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  1. The year is 2113 AD or 72 FC (From Collapse).

    The Random Madness disease lays as a veil over humanity - any human older then 18 might suddenly and without any reason turn into a mindless man-killing madman for a whole week.
    Now most of the settelements left is fortifed, walled and inhabitated only by those which still are not 18 years old. Those which survive to become 18 years old are sent out to join a traveling clan of adults or wander alone until death.

    Short History (open)

    As the world hit the fifth decade of the 21st century the future looked bright as the first self-sustained permament settelements on Mars and Moon were soon planned to be introduced. Greenhouse gas emission was made next to non-existant and the first virtual realities which actually felt like reality were starting to appear.

    But then on 19 April 2041 a huge portion of Anglo America's east coast population went mad overnight, causing incredible havoc and killing millions inside a week - the length of the outbreak. The scientis were puzzled at this as there was no virus or bacteria present, some of the affected just landed by oneseat airplanes minutes before the breakout and had no contact with that part of the world before that When invidual cases started to appear all over the world mass hysteria erupted. Inside the span of two years the civilization humanity build for more then 12,000 years fell appart by the Random Madness.

    In a desparate attempt many diffrent approaches were tried to save civilization.

    SPOILERS AHEAD. Unlike the stuf beofore this line the following part is a 100% spolier. Open at your own risk!
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    Notable "succesful" projects which partially saved some of the civilization:

    1. Britania
    In a desparate attempt the British scientist managed to stop the biological clocks of children inside of range of 14-17 years age as well as to implement a timed death switch in case some grow into full fledged adults. Unforunatly before the children cloud be thought anything the lab staff went crazy. In the aftermah only a single heavily wounded janitor sayed alive and released the children to the safety of the wild. The children begun their life and after three generations their knowledge matches that of the early 20th century and civilization is being rebuild.

    2. The Po Valley
    The rest of the European Union decided for a diffrent approach and errected a city in which everyone lives alone, work alone and basically after childhood and teenage years sends the rest of his existance alone, all the needs taken care by supervisors and with a virutal reality used to socialize and thous, keep sane. From the first city now all over the Po valley settelments following this system have been constructed.

    3. Honshu
    Japan turned to AIs and robotics for a solution, first they evacuated all adults to the other large Japanese islands, and then left 1000 AIs to run thousands of robotic facilites and factories, take care of the Japanese children and seek a cure for the Random Madness.

    But none of that is our story, no our story will start various inviduals aged form 15-30 taken from the time period between 2005-2041 finding themselves suddenly awoken in a large room full of other people which were sleeping just like them, until a few moments ago. From there they will explore a wrold more then 70 years after they were taken away...

    Opionions, comments and on on is all welcomed. If I get posts from at least 4 people I will open a signup thread.
  2. Trust Japan to just build a bunch of robots to do the work for them. Theres something that strikes me as odd about this though. Every single adult in power was fully willing to give themselves up and had accepted that they may turn psycho, and decided to protect children instead of themselves. Given what politicians are, I find this unlikely.
  3. I didn't want to go into detail, but like rats from a sinking ship, most politicians grabbed their family and made a run for it - if they didn't die before they got the chance. Those which did remain were actually thinking about the good of their people (yeah there are politicians like that, not every last of them is an immoral corrupted bastard you know?) and worked together with scientist to find a solution to this problem. That is why I chose the three parts of the world with the best chance of having politicians which actually care for their people - Britain, European Union (older members) and Japan. That is one of the reason why you see no such notable occurrences in USA.
  4. Fair enough. What about Canada though?
  5. I put some notable "successes". I think that three are enough not to have to much spoilers. After all the point is to show that such place exist not list every last of them.
  6. Again, fair enough. I'd probably join if I wasnt going on holiday in 6 days.
  7. If this ever starts at all. For now you are the only person to come here and show interest.
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