Science Fantasy with Elven Characters

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  1. I'd like to gather up a small group of four members for a science fantasy roleplay based on this picture. I'd play the female in the picture because I prefer them for my main character's gender. I'd like the setting to be in an alternate world, rather than primary world, so this could sort of be classified as a high fantasy, as well. I'm looking for advanced writing skills, adept being the minimum expectation. This is so I know I can receive thorough feedback on what subgenre we should do, what plotline and subplots we should involve in the story, as well as playing a good round of NPCs and offering contribution to the plot.

    Action and adventure will be the main theme of this roleplay. I am also hoping for some romance as well, but it won't be the main focal point. Some plot candies of mine that I want to add in are antiheroism, suspense, kidnapping, crime, mystery, love-hate relationships, and unrequited love. I'm leaning more towards the Sword and Planet subgenre of Science Fantasy, but also love the idea of magic in a Dystopian setting. Maybe we could do a fusion of both? I'd love to do that.

    As I've stated before, I wish for this to be a small group of four members. Each are expected to post a minimum of two posts each week, as well as having the ability to communicate with their partners thoroughly, especially if you can't post for a few weeks. Any interest? I want there to be adults accommodated with this idea as well, not just teenagers. Science Fantasy, especially if it's set in an alternate world, requires a lot of worldbuilding and group discussion, as well as plotting.
  2. I would be interested in something along these lines, so I will stick around to see how this turn out.
  3. Thank you for showing interest! :)
  4. Sounds like a modern take on the Elves of the SERRAted Edge series. I wouldn't mind an Elven steed, what I call a "Sylpheed".
  5. @Assallya I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you're getting at. This is going to be purely original in a sense of the plotline and worldbuilding. It won't be set in modern times either, but in a secondary, or alternate world. Why would you think that I was taking this idea from somewhere else?
  6. I was only mentioning a similarity in passing, not that it was based on anything in particular.

    I rather suspect you wouldn't have known the series, let alone tried copying it. The series was written by Mercedes Lackey starting in 1992 and has been out of print for quite some time.

    The series features Elves that loved cars and motorcycles and engaged in adventures against their unseelie brethren.

    The image included above looks more post apocalyptic in nature to my eyes. That is definitely different from the Elves of SERRA. No, my imagination screams of a world where the orc empire rules over a ravaged wasteland. That could prove interesting.
  7. @Assallya Thank you for your input. I actually like that idea of orcs ruling over a ravaged wasteland. I'll keep that in mind when we start discussing everything. (:
  8. Anyone else interested?
  9. This actually does remind me a bit of Shadowrun. Ya know, elves, technology, orc warlords, fancy magic occult-tech thingie..
  10. Cool. Orc warlords may or may not be present but that's nice to know.
  11. I don't know where the technology begins and ends, but here's a location suggestion. I was clearing it out of my favorites and thought it might suit this well, depending.
  12. @Azathoth Thanks for being socially positive. I'll keep that in mind when I have one more person join with genuine interest. (:
  13. I've felt suddenly more compelled to participate, what is the status of this idea?
  14. You're the fourth person! Wow... No teenagers (besides me).... YAY

  15. Glad to be of assistance.
  16. @Mr Stabby @Assallya @Azazoth Well, looks like I got more than what I wished for. Are you all still interested? I'm hoping to create a group conversation that way we can all start worldbuilding, discussing ideas for plots, the setting, etc.
  17. I'm in, a group conversation is a great idea.

    What is the name of the RP? Do you have one yet?
  18. No, I think we should finish up everything else before we decide on the title. (:
  19. Well, I'm still here
  20. Cool. Just needed confirmation.
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