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  1. Ok so i want to do a rp based upon the ideas of a friend of mine who will also oversee the project.

    The story is that my character is a bio technological genius and hes putting together some people to help him on shadow missions for the galactic confederacy government. I just need people to pick characters.

    DaVinci-my character , looks just like my pro pic, 18 years old, super genius. Smart and task oriented, no man or woman left behind.

    Crane- A tall lanky but flexible man of the same age as DaVinci. Sweet and kind hearted to friends but no problem with doing things DaVinci says.

    Dice- the gambler who only works with the two guys for money and thrills. You choose looks and persona as long as i approve.

    Tillie- the cute but super badass and kinda geeky girl that DaVinci is already dating, from in the academy. She is free to look how you feel she should.

  2. Hm, this seems really interesting. ~She tips her hat~ I'm most likely not going to ask to join, but I hope this goes well. [​IMG]

    ~She pats his head~ :rotfl:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.