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  1. Doctors were told the only way to save people from this rare condition was by inserting a chip into their brain.
    One of the child's parents were scared about letting doctors give surgery to their new born, the other child's parents wanted to do anything to keep their child alive as long as possible, even if it meant inserting some chip into their head. Either way, both parents allowed the surgery to go through. 17 years later, a scientist, Professor Howard, learned about these rare children.
    Professor Howard has been doing illegal experiments for seventeen years now. Going from making drugs to electronics used to kill important people. He's even gone as far as to hypnotize others to make them think what he does is right.
    "I want them both in my lab by midnight," Howard spoke to one of his best men. Anyone who helps him used to be normal men and women, but they were kidnapped at young ages and have been experimented on so many times to the point where they can't even think for themselves and have become immune to most things that could kill humans, which includes bullets, diseases, and sicknesses.
    "U-understood, s-sir." of course these experiments gave side effects, such as speach issues, deformed looks, and short tempered.
    Kori left her room that morning looking for her mother.
    "Mom?" she called out.
    "She isn't home, what do you need?" her older brother came out of the kitchen, making breakfast.
    Kori's mother got divorced with her husband just a few years ago. So now it was only her, her mother, and her brother. When Kori was a baby, her family was told the only way to keep her alive was to insert a chip in her brain. Her parents were reluctant at first, but eventually decided to go through with it. Kori has no idea about what is in her head, her parents wanted her to grow up thinking nothing was wrong with her.
    "My head hurts.." Kori said to her brother.
    "You're probably just tired. When did you go to sleep last night?" Kori didn't answer his question, knowing that she did end up falling asleep late.
    She hated that her brother treated her younger than she was, but was still glad to have a brother that cared.
    Kori quietly ate the breakfast made for her before running up starts to get dressed to go outside.
    It was summer break, so she was free to do whatever she wanted during the day.

    Later on that night, Kori was found walking home from a friend's house when a black car drove by...
  2. [​IMG]
    Carrie earlier that day began to receive a headache and figured video games would help. Though out the day she swore she could of heard beeping though her mother gave her the same lecture about spending so much time on the dam machine. It was around 10 or so that she gave up trying to play away her pain and went for a walk. Taking in the fresh air she saw a girl looking no older then she when a black car pulled up next to the girl. Sencing something was wrong she sprinted to the girl grabbing her hand forcing the poor thing to run along side her. Carrie looked behind her shoulder to see the black car start following them and spoke to the girl well running, "sorry to surprise you like this but my names Carrie and that black car is now following us." she stated well the poor thing looked confused as hell.
  3. Just as the black vehicle pulled up next to Kori, a girl ran up to her and grabbed her hand, dragging her elsewhere. Kori tried keeping up with the other girl after being pulled unexpectedly. She probably wouldn't have even noticed the car following her if it wasn't pointed out before.
    "What the hell..?" Kori questioned as she looked behind her at the black car. She would have introduced herself if she wasn't so confused.
    The car sped up, eventually swerving to stop in front of the two girls.
    "I won't hurt you two if you'd get in without difficulty," the man in the car said.
  4. Carrie glared at the man and snapped, "Like hell we will! Who do you take us as, pervert." she glared even more stepping in front of the chick as a shield.
  5. The man took out a gun and pointed it at the girls. "You have one more chance," he stated.
    "Uh...maybe we should do as he says," Kori said a bit timidly, peaking out from behind the girl in front of her.
  6. Carrie whispered to the girl, "it'll be fine i've passed harder bad guys on my Call Of Duty games then this chump!" she smiled and dug around under her coat pulling out two plastic looking tubes out and held it out for the man to see and snapped, "You see these? yea there bombs all they have to do is touch the ground, now i dont know about you but you have a nice looking car there. Would suck if it were to expload." she suggested giving him an evil smile and laughed a little bit twirling the pipes in her fingers. Even tossing on up and down for effect.
  7. "Are you serious?" Kori asked the girl as she told the man what she had were bombs.
    The man in the car seemed to have said something through a bluetooth before he got out the car.
    "Alright little lady. That isn't necessary. It doesn't have to go down like that," he stated calmly. His boss wasn't letting him come back to the lab without these two girls, and as of right now, they were winning against him.
  8. Carrie smiled and whispered, "there only stun bombs so the moment i throw them...Run and ill run after but no matter what dont stop running." she commanded then turned and scoffed at the man, "but explosives are fun." she tossed on high in the air and purposively almost dropped it never taking her eyes off the man she added, "So either you get back in your car and tell your dude in the blue tooth goodbye." she gave him a challenging glare.
  9. "I can't do that," the man stated. Getting his car blown was a risk he'd have to take. He wasn't all that worried about himself, thanks to his boss' experiments, he was made to be almost invincible. Kori nodded as Carrie whispered they were only stun bombs.
    "Throw it. I dare you," the man said to her. The moment the bombs are out of her hand he could make his move towards them.
    Kori bit her lip as the two of them spoke, obviously nervous.
  10. Carrie took another look at the man. Normally someone like him would be terrified of bombs, there must be something different about him. letting her gamer mind take set she remembered a boss trick that could help. "so whats your secret? obviously your not stupid enough to be afraid like a normal person so that means you're a harder boss then i thought." she stated putting the stun bombs away and pulled out a bigger looking pipe and smiled, "you should probably start talking because this one is radioactive enhanced not only that but all the other bombs i have on me would feed into this ones explosion." she stated holding the pipe like a baseball bat one handed. Thankful her thick overcoat allowed her to carry such items without being caught.
  11. "Wait, what?" Kori looked at the other bomb that Carrie has now taken out. She wasn't sure if that was just another stun bomb or something completely different. The only thing going through her mind was 'why the hell does this girl have these'?
    "I'll tell you if you get in the car..." the man stated, hoping it would at least have them consider getting in. He could still withstand a bomb, even if he couldn't, she could be crazy enough to set off a bomb right in front her, would she?
  12. Carrie tilited her head, "your answer displeases me, please try again." she straitened her head and glared, "you have 10 seconds to fix your mistake out we all turn into confetti." she states using a poker face and a deadly flat tone in her voice. Behind her she reached with her free hand ans squeezed the other girls hand letting her know it was ok.
  13. "I can not answer your question. I need you to get in the car. Go ahead and set off those bombs," the man challenged the girl in front of him.
    Kori could see neither of them would be giving up soon, which only made her more nervous about the whole situation.
    She bit her lip as she listened to the two go back and forth.
    "Would you really risk blowing up yourself and your little friend? Get in the car or I will use force."
  14. Carrie smiled, "no I dont because like you we cant be hurt by human materials." She stated she had no idea where that came from but it felt right to say at the moment.
  15. Now Kori was even more confused about what was going on, but kept her mouth shut.
    "What?! Your chips shouldn't have--" just then the man stopped talking. The moment he stated they had chips, he knew he would end up saying too much.
    "What?" This time, Kori did question the things she was listening to.
  16. Carrie made the connection, "so thats what my headache and beeping noises were all about." She smiled, "thanks but we'll be going now." She stated and threw the "nuke" bomb at him which really was just a big smoke bomb followed along by the stum bombs as she grabbed the girl's hand and took off into an alleyway running faster then before. Laughing she took them to her house. And ran to the side unlocking a basement door. "Come on there's not signal down here we should be fine." She said before shooving the girl into there and locking the secret door. Smiled she asked, "hows that for a friday night?" She giggled.
  17. The man tried to grab the girl's arm before she ran off dragging the other with her.
    As they ran off he pressed a button onhis bluetooth before speaking. "I've lost them," was all he got out before his boss on the other end started yelling at him. He was still not to come back without the two girls.
    Kori ran behind Carrie as she got pulled along to what looked to be her house, being shoved into her basement.
    "Wait...but...what just happened..?" Kori was confused about what just happened. Whoever that man was, he wasn't going to give up on trying to find them. For whatever reason he wanted them, it must have been serious.
  18. Carrie let her gamer mind talk for a moment, "Well lets see you have a chip implanted inside you as well as me. So whoever put them there probably wants us back for some experiments or whatever." She smiled then continued, "So that just means we have to so on a secret mission as to find the crazy scientist or whatever the boss is, get the information, and get out." Carrie began to ponder around in her mind then perked up. "Maybe how they found us is there's a tracing device layered in the chip! ill be right back!" she stated before running off to her room and coming back with what looked like an old boombox and clicked it on. "this is a frequency jammer we should be safe for a moment." seeing the girls surprised look she added, "When you're a hardcore gamer you learn how to make the fun things." she laughed.
  19. Kori looked between the girl and frequency jammer. She had no idea what to even think about everything.
    She only hoped that whatever happening was just some sort of a dream.
    "I-I really should be heading home..." Kori stated. Everything happened so fast. Her headache was back and she wanted nothing more than to sleep it off.
  20. Carrie rised an eyebrow, "your staying here until we figure this shit out girl. God knows what'd happen if the dude got ahold of you." She rubbed her temples getting another headache and stated, "there tracking us"
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