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  1. Awesome rules first:

    1. Please be able to post at least once a day. (Exception can be made. Sometimes life interferes with storytelling)

    2. Do your best to use proper grammar and spelling. (I fail at this too at times so I am understanding)

    3. Post at least two paragraphs, the more the better.

    4. Be willing to bring your own ideas to the table. (We are a team and as such, I love to work with my teammates on building the story)


    The year is 2247. A marine and his wife, a promising young scientist, have been stationed on the most advanced military base in the Union of Earth or the UE. The UE sends them out on an expedition to the planet of Redvick on the colonization ship, the Mayflower. It's the largest ship on earth and capable of transporting hundreds of thousands of people across the galaxy on its on. As large as a large city, it has everything one could imagine.

    While on their way to Redvick, they come across a derelict ship. The boarding party recovers a fascinating scientific discovery. As studies commence, this discovery proves to be much more than just that. In a ship the size of a city, and an unknown race of but like aliens running rampant through the halls, what will become of the marine and his wife?

    Interested? PM me I don't check these for replies. You must PM me :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.