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  1. I have ideas. Mainly three that really have my attention. Dunno which one to start. Help a brother out?


    X-Files theme | 1990s | Paranormal | Supernatural | Mystery |

    A group of teens with a special interest in the weird and wonderful try to solve the mysteries of their small town. Their little society is getting more and more pressure from authorities to stop, but they won't. Some believe it's the Government, or UFOs, or the supernatural. But together they won't stop.

    - I'm looking for a group of 6 kids. I'm definitely going to have Mulder and Scully be a part of the RP, but not as main characters! I'd be okay with playing either character!
    - X-files knowledge is not expected but a bonus! An interest in conspiracy, the paranormal or supernatural would be good!
    - We can discuss together what mystery we uncover first (I'm voting UFO and government cover up lmao)
    - This is also my secret favourite RP, It's kind of a reboot of one I started a year ago, but with a better story.


    No fandom/canon heroes | 2017 | Sci Fi | Superheroes | Good vs Evil |

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some like to show off, some like to keep it quiet. But they have to work together to stop the malicious forces that obstruct their city.

    - The most under-developed idea I have, but with interest I'd like to collaborate and figure it out! This would be a more light hearted roleplay!
    - It would be more focused on those with powers/abilities that aren't time bending or space stopping, rather simpler things like the elements etc.
    - Looking for maybe 4/5 players, but honestly as many characters as they'd like!


    Alien | Sci FI | Futuristic | Paranormal | Horror |

    A team of scientists, soldiers and doctors join the space mission to Mars, preparing the planet before they start Earth 2.0 there. However, when they get to the supposedly virgin land, they see Russian flags. Then, skeletons in space suits. Quick to abort mission, they start their descent to earth to tell them of the news, unknowingly letting a malicious being onto their ship. Only when they're half way back to planet Earth do they realize they picked something up.

    - I haven't decided whether this will be something like an alien, a ghost or something else (maybe we can decide together) but it'll be a creepy, mysterious force that'll drive our characters crazy.
    - I'm looking for a crew of 6-8, plus some NPC's that we can kill on Mars if we want! A BONUS IDEA - If people like this, then I was considering making it an AU fandom cross-over. - Just canon character, adapted to the RP. Haven't you always wanted to know how your favourite fictional character would fare in space? No? Just me?

    Other notes:
    - I'm looking for dedicated RPers. People who won't join the RP with the intention of half assing it. Also patience is a virtue! We all have other RPs, and lives, so posting speed doesn't have to be speedy, I just need to know we've got a solid group.
    - Intermediate/Advanced would be great. People who have a grip on their style and writing. No novels needed, but people who know how to put a 3D character together.
    - If you folks know me at all, you know I'm not about that anime life, so this RP that we choose will be all realistic face claims!
    - That about sums me up - If you like anything you see let me know!​
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  2. I'd be down for any of these c:
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  3. woo!! I'll let you know if/when i begin one!
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  4. I'm down with the Sci-Fi Superheroes one!
  5. Awesome thank you!!
  6. Added some points!

    I'm considering 1st/3rd!!
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