Science put on trial by Italian government

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  1. Read the article here.

    The head line summarizes the entire situation: "Seven scientists and other experts went on trial on manslaughter charges Tuesday for allegedly failing to sufficiently warn residents before a devastating earthquake that killed more than 300 people in central Italy in 2009."

    This is one of the biggest bullshit moments I've ever seen in recent years. It is also a very dangerous, very slippery slope. On one hand we can throw the argument on it's head and say, "Well, why don't we put on trial every police officer and precinct for all of the deaths and crime that have happened because of and in spite of them?"

    But at the same time, you wonder how many people would actually want to go through with this.

  2. Oh I heard about that a while ago. Seems no one understands that earthquake prediction is near impossible. Do they sue all the meteorologist in Italy every time there's a flood or drought that wasn't predicted in time to prevent property damage?

    And they say the US is sue crazy!
  4. just because we have technology doesn't mean we can totally understand nature;

    that's just RIDICULOUS D<
  5. Wow, that is crazy.

    Glad thay haven't pulled that shit in 'merica....yet.
  6. Can I sue the Italian government for being idiotic, self-ass kissing, ass backwards idiots? And I will accept the out of court settlement because their food is good.

    But only if I get a private island and Sicilian food.
  7. Talking about injustice...

    Troy Davis.



  8. You take the food, I'll take the wemens. Darnit I'd rather have the food =(
  9. I'm surprised this didn't happened in the U.S. first. O_o
  10. You guys seem to forget this is the country that made Galileo RECANT the fact that THE EARTH ORBITS THE SUN.

    Science was already put on trial LONG AGO.