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  1. Picture this.


    Imagine a collection of unthinkably large wooden boats, orbiting the stars around a collection of planets in a slow, repetitive motion. Imagine these boats releasing smaller boats, fishing craft, into the inky depths of space to retrieve pinpricks of light from the skies themselves and carry them back towards these boats. Within the chambers of these space-ships lives an entire species, and many others, working together in harmony and relative peace.

    Stars are our way of life - the fuel to our engines, the warmth for our stoves, they release the very air we breathe and their light illuminates the paths which we choose to take...but these stars began to go out, replaced by darkened orbs of power, which infect and spread across everything they touch in waves of black sludge, the people who fall victim to it attacking indiscriminately. And all the while, the stars which used to represent so much life and peace became twisted - held as symbols of power, we hoard them as fast as possible and use them for ourselves, culturing the greed within our hearts.

    You are part of the crew on Ad Astra 9, a small star-harvesting vessel which reaches into the star fields, picks up a small collection of stars, and returns them to the space stations for money. When forced to make a crash-landing on an abandoned planet, you venture out in search of repairs...and discover power that far exceeds the stars themselves. This power chooses you as its host.

    In a galaxy full of greed, where your status is determined upon how many ships you can fuel, a being containing unimaginable powers can be hunted to the ends of this planet and the others. Will you stand strong with your crewmates, and take whatever fate has to offer, or will you crumble under the darkness in the skies and the darkness in man's heart?



    I'm Rainydays. I don't do a lot of RP leading on this website, but I wanted to bring out the idea of Star Rush after my schedule freed up a little. It's essentially a Fantasy tale in a Sci-fiction setting, drawing from the themes of greed, teamwork and morality. You can play as multiple races, each with their own unique background and history. Since I'm aiming for a small RP group, the usual "superpower" trope can actually be pushed to its limits - you may receive powers that far exceed what any other normal fantasy RP would allow.

    Activity is not as essential as committment; I wouldn't mind people taking a while to post since they are busy, but an enthusiasm for the roleplay is expected - if you are in two minds about joining, then I'll politely ask you not to join.

    The roles that are already 'taken' are listed below in the crew; we're in need of some engineer characters. The Deckhands and the Guards have unlimited spaces for latecomers...I wouldn't worry about the specifics of the roles themselves as quite a lot of the characters will be able to do a variety of tasks on-board; these are simply what they specialise in.

    The OOC link is HERE, and it holds far more information than I can put down into this advertisement!

    Captain/Helmsman - Tingwink Spannerfizz (@RainyDays)
    Navigator/Advisor/First Mate - Xago Largakh (@girlabot)
    Chef - WIP UNDERWAY (@Bakugou)
    Engineer - WIP UNDERWAY (@Crow)
    Engineer - RESERVED (@IceChateau777)
    Engineer - RESERVED (@Linnie)
    Doctor - Al'terra Wispen (@Jessikka)
    Doctor - Raine Blackburn (@Valentyne)
    Weapons Master - Sterren Maurakarau (@Dipper)
    Deckhands (Always open) - Mitra Ravinder Glaisyer (@adabotcon)
    Guards - OPEN
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