PROMPT Science Fiction World Building - User Interface

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  1. As technology marches on, the shape of inventions and devices change drastically. However, sometimes, the way the device is handled may change in an exceptional way as well. To use computers as an example, the first ones used punch cards, then as technology marched on, keyboards appeared in the end, culminating in the invention of the mouse. Nowadays, though, touchscreens are becoming mainstream and there is even talk of inventing thought-based systems that could be used to control virtual realities. Motion sensitive controllers are also starting to appear and a new revolution is slowly approaching. It is entirely reasonable that the future will bring entirely new user interfaces into play.

    Your exercise is to create at least one new form of controlling a specific device. You can use the following sheet to help you or you can make up your own.

    Name: (What is this form of user interface called?)

    Communication: (How does the user interface communicate with the device?)

    Nature: (How does the user communicate with the user interface?)

    Principle: (Describe the general principle the user interface it operates on. There is no need to go into the deep details, nor does this need to be scientifically accurate.)

    Physical form: (If the user interface has a physical form, describe what it looks like.)

    Rarity: (How commonly is this user interface used?)

    Development stage: (Is the user interface a prototype? A final product? Something between those two?)

    Action and reaction: (How does the user interface react to the input of the user? Does it provide tactile feedback? Maybe visual feedback? Maybe it displays something else entirely to show that the command has been performed?)

    Price range: (Is this user interface expensive? Is it available to the public or just to rich people?)

    Special requirements: (Is their any special criteria to be able to use this user interface?)

    Advantages and disadvantages: (Compared to some traditional user interfaces, like keyboards, what does this one offer? What are its upsides and downsides?)

    History: (A short summary of how this user interface came to be and why was it invented.)