EXERCISE Science Fiction World Building: Planet Killers

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  1. In many science fiction settings, there is a weapon or a method that can be used to destroy or eradicate entire planets. Whether this means bombarding the planet with plasma until it turns into glass or actually cracking the planet open varies according to the rules of the universe, however one thing is for sure: These weapons are only used against hated enemies or to show the ruthlessness or certain factions, for they carry with them a strong stigma. While they are not absolutely necessary for a setting, they can be used to create drama, tension and fear if employed well, not to mention that they can form an integral part of an organisation.

    Your exercise is to invent a weapon or a method that can be used to eradicate whole planets. You can use the following sheet to help you with your task, or you can just invent your own if you would like.

    Planet Destroyer Sheet:

    Name: (How is the planet destroyer called?)

    Type: (Is your planet destroyer a weapon? A method? Something else entirely?)

    Brief description: (How does the planet destroyer look and work? What makes it capable of destroying or eradicating planets? After the weapon has been used, what kind of effects does it have on the planet? How long does it take to destroy or eradicate a planet?)

    Use: (Why is this planet destroyer used, and what sort of a situation warrants its use?)

    Reputation: (What kind of reputation does this planet destroyer have? Is it feared? Is it loved? Is it hated? Or does it spark an entirely different reaction?)

    Consequences: (Does the one who ordered the use of this planet destroyer have to face some sort of retribution? If so, what are the consequences of using this weapon?)

    History: (A brief history why and how the planet destroyer was invented and its notable uses, if it has any. This section should also include the organisation that developed it and the organisation that uses it.)

    Additional notes: (Anything else that you think might be good to know about the planet destroyer)
  2. Name: Battlecruiser-X

    Type: 500-kilometer long Spaceship

    Brief description: It is a ship that uses the latest experimental technology for instantaneous, accurate warping through 'Fold' technology. The forward section of the ship can split into 4 parts and reveal a very long, spear-like barrel. The four parts can be extended outward in 90 degree ranges, and be used as smashing pieces for any regular-sized ships that get close.

    Use: The Draconians, the owner of the mighty Battlecruiser-X, needed a way to quickly eliminate threats in their ever-expanding empire, with no real limit on experiments and medical tests. This resulted in many outbreaks that would devastate any population, so the planets were 'cleansed' by 'burning' it.

    Reputation: Loved by the owners, hated by the planet-bound. Generally feared as the greatest fuck-you weapon.

    Consequences: Nope. The use of the Battlecruiser is completely authorized should the need arises. If there is some kind of benefit, the one who ordered it may even be celebrated or promoted. However, if it results in losses with no real benefit, #Execution

    History: The Draconian Empire. They developed this ship to turn the surface of the planet to molten lava, and the resulting chain reaction often means the eruption of any combustable gasses, or if oxygen is present, then oxygen is literally shaken so much that the atomic structure falls apart, and the entire atmosphere disappears, in addition to anything alive.

    Additional notes: If you want to kill it, bring an army 3 times the size of the Battlecruiser's fleet, and a black hole. Then pray and hope they die.
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  3. Name:
    Thermal Redirector

    Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Brief Description:
    The Redirector (a jagged cylindrical device comprised out of pure, negatively charged dark matter mounted on a Dark Matter Submersible) drains the thermal energy of all objects in a galaxy, destroying stars and freezing worlds. It then releases the drained energy in a great flare, annihilating the physical remnants of the galaxy. Planets are melted down back into their original primeval states, and new stars are formed out of nuclear fusion re-started by the shear heat and pressure of the flare, effectively recreating the entire system. The pull of the Redirector is so strong, it drains energy faster than black holes are capable of, ensuring for a maximum input and output. It takes only a matter of seconds for the heat of a single planet or a yellow star to be completely drained, freezing over the planetary surface and killing off all life in the crust. A minute later, the released flare melts all remaining solid objects, effectively burning away all living things that (however impossibly) survived and destroying all things left over by sentients.

    The Redirector is used only in situations where sentients created by the god-like Cretari (creatures comprised of Light Matter that exist directly outside of the universe, and are responsible for everything, from the Big Bang to humanity's existence) grow out of control and could end up annihilating all of creation if allowed to continue expanding.

    Among other Cretari, the Redirector is seen as a necessary evil to protect the rest of creation by snipping off the cancerous bits. The Destreaux (a group of Cretari more inclined to destroy life than create it) view it as a point of worship, as it is their greatest creation and greatest tool of destruction. Among the sentients within the universe, it is virtually unknown as it leaves no trace of ever destroying anything.


    While the Destreaux in general are social Pariahs, any who are known to have used the Redirector are demonized, and go down in history as tyrants and monsters. Such a reputation is a blessing to the great sadists of the Destreaux, and a curse to those who had no wish to be born with the destructive nature of their caste. Those who do use it rarely have time to relish in their negative prestige as the Cretari then cast the radical into the universe as a being of Dark Matter to wreak havoc upon their creations (floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, solar flares, etc. of an unnatural nature) until they burn out and implode into a supermassive black hole, which in turn begins to create a new galaxy by pulling together all the dust and space stuff required, the greatest insult possible (as the Destreaux, by default, despise creation).


    When the original Homo sapiens developed FTL capabilities, they spread as fast as roaches across their galaxy, corrupting and terraforming worlds in the interests of colonization, extinguishing stars in the pursuit of energy, and obliterating populated worlds in the attempt to expand further into the borders of other sentients. By the time the Cretari noticed the issue, the humans had already conquered and burned away most of the Milky Way and were looking into sending exploratory probes into the nearby Canis Major irregular galaxy. Faced with the growing threat of social deviants (the future Destreaux) and this threat to all of creation, the first Dark Matter Submersible (a vessel capable of disseminating into the dark matter that permeates the universe and reappearing at any point in and out of space) and Thermal Redirector were constructed, with these deviants as the pilots and gunners. The humans were burned away, and the Milky Way began anew with no trace of its first inhabitants. As penance for this previously unheard of act, humans were recreated from the primordial dust that flowed through the rebirthed galaxy in the hopes that they would not repeat the mistakes of the past, and the individual who personally fired the Redirector was cast into the universe. However, as time went on, more and more species began to pollute creation, and the Redirector was used more and more frequently, and the Destreaux have become more and more powerful.
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  4. Name: Temprus Fibrosis or the Core Spore

    Type: The Core Spore is a genetically enhanced fungus.

    Description: The Core Spore is able to grow in any soil as long as it has access to heat. It is usually placed near a volcano to allow for a quicker destruction. When placed the mushroom absorbs heat from any source and uses the heat to quickly expand towards more sources of heat. When it eventually reaches a large source of heat, such as lava, it quickly expands absorbing all energy and nutrients possible. After a while it will reach the core of the planet, at that point the temperature of the core will drastically drop as the mushroom then expands to absorb all signs of heat on the planet, often killing all living beings on the planet, by suffocation more often than not. After draining the planet dry, it will enter a state of hibernation and will wait to be harvested.

    Use: The Core Spore is used to quickly end wars between any alien species and the Rootarik.

    Reputation: The Core Spore is feared for its difficulty to detect and its speed once reaching a large source of heat.

    Consequences: There are none, only the Rootalik have access to this weapon and it is often only used as means to end wars.

    History: This weapon was designed by the Rootalik, a race of non-violent beings who have a symbiotic relationship with most fungi on their home planet. When they reached interstellar flight capabilities, they were quickly attacked and defeated by other more violent races. Threat of extinction quickly became apparent to the Rootalik as war after war ravaged there numbers. Left with no other options their top scientists gathered to do what no other Rootalik had done before, design a weapon. The finished product was the Core Spore, a living being that was able to expand and absorb heat at an alarming rate. The first time it was used, it caused over three trillion casualties over the course of a week.

    Additional Notes: Due to an accident during its creation the Core Spore acknowledges Rootalik presence and immediately halts all growth upon contact with a Rootalik.
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  5. Name: Finis omnium; (it's Latin for 'The end of all things' )

    Type: Spell

    Brief description: Once used the spell would hypothetically set off natural disasters of insane levels all over the world that would literally destroy the world. Earthquakes would completely break off chunks, floods and tsunamis would drown out all live. Volcanoes would erupt all over the world and destroy everything in their path, tornadoes the size of sky scrapers would tear up everything. The world would actually be in pieces. Just from one spell.

    Use: It hasn't ever actually been used. Only one man has ever been strong enough to use it and it would have killed him to even cast it because of it's strength. But he died before he could use it and the paper the spell was on burnt. Someone had set fire to his house. But he had planned on using it as revenge for his broken heart. The things people do because of love...

    Reputation: No one actually knows of it but one person. The man's love. She's an immortal woman who hides away in the simple town of Nightwatch where no one knows the danger only she knows and could use at any moment. Now you might be saying 'Hey you said only one man has ever been strong enough to use it!' Well, she isn't a man. And truth be told, she is stronger than even her former love was, but she hasn't even used magic in over one hundred years.

    Consequences: As I mentioned, it would have killed the man if he had cast it. The woman however, might have a chance of surviving the casting but the disasters would surely kill her.

    History: Said it above, oops.

    Additional notes: The fact that the sky would also be filled with tornadoes and catastrophic storms means there is no way to escape into space from the spell. It should only be used if you are willing to die too.
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  6. Name: Gaea's Children

    Type: Quantum Microorganism

    Brief description: Gaea's Children is the codename for a collective of organisms so tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye. Whenever the swarm is introduced to anything it considers 'unnatural' or 'artificial', the organisms immediately begin working together in order to disassemble the 'aberration' on a molecular scale. This process is self-perpetuating, as the splitting of the nuclei releases an enormous amount of energy that the Children then consume and use as fuel. The material from the process is then used to create more Children; once a swarm reaches a certain size, it splits off and propagates into two seperate swarms.

    It also reacts to any action it deems hostile by systematically devouring anything it percieves as a threat, often leading to the death of the ones who built the structures that the Children were unleashed upon.

    Use: Used by their creators as a form of terraforming aide. When they encounter a planet suitable for their race that's already inhabited by another sentient/sapient species, they release several canisters of Children in strategic, high-population locations on the planet's surface. Over the course of mere hours, the swarms propagate and reproduce at such a rate that all artificial structures, materials, and objects are utterly eradicated. It is then child's play for the creators to descend to the surface and take the planet for their own.

    Reputation: Their creators have no compunction when using the Children. They are completely dedicated to the colonization of all space with their own race.

    Consequences: Use of the Children is restricted soley to the Praetors, a rank of high cultural, political, and religious significance to the creators. Anyone caught releasing them otherwise is to be processed into a protein-rich slurry and fed to the Children as punishment.

    History: After losing their homeworld to pollution and resource depletion, the creators turned to inhumane methods of galactic colonization. The Children are just one of many methods developed to help do so.
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  7. Name: 'Exalted Breath' - T34 Pyroignition Device

    Type: Repurposed atmospheric 'terraforming' device - T34.

    Brief Description: Whereas the T34 is deployed directly to the surface of airless worlds and moons, the T34PD is mounted upon only the largest of cruisers, for the risk of the T34PD being lost in reentry, to AA, or simply to land off-course is too high for such an expensive device. The power output needed to raise shields to survive the damage caused by the weapon only allows it to be wielded by such in either case. Typically held within the front arc of the ship, the T34PD is not far from the other MAC cannons utilized by modern fleets, and in fact, the design allows it to be fired from MAC cannons in the direst of circumstances. It is a round, cylinder-shaped payload with stabilizer fins to control its descent. In the rear of the round is held a chemical that burns trace atmosphere behind it. Behind the first comes a second that finishes the job, literally burning out the entire atmosphere, leaving the population at the mercy of its sun - a life that will last moments at best.

    Use: In areas where resistance is too high to overcome, a council must be called in order to gain permission to use such a round. Often times it is saved for when threats are so powerful and, more importantly, non-human as to avoid political and societal backlash. A subgroup consisting of the carrier vessel and four escort frigates lead to the planet, where at the edge of the first traces of atmosphere is the first round fired. Once the trace atmosphere is gone, the second is fired where the rest begins. Often times it is described as a one way voyage, for the escort hardly ever returns; regardless of other threats, the defense fleet will turn to the ship suspected to be the carrier. Often times, even if the payload is removed from the threat chart, the rest of the fleet has made planetfall or taken their toll on the defense force.

    Reputation: The T34PD is on a need-to-know basis, but that didn't prevent it from becoming a widely known weapon. While the stature of secrecy for its use still takes place, soldiers chatter, and soon the public hears of every instance where it is used. Each time has led to increased fear in nearby sectors, and it remains a taboo'd weapon.

    Consequences: Political backlash and decreased morale in soldiers involved in the strike. Most citizens are unimportant in the grand scheme of things, and so their reaction isn't taken into account - though it is far worse.

    History: After the design of the initial T34, the minds set to create life were soon sent to destroy it. At first contact with the alien race deemed 'Saurs' - despite having only a cold-blooded nature in common with the creatures they were named for - at the eastern fringe of the galaxy, they were repurposed to create a weapon that could kill using the same premise. Instead of dumping trace gases, they were to create a substance that burns them in large areas. But creating holes was not enough. The reaction needed to be continuous and equally spread. After thirty two - later changed to thirty three for convenience of the same name - T34PD was released and used August 23rd, 2344, SED (Standard Earth Date). The results were impossible to imagine. Instant destruction of life, at one flick of a switch and the cost of three vessels. Their ultimate weapon had been discovered.
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  8. Name: Alydn'ode ('World-Ender')

    Type: Eldritch Abomination — genetically engineered hyperorganism

    Brief description: Unimaginably grotesque, Alydn'ode is a monstrous behemoth which transcends space and time, existing outside of reality. It has been described as a twisted and horrifying reflection of a demonic worm, for lack of a better comparison — a Goliath of the void between worlds, consumed by an insatiable hunger which has warped its body. Its mouth is a gaping hole lined with rows of teeth, and it possess a tentacular tongue which flicks out, snatching smaller planets and reeling them in to their doom. The midsection of its body splits open into a gigantic mouth which envelops larger worlds, the bones of its ribcage acting as fingers to grip its prey as it is slowly consumed. While smaller planets are swallowed instantly, it may take hours to devour larger ones depending on their size.

    Use: Alydn'ode was originally intended to be observed for scientific research regarding the artificial creation of life within an alternate dimension. However, the creature was sealed away when it mutated and was labeled a failure. Yet not soon afterwards it was released into the third dimension by a group of radical fanatics seeking to bring about the 'Age of Transcendence.'

    Reputation: While most fear Alydn'ode as the 'Bringer of the End,' there is a small faction which worship it, claiming the monstrosity to be some incarnation of a god. They believe that within the depths of the dreaded worm's bowels lies another dimension, but that only a select few shall transcend to that paradise beyond reality where 'The Worm That Is God' shall grant them eternal life.

    Consequences: The fanatics who released Alydn'ode were lost within the black hole which was generated by the creature passing through the dimensional gateway.

    History: The Saleti, a humanoid hyperintelligent race native to the planet Ikerin, were the face of innovation throughout the universe for centuries, developing scientific marvels which never ceased to amaze and astound. Yet despite all their progress, they could not create life, the greatest scientific achievement. A theory rose from the ashes of their failures, and they opened a gateway into a suitable alternate dimension. For years they worked within that other realm until at long last their labor bore fruit. Yet it was not the magnificent creation they had hoped for. No, it was a twisted thing, mutated by the components which comprised it and corrupted by the void it had been born into. They sealed it away in fear of what it could do and named it Alydn'ode. There were some, however, who believed they could control it: ambitious fools who wished to conquer the stars. They persuaded those they could, telling stories of how the creature had spoken to them in a voice like thunder—how it had revealed to them all the things that had been, all the things that were, and all the things that would be. They spoke of visions: of a universe cleansed of mortality and an alternate dimension only the devout could know. So was it named by them 'The Worm That Is God,' and those who were convinced believed it to be a benevolent force. That while it was indeed the 'World-Ender,' it did so to rid them of their mortal bodies and transport them to a paradise beyond this life. And so they released it in order to bring about the Age of Transcendence.

    Additional Notes: Whether or not those few who had spun such tales could actually control it is unknown. The creature ripped open the dimensional gateway as it passed, and the massive black hole which was generated as a result swallowed Ikerin and all surrounding stars. But Alydn'ode remained, an unforgiving monument to all their sins.
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  9. Name: The "Grey Goo"

    Type: Swarm of nanomachines.

    Brief description: The grey goo weapon is actually a self-replicating swarm of nanomachines, upon being released into the atmosphere of a planet the nanomachines will start using any and all materials available to them to create more copies of themselves, with their growth being near exponential, it doesn't take more then two days do consume an entire planet, after the planet has been consumed the nanomachines will keep operating until their energy sources run out, at which point they can be safely scooped in for recycling into useful materials.

    Planet "harverster" was designed and deployed when its users would demand a large amount of raw resources at once, or when they needed to get rid of a particularly dangerous foe, the method of delivery is simple and as such this weapon is very dangerous.

    Reputation: In the galaxies that saw the use of this weapon, it is one of the most horrible fates, Even more so since in most cases the high-orbiting
    space stations have to witness the demise of the planets below them, leaving them to float in the abyss of space.

    Consequences: Besides the moral implications and the diplomatical impact of using such a weapon, its user does not have to fear serious consequences. The grey goo nanomachines are usually produced on the spot, rather then contained within dedicated vessels/facilities, due to their immense danger.

    History: The Grey Goo weapon was designed and realized by the scientists of the Independent Fleet. The fleet is a unique nation that possesses no planets, and rather moves in massive fleets of different kinds of ships. Due to their lack of permanent space, the fleet often ran into hostile races or alliances that would oppose such a massive group of ships passing through their territory. Because their industry cannot sustain prolonged conflict, a swift solution was required. Grey Goo was the answer. Capable of converting planets into useable resources, the Grey goo is a weapon the Independent fleet deploys regularly. Even on uninhabited or uncivilized worlds.

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  10. Name: Mauris Venenatis (magic drug) and later called the "Vampire Virus"

    Type: Genetically Engineered Virus

    Brief description: The virus is microscopic and is identical to HIV. The ability to take over hosts and manipulate them. The infected gather in massive hordes in which they spread the virus through bites, infected blood on healthy wound/Orifice contact or by sexual transmission from recently infected host. Usually the virus takes between one to ten years depending on population dispersion and military response.

    Use: A virus that attacks the body similar to HIV/AIDS that was used to cure a vast majority of diseases. Eventually it evolved and began to take over their hosts.

    Reputation: originally the savior of the human race, the virus infected cells and viciously fought off other diseases and even cancer. The virus was loved by a vast majority of non-hipsters and vegans, until the virus began hijacking it's host thousands of years into the future and now it is feared as the extinction of life against multiple species.

    Consequences: Those that are infected lose all control over their brain within seventy hours of infection. Four hours after infection, the infected experience have a change of eye color to either black pupils or white pupils. Hour Fifteen, the veins of the infected become a vibrant orange or electric blue. After hour twenty eight, the infected begin to have impulsive bursts of rage or extreme sexual frustration and attempt to bite others. Hour forty one, the infected have difficulty focusing on complex tasks and begin experiencing memory loss. Hour seventy, the infection has taken over the body of it's hosts and proceeds to violently beat and bite healthy individuals to infect them.

    History: Invented before Earth's governments forced 78% of the population off planet, the miracle drug stopped a vast majority of disease. Small pox, HPV, Polio and Influenza are immune to the virus and actually cause the host to be immune if the host fought off the mentioned drugs naturally. Around a thousand years after it's engineering, the virus suddenly evolved. It's benevolent nature became malevolent as it suddenly caused mass riots which turned to outbreaks. On Titan, the first month of the infection saw the infected biting, sexually transmitting or infecting the water of six million. The military had to be deployed and an eye examination was all that was required before warranting immediate execution. Planet Gorath was the most recent under attack, and so the humans finally fought back. They fought by reverse engineering the virus. There, they discovered the base HIV/AIDS virus and uncovered inside it actual complex coding done by a culprit from a quarantined world. It is believed that the virus was engineered there and sent to the multiple planets of the species to infect them with the virus and overtake their planets one by one.

    Additional notes: while called the vampire virus, the virus leaves the host in a somewhat intelligent state but not of freewill. Capable of using weaponry (but not capable of reloading it) and smart enough to use basic tactics, the infected aren't exactly zombies. In order to stay alive, the infected must introduce healthy blood into their system which stabilizers their immune system and keeps their body from metabolic self destruction. The only effective fighting method for defeating these beings is with the help of the special joint military group known as T.I.A, or Troopers In Armor. The armor is of carbon fiber composite and allows for strong resistance and fighting abilities against the infected.

    Be sure to check out my role play, TIA: War against vampires to see the virus in action!
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