Science, anyone?

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  1. Hi! I just signed up and was wondering how much roleplayers like science in their stories. I have a bad habit of using it all the time, even applying entrophy and enthalpy basics to different elements in magic. Well, to be fair that character was the smart-ass type so it was kinda expected...

    I am not new to roleplay. However, the most I've roleplayed is on whatsapp with IRL friends, so I'm too used to quick short responces. Are those irritating?

    Anyway, hi everyone! Hope to get into new stories soon ^^
  2. What's up? I like Science fine in role play, as long as it's not overdone. As for short responces, I have done thoses myself, but I'm working on longer post. Welcome.
  3. Playing with science is fun! As long as you dun mind people like me making up completely illogical nonsense! 8D

    Welcome to the site!
  4. Biiiig science fan here. ^^ Genetically altered teenage girls with cat ears? Naaah. I have my earthworm-boy who can regrow just about any part of his body. People with magic powers? You bet I have patterns of inheritance figured out. Characters over multiple generations? Bring out the punnet squares.
  5. Yeah science is boss, I would mine some science in a role play, I got one for dbz and looking for more members too join. Just one thing if you do...Don't bring up the sace travel aspect, everything would then start to fall through.
  6. Welcome welcome! I don't believe I've been in any hard science roleplays yet hehe. Have fun though!