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  1. Introdutcion:
    * I had this idea in mind for some time and I would like to try it out - but firstly i would like to know your opinion and see if there is anyone that would like to play it! So pls tell me what you think!

    World in year around 2780 is a totally different place. Humanity overcomed the hunger, economic crysis, fuel crysis, pushed the criminality to its minimum. It almost seem like a utopia (or like I like to call it "the white future"). But there is always something that is hidden under, rotten and slowly destroying what's built to be good.
    Humanity continues to evolve along with technologies. But surprisingly the robotics weren't as sufficient as the global internet connection, augmented and virtual reality. (nothing like matrix or GITS) Around the year 2600 the first generation of truely free "wifi" connection with insane speed of hundreds of Petabytes in miliseconds all over the world was set. The humanity used the virtual reality a long time before, however after the 2600 they came up with something new. An organic nano-electronics were implanted into the human being for the firs time. It was a great succes. Not that the reality and virtual world were once merged into one but they also developed a symbiotic relationship.
    Humanity started to livetheir lives in a strange world of miracles where everything was possible. And that's where the problem started to show up. Even though the criminality in real world lowered to absolute minimum because of almost every living person was nonstop connected, the new threat arose...
    Remember the old Pc viruses ? Well their more evolved cousins became just a funny little pets in compare to the new enemy. The humanity itself. Who can commit a better crime than a man with help of his minions/pets ? The virtual reality became a dangerous place. The hackers could literally infect any user with their treatcherous pets and steal personal data or identity, block them and what was the worst - because of the nano-bioelectronics - kill them.
    The law had to step in. The official antihacking services were built all around the world using the talented people the protect the "Net" and its users...

    "Net" explanatory:
    The real world now looks like just a grey blocled cities of plastic-concete composite and glass. No colors, no crazy shapes, just the grey. The reall happening becomes when you connect to the Net. The nano-bioelectronics in your eyes, projetcs the colors, the commercials, the bilboards and everything through your eyes directly into your brain. You can modify what colors you want to see, which commercials, what style of buildings (just like the augmented reality but infinte better). That means the people are walking by the completelely empty streets with no colors, no music, no scents... Everything is happening in their brains. They can see each others but they can have a different avatars and it's almost impossible to be turn off the Net, because once you are turn off it means you are dead, or hacked. Once you are off, you are out of the system. Your have no money, no access into buildings/cars, no contact and the antihacking offices are right after you.

    I hope it is enogh to imagine how the world would be ;)

    Now the PLOT:
    Everyone is connected almost equally. The "almost" means 1; your status can provide you a variety of access 2; every person reacts differently with the nano-bioelectronics (from now on "NBE") and that causes a slight changes in a speed of response that is normally tolerable and almost unnoticeable.
    But there are some of the people with the extreme reaction with the NBE making them "superusers". Superusers are users that have almost the same access to Net as its architects what makes them very dangerous. (again nothing like the matrix) Most of them became the hackers. However the one special antihacking service was made recruiting only the superusers and using them to find and destroy the hackers, they are also solving a mysteries and special cases. And by now I am sure you know you'll be one of the superusers ;)

    About the game:
    As usual I will be the Game- Maker, you'll be players
    I would like to have 2 to 5 players, if more the help of secondary GM would be appreciated.
    I do require some short bios but the details I'll be explaining if this prooves to be wanted as a Rp
    However I won't be requiring any images ;)
    The level of rp of the player should be at least beginner (as I am due to not being a native speaker)
    But the importand it that players should write their actions in a way that pushes forward the plot and gives an enough material to work with to the others so that the flow won't stuck. Posts should not be short but also nothing like a Silmarillion. I think that minimum should be 10 sentences an maximum around 50. The Rp is about collaboration!
    I also demand showing some matters, being polite and friendly to the others, not using the abusive language in OOC.

    I cannot think of anything more - so What do you think ?

    (Sry for any grammar mistakes)
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