INTEREST CHECK SciFi Breakdown of Society RP?

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Duke Ferret

Original poster
SO I was thinking. This idea was inspired by a friend of mine.

A few hundred years in the future HUmanity reches a peak of technologiclalness. Computers practically run everything, and everyone knows how to use them. However, a small group of activists cause the breakdown of society. Now thirty years after the fact is where we would find the setting. Few people even remember how most of the worlds Tech works, and humanity is forced back into a stone age of sorts. Technology itself no longer functions. So we are forced to find ways to go about normal everyday activities without the crutch of technology we have relied upon for hundreds of years.

That is the setting. and the goal? Well, that would be something for me to know and you to discover through the game! ;D

Anyway, idk if someone wants to co-GM this with me that would be awsome too!