun, Sky, Magic, Cyclic Manifestation
Favored Abilities: Control, Marksmanship, Occult, Presence, Politics, Craft
Rivals: Asmodeus, Rory, Thoth, Hermes, Zeus, odin, Vidar, Loki, Tezcatlipoca, Hachiman, Amaterasu, Legba, Shango

Otherwise known as: =write something here, Asmo.=

=Write something here, Asmo=

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Appearance, Epic Wits, Epic Stamina, Epic Dexterity, Sky, Justice, Guardian, Mystery, Cyclic Manifestation
Favored Abilities: Empathy, Command, Presence, Integrity, Fortitude, Melee
Rivals: Paorou, Rory [I'll add more later.]

Otherwise known as: =write something here, Rory.=

=Write something here, Rory=

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Psychopomp, Stars, Illusion, Mystery, Prophecy, Cyclic Manifestation
Favored Abilities: Occult, Academics, Integrity, Empathy, Awareness, Marksmanship
Rivals: Paorou, Asmodeus [I'll add more later.]

Jack Shade
Otherwise known as: jacky boy =just kidding. Fill this in.=

=Write something here, jack.=

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity, Health, Animal, Death, Sky, Justice, Earth, Cyclic Manifestation
Favored Abilities: Craft, Melee, Medicine, Athletics, Presence, Marksmanship
Rivals: [dunno.]

Otherwise known as:=Fill this in.=

=Write something here, myrn.=

Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Perception, Epic Charisma, Epic Intelligence, Health, Animal[dog], Moon, Cyclic Manifestation
Favored Abilities: Science, Marksmanship, Medicine, Awareness, Animal Ken, Investigation
Rivals: [dunno.]

Otherwise known as:=Fill this in.=

=Write something here, Porg.=

Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, War, Guardian, Fire, Cyclic Manifestation [incomplete]
Favored Abilities: Melee, Athletics, Survival, Animal Ken, Stealth, Thrown
Rivals: [dunno.]

The Goddess
Otherwise known as: Simica, Fluffy,

=Write something here, Rory.=

Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Appearance, Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Moon, Animal, Illusion, Star, Health, Psychopomp, Fertility, Mystery, Prophecy, Magic, Cyclic Manifestation
Favored Abilities: Presence, Occult, Art, Empathy, Academics, Medicine
Rivals: [dunno.]


Pantheon Specific Purview - Cyclic Manifestation

The Iwakuans have an intrinsic understanding of the universe, particularly the laws of cause and effect, as well as the endless realms of possibility. They treat fate as a living entity that can be goaded and reasoned with, and are aware of certain rules that allow them their great powers.

If they choose not to recieve these powers, they have the luxury of being free from the cycle's grip. But more often than not, they are inevitably pulled into it's embrace.

However, Iwakuans sometimes abuse these fate-given powers, trying to use these very powers to sever themselves from fate's web. Ironically, they do not realize that this, too, is part of fate's ploy all along.

Empowering the Hero *

The basic ability of Iwakuan Scions, whether it be by bending reality, enforcing it's laws, calling upon the strength of the soul, or by calling on his divine lineage. This ability allows him to add bonus dice to his roll equal to the number of his Cyclic manifestation dots. However, nothing comes free. Although he spends no legend or willpower, he is immediately fatebound to a single =something= or =someone= in the area, of what kind is completely up to the GM.

Becoming the Ally **

Now moving beyond the self, the Iwakuan Scion can empower others with the same abilities he used to bolster his own actions. They spend one legend point and add bonus dice to any single roll done in his presence, equal to his rank in cyclic manifestation. However, he is immediately fatebound to something or someone in the immediate area - with whoever he is supporting as a priority.

The Trial of the Guardian ***

The Iwakuan Scion does not just bolster or assist. His cyclic manifestation now takes a destructive bent, undermining the efforts of his opponent. He spends one legend point and imposes a penalty done to any single roll done in his presence equal to his dots in Cyclic Manifestation. However, he is immediately fatebound to something or someone in the area - with whoever he is targetting as the priority.

Embracing the Soulmate ****

The scion has embraced his manifestation, and is now bolstered by fate itself. if he is to use a boon, or a knack that requires a legend point cost, he may opt to remove it entirely for a number of fatebindings equal to each point of legend required to activate the boon/knack. The fatebindings are not limited to objects/people in his presence.

Guidance of the Mentor *****

By tapping into the vagaries of the cycle itself, he is given a glimpse of his place in the web of fate. He spends a number of legend points to gain knowledge of an equal number of fatebindings he has undergone. However, the fatebindings and the information revealed in this manner are completely up to the GM. He/she must, however, reveal information regarding x different fatebindings, x being the legend points spent. This lasts for a scene, and its cost can be lessened by utilizing embracing the soulmate.

The Trickster's Mischief ***** *

The scion channels the trickster for a scene, fooling and defying fate itself. He spends 5 legend points and changes the circumstances of a single fatebinding. If no such fatebinding exists his legend points are simply lost, and the GM can opt not to tell him about it. This does not remove a fatebinding, rather it can simply be used to turn a nemesis into a trusted friend, or a victim into a patron, etc.

Coming of the Herald ***** **

As the demigod approaches godhood, his cyclic manifestation takes a more concrete form, representing his will. He must now choose from one of the four schools of thought, becoming forever entwined in that aspect of Iwakuan truth. This grants him unbelievable powers, but also damning weaknesses.

- Reality Bending -
The scion bends the very fabric of reality with a whim. With this, almost nothing is impossible. However, the Reality bender soon comes to realize that he is only changing worldly truths, and is still being guided and pulled by the fates.

The Scion can now utilize any boon from any general purpose purview, with dots equal or lesser to the dots he has in cyclic Manifestation. However, all costs required by said boon are doubled. This is unless he already possesses the said boon and the appropriate relic - in that case he simply uses it as normal.

In addition, he is now particularly susceptible to confluence-related powers. If a person declares he wishes to use confluence-related abilities on the reality bender, he immediately gets successes to his rolls equal to his legend rating. These abilities are particularly the first to third dots of cyclic manifestation, but can be expanded at the gm's discretion.

- Confluence -
The universe has rules for a reason. Confluence-users impose these rules on everyone, regardless of divine parentage or power. These rules do not even exclude himself.

Confluence users can negate the effects of any boon from any purview, by spending an equal amount of legend points/willpower used to activate the purview. This includes environmental effects or boons that protect his opponents. The only boons he cannot ever stop are ultimate attributes and avatars.

In the case of the passive boons [first dots] that grant enemy scions their immunity, He simply has to roll a number of dice equal to his willpower+legend rating to overcome their willpower+legend rating

However, the Confluence user gains a penalty whenever he wishes to utilize purviews. Whenever he would recieve benefits from these boons, He has to roll willpower and compare it to the dots he possesses in Cyclic Manifestation. If it is lower, he is required to pay legend points equal to his cyclic manifestation dots or else not recieve the benefits at all. This cost is on top of the activation costs of the said boon.

- Dreamweaving -
The scion comes to understand his place in the cosmos, and of greater powers that lie beyond. He can call upon these powers, but comes to realize his own powerlessness when they come into play.

The dreamweaver can transmute fatebindings into followers, creatures, guides or even relics. [because fatebinding is not merely limited to living things.] He spends 3 legend points per dot the new relic/creature/follower/guide will take. The effect may take the course of a scene or an entire cycle, depending on the storyteller's discretion. This can be done regardless of the nature of the fatebinding.

Also, whenever a Scion uses the Trickster's Mischief, he can literally transmute a number of fatebindings of his choice into an equal number of legend points, rather than merely changing their nature. The fatebindings are not lost, however, and as a result, they immediately activate their purpose in unison. [I.e. if a friend is fated to save his life and a villain is fated to kill his loved ones; If they both activate The villain could kill his friend, who gives himself up to save the scion. etc.] If no such fatebinding specified exists, nothing happens. This ability is free, but the number of fatebindings he can activate in this manner is equal to his legend rating.

The Dreamweavers, however, are constantly plagued by their fatebindings. They must roll their Legend rating whenever they would utilize a boon or a knack, regardless of costs, for the purpose of determining a new fatebinding in the area. GMs may choose to convert the number of successes into a number of fatebinding activations instead.

- Soul Arts -
The scion empowers his own will, turning inward to empower the self without relying on fate. This makes him unique even from reality benders who need their surroundings to define their will. However, he soon comes to realize that separation from the cycle is but a temporary, yet damning experience.

Upon getting this ability, the soul artist loses all his fatebindings.

At the beginning of each day, he may convert any number of his legend points into an equal number of temporary willpower points.

Whenever he gains a fatebinding, he may roll willpower against the fatebinding's rating to disregard it's effects. This costs one willpower point, however.

The soul artist may use willpower instead of legend for the purpose of purview and knack costs.

However, as long as the soul Artist has no fatebindings, he loses a legend point each day. Every time he does recieve a fatebinding, however, he loses a willpower point.

Vanquish the Shadow ***** ***

Now an Iwakuan God, he fully appreciates the weaknesses and strengths he gains from fate as both sides of the same coin. With this ability, he may opt to gain an additional school of thought as per Coming of the Herald, or embrace his own school of thought further, gaining abilities below.

- Reality Bending -

The reality bender loses his susceptibility against confluence, and thus no longer provides bonuses for confluence users. In addition, he gets an additional number of knacks equal to his legend rating.

- Confluence -

The confluence User no longer has to worry about confluence affecting his own boons, and thus recieves no penalty for using them. In addition, when facing off against an opponent with Invulnerability [those with lower legend cannot harm this creature] Confluence users must simply roll legend+willpower to overcome the target's legend whenever they wish to harm said creature.

- Dreamweaver -

The dreamweaver now has the ability to selectively allow or disregard fatebindings at a whim. The GM, however, does not specify the nature of the fatebindings, merely the recipients/those involved. The fatebindings he can disregard/allow are only ones that involve him and are about to be attached to him. He cannot selectively get rid of past fatebindings using this.

- Soul Arts -

The Soul artist no longer suffers the penalties inherent in his lack of, or accepting of fatebinding. He also gains the ability to remove all his past fatebindings by meditating and spending his all his willpower points for the day.

Define the Archetype ***** ****

The Iwakuan knows that everything is part of a singular narrative, and that everyone has a role to play. with this knack, the god knows that he is not merely just any role in the story, but an important figure who can drastically change the plot.

This ability allows him to immediately add a number of successes equal to a combination of his legend rating and the totality of his fatebindings to a single roll. This can only be done once per scene, and costs 25 legend points.

The God is now fatebound to everything that has witnessed this act, who now know him as an 'Archetype', linked to this act.

One with the Cycle ***** *****

The god is forever immortalized in the story of the cosmos, by his past deeds and his legendary achievements. He has become one with the cycle, and it, to him.

For as long as a fatebinding exists that involves the god, he cannot be destroyed until that fatebinding's course is met.

However, if he is somehow destroyed and brought to a state below his health levels, the player may opt to remove a number of fatebindings instead.

Failing that, he can opt to reduce his legend rating by one. If it falls below 10, he loses this dot and has to purchase it once more.

Fate then conspires to set him back on course, to do what he is fated to do. Such is the potency and the responsibility set upon the most powerful of Iwakuan Gods.



The Iwakuans know that in a possible future at the ends of the alternate realities surrounding their world, The cycle itself was twisted and broken. The furious narrative turned against them, just as they constantly struggled against it. It became the darker aspects of the cycle they feared and hated.

It became the living essence of the eternal struggle.

The Broken Cycle thrives on conflict, constantly looking for weaknesses, and empowering both it's enemies and it's own minions to create more strife. It will only stop when it has no more foes, and then it will turn on itself, until it has nothing to fight with.

For as long as conflict exists, the broken cycle continues.
Paorou, as an avid Scion player, words can't quite express how awesome I think you are right now.
Hope you don't mind me having a go at this, dude.



Name: Ampoule
Calling: Trickster
God: Paorou
Str: **
Dex: ***
Sta: **
Cha: ****
Man: **** ++
App: ***
Per: **
Int: ***
Wits: **** ++
Academics: **
Animal Ken: *
Command: **
Control: ** (Cars)
Empathy: ***
Integrity: ***
Investigation: **
Marksmanship: ***
Occult: ***
Politics: **
Prescence: ***
Survival: **
Baker Cultists (same stats as Myrmidons) - ****
Amulet of the Crimson Eye (allows Ampoule to access Chaos, Psychopomp and Cyclic Manifestation boons) - ***
Cyclic Manifestation ** (Empowering the Hero, Becoming the Ally)
Manipulation (God's Honest, Overt Order)
Wits (Meditative Focus, Social Chameleon)
Conviction: ***
Endurance: *
Expression: **
Vengeance: ***
Other Stuff
Legend: ***
Willpower: ******
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I need help with the histories and additional gods/our axis mundi/realms and stuff, though.
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