Science Fantasy Blending! How would you do it?

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  1. There are so many kinds of sci-fi, and we have been learning a lot about them this month!

    But this topic is about blending SCIENCE FICTION with FANTASY ELEMENTS!

    Such as, KRULL is a sci-fi with laser guns and ships... but also epic fantasy traveling and princess and battles!

    ...Right this second I can't seem to think up any more examples. BUT YOU GET THE IDEA RIGHT?

    I was wondering about OTHER kinds of science fiction to blend with fantasy elements. Cyberpunk Fairy Tale? Imagine if The Matrix involved DRAGONS helping them fight machines! 8D

    What kind of blend would YOU make taking elements you like from Science Fiction and Fantasy?
  2. WAIT.
    They made a blender that can blend pixies and steampunk wear?
    that blender.. must be.... epic.
    x ___x

    I like the idea of robotic fairies.. - w-
    I dunno how.
    but I like it....

    and cyborg dragons...
    or elves...
  3. I am kind of doing this right now in my time travel game. It is light fantasy, in the sense that many of the time eras are gonna be alternate realities (not at all following real world history or time lines), and some of the characters have obvious powers not related to a science fiction setting. The sci-fi element is also prominent, just because the thing on everyone mind in every post is time travel, which as we all know is one of the top Sci-fi classic ideas next to space travel and robots.
  4. I'd like to say The War of Zethrex is a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi. The roleplay is progressing further into the sci-fi element since we have flying ships, anti-magic grenades and mechs. Depending on how the roleplay pans out between the three factions, it will either stay strictly fantasy or perhaps turn into science fiction.
  5. I don't think there's nearly enough contemporary sci-fi/fantasy. Everything's always too far into the future, which kind of irks me. I mean sure, magic and lazer rifles require some suspension of disbelief, but there seems to be this colossal gap between log huts and starcruisers that's almost completely untapped, as if people are petrified of stepping on Shadowrun's toes.

    I'm a big fan of small, urban, back-alley types of RP. I'd probably run something akin to the present day, with pretty restricted magic. I'm kind of subscribed to the Marvel school of thought where everything needs an 'explanation', however contrived.
  6. mutations from radioactive waste from a once thriving company that made necular missiles for war with the robot pirates from peru is turning the humans around it into vampires who feed on fake blood made with the tech from the alien overlords.

    wow either that was a huge brain fart or i just had a good idea for a role decide
  7. Anti-tank rocket-propelled pila. Jousting competitions on motorbike.

    Magic is actually nanomachines (sue me).

    Necromancy involves reanimating corpses by sticking devices into them, and it has gotten advanced enough that revived corpses retain their personalities, or at least their behavior and knowledge, in life. On isolated planets where the practice can simply be dismissed, some chieftains and warlords have turned to raising armies of corpse-cyborgs. As a result, grave robberies are more frequent than they should be.

    ...for all my other fantasy-in-space needs, there's Warhammer 40,000.
  8. Science Fantasy, to a degree treats its patrons as children by justifying their fantastic creations with; "Because I said so," "Because Science, that's why" or at the very worst "Because medichlorians make the world go round."

    Hard Sci-Fi however, does something similar and yet totally different it's more of a "Because theoretical physics, that's why"

    In both cases there is some fantasy to it, using technology to do what we currently believe impossible. The big difference to me is in how well they justify it.