Scientist 1x1 anyone?

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Is this a good idea?

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  1. So the plot would be 2-4 boys (8-18) that are stuck in a lab somewhere and a group of scientists do experiments on them like testing new medicines and stuff. This would be a 1x1 or a 1x1x1 if there was enough interest

    You must be able to post ATLEAST once a day, if you're busy I get it PM me.
    I don't do sex scenes, but nudity is ok.

    Either post here or PM me if interested FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! :)
  2. if we have more then just us two, then i would like to Andy. Not great with 1X1 rps
  3. So it is a 1x1x1 you're interested? I know you're not the best at 1x1 haha jk, no hard feeling man
  4. lol don't worry im not
  5. Hey......I'm super bored......can you post on Distance......I'm excited for Justice and Xavier's sleep over (FYI Xavier is going to be awkward haha.....the details though are a secret you'll have to wait for)
  6. Oh...I'm kinda scared now...
  7. Don
    Don't be haha Xavier is just going to be very awkward haha
  8. lol i can see him being awkward a lot Jk. Hey i was wondering do you wanna play a girl character in the TD roleplay...?
  9. I'm really bad at girl character haha, tried it once on another site and it was bad haha
  10. doesn't have to be girlish, she can be a tomboy. by the way i'm talking about this because we need females for the TD RP, don't worry if you can't it's okay
  11. I know, you seem to be really into that haha, sorry I just don't do girl characters sorry :/
  12. yeah no problem man, have you seen the show or no?
  13. Mi loved the first season, the rest were ok
  14. yeah right, i love the first season, the reason i didn't like the second and third seasons because they kept taking out characters.
  15. Exactly, so do you know anyone who might be interested in this RP?
  16. not sure really
  17. Ok no problem
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