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  1. Hey all.
    Been having an itch to get something going. The itch has been for a futuristic Sci fi.

    First things first:
    • We are building the universe as we speak- little by little. Feel free to help out and join!
      • This is leaning more toward hard sci-fi
    • Not much of a plot yet, but we have some direction
    • I'm intending for this to be intermediate posting level at least.
    • I'm looking for someone who would consider GMing for the group!
      • I'm inexperienced at best with Sci-Fi RP's
      • This is a world / universe building thread. That means if someone else GM's it's not stepping on any one individuals toes or ideas about the universe- it's a collaborative process.
    • I'm asking for a couple posts a week, but I'm a flexible dude and don't want to shoo anyone away with my over-activity. I prefer active people i can bounce ideas off of.
    Current collaboration on settings:
    -Futuristic sci-fi taking place with a group of powerful allied systems and races as the main governing body of the known universe. Humans discovered Faster Than Light travel about 300 years ago, and came across these folks about 100 years ago, so are fairly meshed with this without much friction at this point.

    The group of players work together in some fashion, and will be doing some exploration- the direction is currently that they are sent out to survey or scout a specific system. [this is an evolving WIP as we discuss]

    Some of the playable races we have come up with:

    Human Systems Alliance (open)
    Totally open for suggestions for some specifics... buuut:
    thinking at least 500 years into the future. Can't decide between Hyperdrive tech or Warp tech? Humans Set to the stars maybe 300 years ago from current RP date. Came across an elder race about 200 years after travelling about, colonizing space stations and bits of planets. Made peace quickly after a decade of negotiations and peace deals. Sharing tech, and languages, they Introduced us to the other races, and the governing systems alliance. Slowly integrating for the next 90 years...?

    The Xylok (open)
    Species Name: Xylok
    Home world: Yilze

    A generally more passive race as far as interstellar relations, but they have a rather intimidating military force. As a whole their primary economic focus is trading; mostly of material resources in bulk, in addition to weapons. They're known for having very good trading relationships with other races. Largely focused on development of technology, they are one of the more seasoned races as far as interstellar travel.

    They aren't very strict in laws or leadership, almost anything goes within the race. Many typically illegal behaviors are considered the norm. Inter-racially they do tend to be a bit more aggressive. Pairs will physically duel over disputes, but abnormally do such conflicts lead to death. More violent crimes tend to be uncommon. Their more relaxed approach to a government has proven to be quite effective at keeping the race in order and still allowing them freedom; however, some other races find the method chaotic and immoral.

    Yilze, their home world, is a hotter but forested planet, boasting a large number of other sentient (although insignificant) races as well as many other creatures. The planet is home to many larger cities, which are controlled mostly by the Xylok, but is also dotted with villages and smaller towns.The foliage and flora are darker in color, with blue being a common color among it. The trees and other plants are much larger, resulting in the race being well suited for climbing and running around the tree-tops.

    The atmosphere is quite a bit thinner than Earth's with only a fifth of the oxygen content. The Xylok can however breath in much more oxygen-rich atmospheres due to an evolutionary quirk. They are capable of filtering out and removing most extra unneeded gases (in moderation) as well regulating the frequency in which they breath in order to adjust. This can become a weakness if they are put in physically intensive or stressful situations, however.

    They are humanoid, and tend to appear more muscular, especially at the legs. They are taller, with both genders being relatively equal in height. The average would be roughly around 8'7" with 10' being considered tall and 7'5" being about as short as they can get (discounting horns). The race is relatively thin-skinned due to the warmer climate and are feather/fur-less. Skin tones range from a dark charcoal color to a light ash color, with more bluish variants possible as well. Their legs are longer in proportion to the rest of their body and have a sort of additional ankle halfway up the lower half of their leg. This extra joint is primarily used as an extra shock-absorber for large falls. Their arms are also a bit longer and well suited for climbing. Fingers and toes are slightly more claw-like. They have horns, which can differ in style but are most commonly curved upwards (like a bull's horns) or shaped much like ram's horns. These can range from about 2' in length to up to 5'. It isn't uncommon for the horns to be cut into along the top side, carved into, or even painted. They sport tails, which have an arrowhead shaped tip mostly used as a weapon. These extra appendages can be as long as 1.5x their body length and are hyper flexible.

    Their heads are more skull-shaped, with the skin looking as if it was fitted tightly over the bone. They most commonly have four eyes but may have up to six. Only one pair of eyes have visible pupils/irises, which are most often a bright red, yellow, or orange. The pupils are bio luminescent. The eyes appear to be nestled further back into their skull, the rest of the eye a black color with eye-lids almost completely invisible. They generally have multiple sets of nostrils as well as multiple slit-like ears behind the horns. Their teeth are also exposed with up to two pairs larger-fang like teeth towards the middle of each side of the jaw.

    With a lack of proper lips they do have some trouble speaking English and create most sounds with clever use of their flexible forked tongue. To normal English speakers, they would have a very demonic accent as well. They have multiple commonly used languages, which are composed of complex patterns of growls, hisses and clicks. The written forms of these languages are extraordinary hard to learn, with dozens of symbols/letters and multiple variants of each letter for different words or purposes.

    The Nesher Liberation Council (open)

    Species Name: Nesher
    Species Homeworld: "Zivah Reis"

    They are a military junta [Called something like the Nesher Liberation Council]. Non-religious- big on engineering/ material sciences... They take a lot of pride in their communities and work hard for a greater good- as their homeworld wasn't super habitable or forgiving- so they had a lot of big communities- and not a lot of individual families out there living on their own (separation meant death). This also meant they were pretty territorial about their communities- making self defense a necessity. Their communities were run by their military leaders. This continued as their communities began merging- and forming alliances, then ultimately looking to the stars.

    Formidable military might- as citizenship requires 2 years of military service. All citizens are conscripted at becoming an adult- which happens for them at age 20. Females, if pregnant- are not conscripted- however if they do not then volunteer for some sort of light duty community service, is almost looked down upon. All citizens who do not met certain mental and physical health requirements are not conscripted. Refusal means prison sentence- and this is very taboo in the culture.

    They are not xenophobic. On the contrary, they enjoy learning, and are inquisitive by nature. Initially upon discovering other sentient life- they were territorial and lashed out- however they now realize that if the people come together, great things can be achieved. They tend to trust quickly- as their people aren't known for being dishonest. However if slighted, they tend to take it very personally. They have been known to hold grudges for a long time, and winning back friendships is a hard thing to do. This goes along with their military strategy as well. They keep open negotiations until they are refused. Upon this moment, they unleash their vast military might with vicious blitzkrieg and multi faceted assaults that will not stop until a full surrender is given.

    They prefer ground or air superiority, however their naval forces seem to lack compared to others, mostly because their home-world didn't have abundant sources of water. Since their features are avian/raptor like- they love taking to the skies. They are stereotypically the best pilots and starfighters around, however their infantry units are certainly nothing to be dismissed. Their small arms are generally very lightweight and accurate, as well as adaptable, with interchangeable parts. Their units are highly disciplined and well trained- often participating in 'military games' at least once a year.

    Their air and aeronautical forces are seen as an honorable position to hold. Second would be their Army, then civil service jobs, then the Navy. Not that the navy is even remotely seen as an unfavorable position.

    They are known mostly for their military prowess and warrior culture, but they are also very keen engineers and mechanics. They have some of the best warships in the council. Very utilitarian, but having a sleek quality to their designs. They are having a hard time as a community to ease off of their warlike tendencies- so are beginning to focus on defense and protection- filling out a lot of the law enforcement, fire protection, and other community service based jobs.

    You will see a lot of Nesher as law enforcement, security, bouncers, and the like around Council space. Though it's not unheard of to listen to a Nesher pop-star, it is rather rare. They don't take much to the arts, but the ones that do find themselves quite successful. Sciences are important to them as well, though it is mostly out of necessity's sake. While obviously there are Nesher scientists, they aren't as mainstream as the other races. Medical care in nesher space is very cheap or even free. Again- to them it's all about the community, and the greater good. Sanitation is also a priority in their cities- they are often clean and fastidious people. Possibly out of pride, but also certainly to prevent disease and promote cleanliness and safety.

    Their home planet was mostly arid- with slight lean toward temperate in some areas. Used to a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. So they can breathe the same air as humans without apparatus. They are very sensitive to their surroundings and have excellent eyesight. To see one wearing glasses, or having corrective aural surgery is a rarity.

    The average height is about 6' 6" for males, and about 6 feet for females. 8 feet being the tallest, and 5' 6" being some of the shortest. They are built lean- bipedal, and have front facing eyes. They favor avian or saurian features- and are tall, lanky- but lean with natural muscle. They have thin waists, and wide shoulders, and their hipbones tend to naturally protrude a bit. Their arms are (slightly longer than proportional to humans) humanoid, which end in a hand with three digits and an opposable thumb. Their hands are tipped with thick claws that need regular maintenance. Their legs are digitigrade- meaning they walk on their 'toes' rather than planting their heel on the ground. They have 3 thick toes, and their heel is wedge-like, rather than ball-like. Their shins are longer than their feet, so it can almost look plantigrade. Their skin is naturally rough to deal with - but they have feathery/hair areas as well [heads, shoulders, forearms]. They are quite physically diverse, but colors generally tend to be more drab and natural- to blend in with their home environments.

    The average look is having a shade of tan skin coloration, Large scale plates on their foreheads and more 'exposed' areas [shoulders, back, thighs, etc] with darker feathery areas- like on the shoulders and atop their heads. Skin colors vary between varying shades of browns, and grays, as well as greens. Their eye colors range from pale silvery colors, yellows, greens, and browns. Their eyes are round, and near front facing. They have large iris disks, having little 'white' around them, and their pupils are black. They have eyelids that close top-down like humans for sleeping. However while awake, they have a clear membrane that slides across the eye from the inner eye to the outer corner. They are able to see through this clear membrane. Atop their thick necks are their heads. Their heads are like a flattened saurian or avian shape, and sometimes have protruding horns around their temples and jawline. Their reptilian/avian mouths have sharper teeth suited for carnivorous diets. Some are known to instead of having regular facial plate scales, but beak-like snouts. They have slits for nostrils above their mouth. Their ears are not "external" but are generally covered by sensitive feathers. These are located at cheekbone level behind the eyes.

    (I think they would look like a mix of the argonians from the elder scrolls series, the alkari from master of orion, and the turians from the mass effect universe)

    With an overabundance of humans in the universe, Human languages, or something more akin to 'Universal common' is spoken as a major language. Their original language is very staccato, often with single syllable words- mostly beginning with consonants.Their alphabet is long- and their written language is difficult to most other species.

    Most Names are single syllable given name, with a two or three syllable surname and middle name. They often go by their surname, unless present with another relative. Nicknames are very common in their culture, as well.

    For reproduction, they choose a single mate, and stay for life. The females lay 1-3 (4 being incredibly rare) eggs, and they hatch at around 10 months. They use the term "mate" for their chosen significant other. Females having clutches of eggs without a mate is not entirely taboo, but they do see it as non beneficial. Children of the adults take both parent surnames, female first, then male second.

    Male and female temperament seem to be similarly mild. Males and females are equals in every aspect of their society, as both are similarly equal in intellectual and physical areas.

    Average lifespan is quite similar to the humans these days, of an average of 120-150 years.

    Syn Esar (open)
    Species - Syn Esar (singular Syn Esi)

    Planet - Enet (or Eth Ket O Thrut)

    Biology - The Syn Esar are a bipedal species who appear insectoid in appearance, covered entirely in thick metal plating.

    The species emerged from a desert that burns hot during the day (beneath a binary star system) and freezes overnight, so the Syn Esar are remarkably adept at adjusting and maintaining temperature even where plates have been peeled away through conflict. A unique secondary fluid transit system twines around their most sensitive internal organs, acting as a coolant on hot days, while their metallic plating can seal to insulate on cold nights. These plates can be shifted to accentuate tone in conversation, as well as reflect stress, joy, or agitation.

    Plating is non reflective and colors can range from gunmetal grey to deep blue, while whatever skin beneath is more like a pale covering of scales than actual skin.

    They are a tall and powerful, standing between 9' and 10' with a set of arms (four fingers, two thumbs) situated below the neck, and a secondary set consisting of two long 'claws' that fold in tight beneath the arms and against the chest. These supposedly were once used to break the shells of their prey during their more primitive years, and have noticeably shrunk since the emergence of more efficient tools. They are known to be capable of lifting three times their own weight, and even more with training no different than weight training among humans. They are bulky in the chest, and slim in the abdomen.

    Syn Esar stand digitigrade. Elongated metatarsals support their weight, giving them a swaying or loping gait that suits their remarkable height. Two serrated talons end each toe to allow for gripping on the slippery desert stones, while a third toe provides balance.

    There are four eyes on a Syn Esar's face; two in front, and two far back on either side, protected by a bony crest. These eyes are either red or yellow, with slitted pupils at the center. The face is sharp and almost reptilian, with the lower jaw coming in two segmented parts that lock together when closed. These jaws can separate outward to a full 90 degree angle and are covered in curving incisors intended to hold prey while the teeth of a secondary pair of mandibles tears it apart. These secondary mandibles bear the responsibility of communication, clicking, rubbing, and chittering in a unique language not replicable by other species.

    Regardless, Syn Esar are very much capable of speaking more human languages as their once vestigial vocal cords, used long ago to replicate animal sounds to lure prey, can be used to mimic speech. Their intonation is strange and they are capable of accents. The thin, spiny 'fans' emerging from their crests are often utilized with non-Syn Esar species to aid in communication.

    They are a highly intelligent, albeit somewhat wary and predatory, species that fought for their place as the dominant race on their planet. They have expanded beyond their solar system to inhabit many worlds, and now live comfortably in seemingly inhospitable planets through sheer will and their remarkable adaptability.

    Culture -

    For much of their prehistory, and indeed their history, the Syn Esar have warred. Records dating back millennia speak of great battles, and war poems decorate many of the ancient halls of Enet. Advancing alongside their technology has given them a unique perspective on technology as a whole, no matter how advanced, and many Syn Esar seem to have an inherent knowledge of the inner workings of even the most alien of tech.

    The seething deserts of their planet make for the hottest forges. With only a year (433 days) of training, any Syn Esar can take to the anvil and forge a masterpiece.

    Syn Esar view all other races as potential clients, believing that maintaining neutrality is the best offense. They will work with any race they choose regardless of alliance, provided they are paid well or have a strong enough existing relationship.

    Metalworkers, architects, and gunsmiths/weaponsmiths make up the majority of the workforce, followed closely by geologists, astrophysicists, and merchants. Laborers are considered military reserves, while the military itself is an optional, and highly respected, position. The respect one garners from their position follows no known laws, and fully depends on the region from which the Syn Esar came.

    Besides a region-based respect system, all Syn Esar are considered equal at their core. They build strong relationships with one another regardless of profession. Syn Esar do not form pairbonds for mating, as reproduction in the modern age is highly regulated so that the best and healthiest genes may be selected.

    There are expectations, however. Males are expected to take up metalworking or gunsmithing, while females are expected to take up sciences. Since these professions can be mixed and lines can be crossed without much thought in the modern age, these expectations are slowly dying.

    Clothing is thin silk produced by cave worms. It's thick enough to provide a modest covering without overheating the Syn Esar, and is often worn like skirt, held by belts made of the carapace of a wild animal on Enet and various metals. There is more cultural significance to these, such as color indicating friendliness or hostility. Most prefer to wear neutral colors like green or blue for this reason.

    Syn Esar, upon birth, are given a unique name indicating their position in the birth order of that patch of offspring (Syn Esar will call others born at the same time their batchmates, and consider them family), the region in which they were born, and a third name chosen by themselves to indicate profession. The third may be a mix of professions.

    An example:

    Uynohnvir: Uyn - second, Ohn - the naming term for the region of Ohnos, and Vir - Untranslatable, but possibly means something like explorer, or scientist. Uynohnvir was likely the second to hatch within his/her batch in the Ohnos hatchery, and grew up to become a scientist of some sort.

    Professions and their names :

    Metalworker - Tor
    Gunsmith - Uth
    Scientist - Vir
    Merchant - Ene
    Artchitect - Neo
    Military - Ketth

    Regions :

    Ohnos - Region indicative is Ohn
    Thonrok - Region indicative is Thon
    Keves - Region indicative is Kev
    Roth - Region indicative is Ro
    Vekor - Region indicative is Vek.

    Ashiir (open)
    Homeworld: Rh'alara Valiss (Valiss)

    Colony: Rh'alara Kessos (Kessos)

    Race: Ashiir (Demonym: Ashiiran)

    Rh'alara Valiss is a somewhat tumultuous planet with frequent seismic and volcanic activity. It is slightly larger than Earth, having a gravitational force of 10.7 m/s2, and has a climate that ranges from tropical at its equator to temperate at the poles. There is a single large ocean laden with archipelagos, as well as several expansive inland seas. There are three vast continents that make up the majority of habitable land, along with a few of the island chains; most of the archipelagos are highly volcanic and not suitable for life. The dense atmosphere, a result of continuous volcanic activity, keeps the planet warmed and, despite it having only a slight axial tilt, there is very little ice at each pole. The Valissan year has 410 days and is divided into five "phases," each lasting about 80 days; the days are roughly thirty hours long.

    While a few of the volcanoes on Valiss have violent, explosive eruptions, most of the volcanoes are given to gentle eruptions with flowing lava that creates and expands existing islands. Because of the volcanic activity, much of the Valissan soil is very rich and provides for abundant vegetation which, in turn, had given rise to an impressive array of wildlife. Much of the planet is covered by dense jungle, spreading to deciduous forest moving away from the planet's equator. Regions of the eastern continent are covered by vast marshes, while parts of the southern land is rocky plains. The northern continent boasts the most impressive mountain ranges, as well as the most active and violent volcano, Kelakhaar, which is constantly and closely monitored.

    The constant shifting of tectonic plates and ongoing volcanic activity make Valiss a rather dangerous planet. Nevertheless, life adapted and evolved to fit the bill. The Ashiir are a fairly new race on the universal scale, as Valiss is only about 2 billion years old, but were forced to evolve quickly to ensure their survival. They were once a nocturnal tree-dwelling species, though modern Ashiir have become more comfortable on the ground-- and in the skies. Despite the apparent diversity of life on Valiss, the Ashiir are the only fully-sentient beings.

    They are largely humanoid in appearance: standing upright, possessing four limbs, and having two forward facing eyes with binocular vision. They still retain lithe forms, and are thin in comparison to humans. There is little difference in general size between the sexes, and they usually stand between 5' and 6' tall, though few reach a maximum height. Despite having thin bodies and a relatively small overall size, they are quite strong due to unique musculature and exceptionally long tendons and ligaments.

    They are mostly hairless, having only dense, fur-like hair on their heads and around their faces; they lack any other body hair. Skin colours range from pale blue to dark green and, rarely, shades of pale pink or violet. Often, their skin is patterned or mottled but can be a solid colour. Albinism is exceptionally rare. The pattern of hair growth varies between individuals, with either sex being more inclined toward a particular growth pattern. The patterns range from a mane starting between the shoulder blades, to hair around the sides of their faces, to growth almost akin to that of human hair. The texture, length, thickness, and colour vary between individual Ashiir.

    One of the most noticeable features are their ears. Positioned high on either side of their heads, their ears are elongated and wide-- somewhat akin to hairless bat ears. Most often their ears are laid backward, but can be stood erect and swiveled to collect sounds. It is common for ears to be an extension of their expression.

    Their eyes are somewhat large (in comparison to a human's) and their vision is keen, especially in low light. They have a noticeable eye shine that reflects as a bright yellow or green. (Note that this occurs only when a light is shown into their eyes; it is most noticeable when there is dim or no light.) Eye colours are pale, often in shades of green, blue, or yellow. About half of all modern Ashiir have nictitating membranes in addition to their true eyelids; a fading remnant of their ancestors.

    Their faces are vaguely elongated and somewhat animalistic (by human standards), with their nose, upper and lower jaw, and cheekbones slightly protruding forward. Their noses are somewhat flat, but defined, with narrow nostrils.

    While they are primarily bipedal, they are capable of walking and running on four legs and often will when they need to move quickly. They are plantigrade and have retained the prehensile feet of their tree-dwelling ancestors. While years of walking upright has reduced some of the need for foot dexterity, they still use their feet and toes for gripping and balancing. Their feet are somewhat elongated, each possessing four toes-- though the big toe is oriented to the inside, acting as a grasping, opposable thumb. There is a slight midtarsal break that allows for flexibility in the foot; however, the foot can be flexed (such as for running) and stiffened provide better propulsion. It is uncommon for Ashiir to wear restrictive footwear and they are most often seen with scant straps or coverings in place of shoes. Their hands each have three dexterous fingers and an opposable thumb.

    Due to the constant volcanic activity on Valiss, the atmosphere contains many toxic gases, including high levels of carbon monoxide that are released from the planet's inner layers. As the ancestors of the Ashiir came down from the trees and into the dense and poisonous gases, they evolved methods of surviving in the toxic environment. They breathe oxygen, but they are non-hemoglobic and suffer no ill-effects from the carbon monoxide. They also possess a sophisticated filtration system that is located above their "true" lungs that purges unusable gases out of two small vents behind either side of their lower jaw.

    The Ashiir are designed for a primarily carnivorous diet, but can and will eat select vegetation as well. They have two rows of small, triangular, serrated teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. Instead of molars, they posses small protrusions of jawbone that serve as crushing plates for plant matter and other foods too difficult for them to chew. Unlike their smaller front teeth, these plates possess impressive force and can crush bone-- a staple in traditional Ashiiran diets.

    Nearly everything on Valiss is poisonous to some degree, including the Ashiir-- most notably, their saliva. On its own, their saliva is mildly caustic and is used to help digest food before entering the stomach, but mixed with a venom that is secreted by glands in their jaw, it is a particularly nasty substance. Modern Ashiir venom is somewhat less potent than that of their ancestors and only truly toxic in large quantities or when concentrated. Ashiir are, of course, unaffected by the substance, but other species tend to experience mild tingling in their extremities after exposure, lasting only a few minutes. Concentrated amounts of Ashiir venom can, however, lead to paralysis and death-- though such incidents are few and far between. The venom they secrete into their saliva is largely a byproduct of their filtration of toxins from the environment, and Ashiir that live off-world have a notably milder venom composition.

    Their average lifespan is 100-125. (Ashiiran years)

    They reproduce sexually and give birth to live young. They are physically compatible with other races, but can only produce offspring with other Ashiir.

    Much of the evolution on Valiss has been closed due to the Ashiiran management of the planet. As the only sentient species, they rushed to the top of the food-chain and, while they are slowly evolving less exaggerated features, they have changed little over the past several centuries. Theirs is a culture founded on the desire to learn. Education and knowledge are so highly valued within their culture that social status is determined by an individual's contributions to society and, particularly, to academia.

    The Ashiir are notable for their advances in most every field of science and technology. They are highly innovative, tireless workers that will stand for nothing short of excellence. They strive to push the boundaries of possibility in their pursuit of knowledge, and they are proud of their collective intelligence. This is not without cause-- the Ashiir are quick-minded beings-- but it can lead to tensions when working cooperatively with other races. While Ashiir work together well enough with other Ashiir, many are distrustful of other races' intelligence. It's not something that is ever really addressed aloud, but rest assured that an Ashiir will be double-checking your calculations behind your back.

    Due to frequent seismic activity, Ashiiran architecture is designed to withstand considerable trauma, but even then the Ashiir do not like to tempt fate. The urban centres, universities, and research facilities (with rare exceptions) are all built as far away from active plate boundaries as possible in order to minimize potential damage.

    Because of this, and along with many of the other natural hazards of the planet, the Ashiir population is quite small in comparison to those of other planets. Excluding the two million Ashiir on the colony planet of Kessos, there are roughly eight million Ashiir that inhabit Valiss. Their small population and propensity toward pacifism has lead them to be a non-martial race. They have no formal military, but have little need for one. They have a sophisticated planetary defense system in place that can down the biggest ship in the galactic fleet, should such a vessel ever try to penetrate the Valissan atmosphere. Of course, other races have little desire to even visit Valiss, much less invade it. If the constant natural hazards and monstrous wildlife aren't enough of a deterrent, the atmosphere itself is toxic to non-Ashiir.

    The racial unity has allowed for ease of distribution throughout the continents of Valiss. The land masses are divided by not country borders, but by sectors. Each sector is responsible for a general branch of study, and is further divided into districts with more specific schools of study. Each Ashiir attends perfunctory education in their home sector before moving to another sector for their secondary education. After completion of competency exams, an individual selects four universities at which they desire to study and spends one phase at each. They are permitted a phase to reflect on their experiences and make the selection to explore more universities or to pursue further education at one they previously visited. Each Ashiir is expected to complete no less than five years, often referred to as "terms," at a university, and spends much of that time working as part of a research team and competing with their academic peers. The highest honor one can receive upon completion of their five term education is to be granted their own lab and research team.

    (One of the most intensive and important branches of study geology, particularly seismology and volcanology. There are researched teams devoted to monitoring and venting large volcanoes in order to reduce the impact of eruptions. As such, Ashiir are one of the galactic leaders in geological planetary evaluation.)

    Ashiir economy is based upon a standard living wage, regardless of social status. Education and housing is provided at no charge, and each individual starts at the same level of income and social standing, regardless of parental status. As an individual progresses through their studies and offers advances or outstanding work, they are rewarded with research funds and teams to aid in their work. What research teams compete for most is greater funding of their work or study, but are never fully cut off unless their results prove hazardous.

    There is only one belief system held by the Ashiir, and that is one of science and progress. It is often referred to as the "Universal Truth." They believe they exist in order to advance as much as possible in the time given to them, always moving forward.

    The highly volcanic nature of Valiss has led to the majority of all power being geothermal. Items and devices that cannot be practically powered by geothermal energy, such as ships and other vehicles, are fueled by a chemical compound of several Valissan elements, condensed into a clean-burning fuel rod with a considerable use time.

    The majority of Ashiiran relations with other planets is trade. Ashiiran technology is solid and well-trusted, but comes at a steep price. Nevertheless, most are willing to pay the price of innovation. Most notably, the Ashiir are the inventors behind the standard fuel used now used by most of the galactic races. The main imports to Valiss are raw metals and materials.

    While the Ashiir are not xenophobic, they are highly cautious of outsiders. Those that live off-world are less wary of non-Ashiir, but are often still regarded as being high-strung. They like to keep an eye on the goings on, but aren't always the most social of beings-- often choosing to linger and observe, much to the dislike of many other races. They are not a people that frequently partakes in leisure activity and they can have a rather terse presentation, though this varies largely between individuals..

    Elddaru (open)
    Species Name: Elddaru

    Species Homeworld: Tehat

    A species that makes its home on a planet similar in composition to Saturn. The planet is mainly made up of hydrogen gas, floating ice particles, and debris pulled into a spherical shape by the gravitational pull emitted by the large core. The surface of the planet, with much of its make-up being loose material, is made up of shifting plates of "land" of varying sizes that given the make-up create up to three varying biomes that influence the species itself directly. Much of these landmass holds random cities and villages, all of which may vary in advancement depending on the surrounding location. Biomes that make up this planet vary between Tundra, Arctic Wasteland, and deserts that can rise up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and will often fall very close to 0 kelvin, staying at around -300 degrees Fahrenheit. The planet is in a perpetual state of winter for 80% of the natural year, with the remaining 20% being unusual warm and slightly unbearable for most of the planet's inhabitants.

    The main sentient race of the planet, the Elddaru, are know to have bodies that are uniquely adapted to these extreme temperatures. The Elddaru are generally described as scaly, thin, almost wiry humanoid beasts with small plates of armor over their body that double as both protection and insulation for themselves. Elddaru are often born with sharp bone protrusions, an evolution from the long-gone past as a form of protection that has long since become one merely of decoration and status. Generalized height for the Elddaru are between 6 and 7 feet for both sexes, and aside from the formation of spiky, bone-like protrusions from the body for added protection, there are little differences between the males and females. Elddaru male and females are able to possess hair as humans do, however their facial structure is vastly different, especially in the eyes and thins lips.

    Though they are able to stand upright, Elddaru are often getting around on all fours as their long torsos, powerful forearms and legs often allow them ease of transportation. Elddaru have slit, ophidian eyes, giving the indication of less sensitivity to light, a given with the often stark white landscape of Tehat. Elddaru clothing is often consisting of cloth similar in feel to wool or fleece, as an added measure against the extreme cold of the planet. Elddaru often don tightly fit clothing similar to that of fashion in medieval times, worn by knights and squires.

    An Elddaru's will consume mostly proteins and fats, as most of their diet is directly related to storing fat and warmth to stave off the constant harsh environment of the planet. The mouth of the Elddaru is similar to that of a wolf and boa constrictor mixed together, by human standards. The teeth of the Elddaru are numerous all pointed and edged as a result of their diet, with no room for molars as there are little plants that survive the cold of Tehat. The upper fangs of the Elddaru mouth are vastly larger than the other teeth, and in extreme cases will protrude from the mouth due to the sheer size. Like certain snakes, Elddaru can store a sort of poison or toxin inside of their bodies that can either be injected by bite or spat onto prey or enemies.

    Despite their rugged looks, Elddaru are actually rather intelligent beings, with most being able to utilize the gaseous nature that creates the loose continents they live on to their advantage. Many Elddaru are adept at the science of elements, or chemistry, as well as that of astrology, both of which play a key role in the mapping of the movements of the continents of the planet. Elddaru are considered star-gazers, just an old race that had dedicated themselves to the mapping of the stars that sought to dictate the moving of the planet right under their feet. Some of the technology they use for astrological purposes is among some of the most advanced in the their galaxy, this being one of the main reasons, if any, that they would be sought out by other races.

    My Original interest check Post (open)

    So in wanting to do this, I'm honestly not sure I want to GM, and that's where things get strange. Not out of laziness, more out of inexperience! Because I have never gmed a sci-fi based game or rp or anything... I'm also not sure what sort of story I'm looking for. I generally write in fantasy settings, but love sci fi.

    These things I have in mind are generally physical. Like world building. However I'm not so great at storycrafting.

    So I'd love for someone to put heads together with, and get a RP started?

    I'm thinking far enough into an AU future that humans have taken to the stars. I'm not thinking lazers for tech or anything though. Spacecraft just look more like sleeker versions of things we kinda have now-ish.

    Maybe not set in our Sol galaxy-? Maybe hyperdrive type tech for intra planetary travel.

    Also thinking contact has been made with a handful of other spacefaring races? Maybe similar to mass effect universe where the humans are recruited into like a "UN in space"... Or maybe no other races but rampant humans...

    Considering either physical augmentation, like cybernetic inplants, and prosthetics with some crazy applications-... Maybe even some awakened genetic code for psychic based abilities after some experimentation...?

    AS far as what I'd look for with rp content is adventure. Exploration for sure... Horror/survival maybe with some super natural flavor.

    I just haven't seen anything like this come across the threads lately, and have been itching for it I guess.

    Thanks all, and let me know what you think, and if ya wanna help build a story with me.
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  2. Hi, I would love to help you flush this idea out, it seems really interesting!!
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  3. Potentially interested.

    What writing level would you be looking at for this?
  4. Hey thanks for quick replies!

    I'm thinking moderate level of writing. I dont think I'm looking for anyone to write pages for their posts, but a paragraph or two at the very least.
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  5. Oh, good.

    Also, I'm casting a vote for other races.
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  6. I can generally get on board with other species of sentient/intelligent life forms. Though I'm thinking to maybe keep it simple with them, maybe a handful of races or whatever?

    Humans of course will be around. Maybe even automatons? And a couple of other major races? I dunno what kind of races to put in the hat- so I'd love to hear ideas!

    But I don't think I want to put us in some supremacy war or anything. Maybe a new discovery? Planet? Race? Technology? That requires some people to check it out, or undergo testing... hmm...
  7. If there are alien races, I'd think keeping it to only two or three others would be best-- especially to start. I'm always very hit or miss with androids/automatons because they can be rather OP, but I know some people really like them, so I'd say that's up to you and how/if you design them.

    I'm not terribly into the war aspect, either.

    Well, what are you looking for most in this RP? Adventure can be rather broad-- do you want to want to include horror and/or survival or would you prefer this just be a space adventure? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by supernatural elements. ghosts? All I think of is this.

    Anyway, I think it'd depend on how you'd like the RP to move along. Perhaps have a crew go to explore a newly-discovered planet and get stranded somehow? Perhaps they were testing out new technology and something went wrong, sending them elsewhere in space and time?

    I think it all just depends on the feel you're going for with this. c:
  8. I am willing to help, as for science, it appears you are thinking more hard science fiction
  9. As for the alien species, keeping it to a minimum might just be the best option for that, though I'm curious as to what anyone may consider major races? Like, I'd never really heard of that term before, and it'd be interesting to here your thoughts on it.

    I actually like the idea of a Space Odyssey, in my opinion it's got quite a bit of potential, even if there'd be a lot more elements to figure out. Like if you were going with your "United Nations-Alien theme" then it could be a whole bunch of different races interacting on a regular basis.
  10. Hahah.... nah Im nor thinking space ghost! As awesome as he is. Lol... I meant things on the lines of ESP type of abilities and that.

    Yes, I was thinking a little more hard sci-fi. But not strictly. I prefer an air of realism and grit in my roleplays, with an edge of fantasy or un-natural.

    And I think bY Major Races- as like the prime intelligent life form in major galaxies. Like Humans in our galaxy... Or if a galaxy has a few sentient species- the most powerful or influential.

    And automatons I'm thinking would basically be like android or cybernetic organisms. Nothing on the level of some sort of death machine. Probably as susceptible to injury as a human (other than biological infections, etc). Not totally sold on having them on a list of playable folk. Just thinking of the androids from the Alien series.

    But I'm looking for a mix of things in a roleplay. I think exploration is a big priority, I also love a bit of survival suspense. And a little action can be fun.

    I agree with the UN-like idea easily allowing many races working together. Kind of allows the player characters some freedom.

    Speaking of... ideas for other races?
  11. I really like the idea of beast-man type aliens, kind of like with anthropomorphic/humanoid features.
  12. I guess that's a no, you don't want my help
  13. @Hunter of Shadows sorry! I'd love your help and involvement!

    I'm very flexible and open minded for ideas.

    Here's some race brainstorming :
    Thinking humans are the middle ground kind of people. As usual. Industrious and quick learners. But relatively young to space travel, etc. Jack of all trades. Generally liked, but maybe not trusted yet fully- treated kinda with tough love- or like children maybe by the older races..

    I'd like there to be a total newbie race, who maybe just ended fearful hostilities due to figuring out they werent the only sentients...?

    A race who discovered star travel and colonization long ago- the experts, and likely arrogant about it. Though likely not the first.

    (I can't help but see a race of pointy eared humanoids, either. Thanks to phantasy Star, Star Trek, and all my time spent in fantasy worlds...hmph)

    And some other middlegrounder/s. Gotta fill those tropes, I guess, haha.

    Maybe an extinct, or never seen race, leaving artifacts, terrible - and or awe inspiring. Maybe technology or something...

    Also beginning to see images of cultures and planets in my head....

    @DinoFeather @Mágissa Kei
    Sorry, I guess I never formally spoke to you, either. Love to have you along. And most of my ideas i'm very flexible with. I love cooperative setting building. I'm also looking for someone willing to take a GM kinda role, as my first post states. So if any of you are, or know some experienced or willing sci fi nuts, please let me know! :D
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  14. I want me a piece of this, if there's room.

    I recall seeing an old post about the possible directions Mass Effect 4 could have gone in revolving around humanity leaving the galaxy altogether until the Citadel races face some cataclysmic event that needs their help.

    Just... band together a few unique, but not archetypal, races that vary in technological levels and who've each been in contact with some suspicious precursor race that seem a lot like humans (of course, because who says these three races have to be human? Humans could be the precursors) that's just beckoning them from the darkness of intergalactic space. Boom. Exploration and adventure in one.

    My thoughts. Regardless of what you decide to do, I'm in.
  15. Love to have ya, @Dipper

    Like the thought process! I tend to overcomplocate...

    So I do want to clear up some race stuff. That way people can start getting ideas for characters on mind. I like to do that, at least.

    Also, still looking to recruit a GM. If any of you are - or know anyone interested, I'd love to know. Again, as my first post states, I'm not much of a GM, especially in a sci fi setting...
  16. Alright, when you didn't respond I was like D:

    Think of humans like this then, akin to say, the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40'000, or the TEC from Sins of a Solar Empire, or even akin to humans from Stargate or Halo

    Their tech isn't the most advanced, nor the most primitive, but some of the ways they do things and look at things are considered more primitive(but not necessarily barbaric or even wrong) by other races, so say, their ships are boxy, made of industrial looking metal and they tend to compensate for weaknesses with strong economics, industry, lots of armor plating, or even super soldiers maybe.

    And of course, that human drive to succeed, that determination to win out at all costs.

    Perhaps imagine them to be wary of other races, but not xenophobic.

    And brings to my mind visions of Eldar

    So you want an older, more advanced race who is arrogant, but NOT the predecessors or forerunners of things
  17. @Hunter of Shadows
    Yeah that's kind of the mindset I had with the humans. Though not necessarily having the physical image of something from 40k, where they are all squared and ww1 looking. I'm thinking more advanced still, but not as crazy as the older races, maybe...? Maybe spacecraft that look more akin to something from modern day. Maybe like ALIEN, or Starship Troopers...oddly enough, yeah, even HALO (I actually hate those games, but liked the universe)? Or maybe even better- havung something that looks more akin to ... dare i say even COD: Infinite Warfare :wince:.. oh- Though I only saw the Stargate movie- and loved it- I never really saw any of the series! Hear good things though... But I dont really know what they look like.

    Yes- to your question: 'newbie' race, i meant that they would be in their first decade of space travel, etc.

    Also Yes, Eldar is a decent inspiration, hah. Though of course not nearly as arrogant as 40k. Lol. But I may scrap the idea in my head in favor of another person's idea? But I imagine them having sleek craft, and being highly intelligent. Like Salarians from Mass Effect- where they rely on intelligence, and strike at opportune moments, rather than wade into combat. Also push scientific boundaries, kinda folk.

    And as far as that other race, it was just a blind thought, really. Just had in mind an older race that knows a lot of the ropes of the galaxy, and had lots of experience.
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  18. Thank you, but no specifics required. I just sort of assume replies are broad-based unless they address someone individually. c:

    If I had more available time, I'd offer to co-GM. I can help develop plot points or ideas and do some world-building, but I just don't have the time to commit to regular work on another RP outside of posting.

    I'm generally not a "space-human" alien race fan, mostly because it doesn't make much sense that another species would be nearly identical to humans-- no matter what Star Trek tells you. That would, of course, change if said race was descended from humans, but that would be assuming humans were no longer a race and had evolved into something else or whathaveyou. I just really dislike the the looks-human-but-with-pointy-ears-and/or-special-powers-so-they're-a-different-race cliche. Then again, that is just my opinion and I'm probably in the minority. Either way, it's not make or break for me.

    So, perhaps pick a number of races and work up from there?

    Also decide if you want to include humans or if you'd prefer a race descended from them, or perhaps not include them at all.
  19. @Spectre Hey, it's just a thought, but I wouldn't mind helping you GM and world-build. I figure it'll give me something to do and sci-fi settings are a sort of re-occurrence to me.
  20. @DinoFeather I'm in agreement i think. I kinda want to keep it slightly more in the realm of some sort of realism. So human lookalikes wouldnt likely be a thing. However humanoid looking- IE bipedal 5-6 foot tall species should still be in the realm. I don't want any sentient t gases or anything :p.

    I'm thinking maybe 4 or 5 races. Including humans. Discuss! :P
    I'll say I do want the humans to be humans. I don't think the human race will have much a chance to evole much, as it's not been 'survival of the fittest' for us in ages. It's survival of the community now. Possible mutation, or medical advancement can certainly change things- extend life expectancy, that sort of thing. Though I'm open to interpretation.

    @Mágissa Kei thanks! I would love to have your help with GMing.
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