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  1. Come along boy and girls and other things of Iwaku, let's all share cool science things we've found out about recently.

    TL;DR Some Harvard scientists have developed a way to mimic the functions of human organs in little chips that can fit in your hand. They use human cells to populate the chips and fancy science stuff to make them behave like they do in the human body. So far they have working versions for the lungs, intestines, liver, and kidneys, and the end goal is to have a working model of the entire organ system. They hope it can eventually be used to test drugs and things on a simulation of a human body, meaning testing on animals may stop being a thing.

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  2. Relevant. Sort of.
  3. Giant koosh balls implode when placed in liquid nitrogen


    Meaningful? Probably not. Fun? Absolutely.
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  4. Has Science gone too far?
  5. I doubt that will happen any time soon.

    It could definitely work to improve it.
    But I think people would still want an Organic test/confirmation beforehand to make sure there isn't a potential effect/result that the machine version missed.
  6. Ugh, microfluidics. The second most overpromised thing next to nanotechnology.
  7. I guess this means no more fly sunglasses and ant stilts. Science is getting creative again.
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