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  1. I've had this idea since '09 and I like it too much to just let it go. At the same time, it has been a veeery long time and I'm so out of practice it's quite ridiculous. I was hoping someone (or someones) might be able to help me flesh out this idea a lot more, tie up any loose ends, etc. and possibly create a pretty cool roleplay out of it. Please let me know your ideas. If nothing comes of it, fine, but might as well give it a shot.

    I like sort of 'open-ended' style roleplaying where each player drives their own story arc and slams it into the main plot. xD If that makes any sense.

    It probably seems like a lot to read, but it's actually still pretty skeletal. Please give it a shot if you have the time. : ) I'd love to have input.

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    The planet of Ridge was overtaken by super-advanced technology. The economy boomed and man wanted for nothing. At least, in the prosperous countries of the world. But underlying all of this success were the countries that had been stripped of all of their resources for the “better cause”: The creation of an empire that would become the strongest power in the world. Years passed under this autocracy; the population grew to its limits, resources were exhausted, and the people were tired of their unlimited power and wanted something more. Ridge’s water and oil supply was drained.

    Naturally, the leader of the world, the Yrles Empire, sought a new means to get resources. It set its sights on a small neighboring world, one that they had never set foot on but was rumored to harbor the secrets of a godly power. The Yrles Empire sent seven ships, known as the Seven Seeds, to survey the planet, called Remme. They returned bearing good news. The world had resources abound, including a vast water supply. Also, the Seeds had discovered a city centered around a sacred fountain…One that could give the drinker immortality.

    The Yrles Empire wanted no bargaining. It immediately began gathering troops to start an invasion. The people of Ridge had conflicting views on this matter. Some saw it not as a way to restore their world but rather to gain more power for the empire. Hate crimes surged and the Empire’s control dwindled. Many people were forced to join the ranks of invaders; some people fought back and lost their lives. Slowly, but surely, the Empire regained control, by fear and violence. By this time the resources were vanished. People began dying from starvation all around. Despite conflict within, the Yrles Empire decided to invade out of sheer desperation.

    The battle that ensued was the worst Remme ever endured. The people of Remme were godly…in their strength and endurance. But they were no match for Yrles’ technology and numbers. They were crushed under the force of the Yrles Empire.

    Satisfied, the Empire gradually began moving people from Ridge to Remme, and built a new center for the Empire. But their attack hadn’t gone unnoticed. An allied planet of Remme was furious. They had not gotten there in time to aid the Remmian people, but they weren’t going to let the Yrles Empire get by without consequence.

    The allied planet, Coir, mobilized and began its attack on Ridge. Not ready for another battle, the Yrles Empire began evacuating their people to Remme. Part of Coir’s army split off and began an offensive on Remme. The Yrles Empire, a coward beneath all of its power, hastily erected a shield to protect the center of the Empire. Not all of the people of Ridge had been evacuated yet. Those in space, on their way to Remme, were annihilated. Satisfied, the Coirans backed off, but tensions between Coir and the Yrles Empire remained.

    Now, five years later, the planet of Ridge is a wasteland. Its cities are graveyards of broken technology. Any remaining Ridgians are on the brink of starvation, crazed by the desolation of the place, and it’s every man for himself. Because no known working technology exists on the planet, its only hope for salvation is that someday another planet will come to its aid…Or that its people could somehow create a new means of escape…

    The planet Remme has been renamed Yrles, still led by the corrupt Empire of the same name. Any remaining Remmians have been enslaved or killed. The former Ridgians are constantly on the war-path, so warped by their technology that they have become but shadows of their past selves. Recently they discovered a new power on the scene, but mystery surrounds the planet and its intentions are unknown.

    Coir lives in peace and prosperity, but it watches Yrles carefully. Any move by the planet is recorded. If Yrles does something drastic it could certainly mean the beginning of a new war. They have also noticed a new power rising, and are watching it curiously as it develops. They have suspicions that it could be a secret weapon of Yrles.

    Finally, the newly discovered planet, the one surrounded by mystery…Known by its people as Halos, its motives are unknown. But this new planet could mean a closure to all past tensions and peace for the galaxy of Aeoli…or a war to end all wars.


    Ridgians – A race on the brink of extinction, they have grown harsh in their struggle for survival. Brusque and drastic, they will do whatever it takes to survive. Many have grown insane from isolation; others are blinded by dreams of escape. Some have risen up in an attempt to find a way to escape their dying world, but as the days go by their hope dwindles. They look the typical human save for their starved bodies and slit-pupil eyes. They typically have very dark skin from exposure. Some have gained animal-like qualities in their attempts at survival. Some, twisted by desperate genetics, can even take on the appearance of an animal. These are known as Brinkers, but they are very rare, and tend to lose their human qualities after a while.

    Yrlese – Former Ridgians that have been changed by corruption and technology. Their technology has blended in with their previously Ridgian bodies, giving them a scary appearance. Their looks vary; some have become entirely mechanical, others have grown mechanical appendages. It all depends on the person. Regardless, they are very cold and heartless; perhaps from the cold metal that has replaced their hearts. They are extremely powerful, and emotionless to a fault.

    Coirans – A peaceful race untainted by technology, they are nonetheless advanced and powerful. Rather than run by technology, their society is balanced. They have just enough technology to run their lives in relative comfort and see what goes on around them. They look the part of normal humans, but their bodies are covered in beautiful iridescent scales, the skin that shows creamy and pale, their eyes are light, and small leathery wings protrude from their backs and curved horns from their heads. The more powerful and revered of the race are able to take on the forms of sleek, large-winged dragons. These Coirans are called Great-wings. Coirans are naturally kind-hearted, but will not let an unkind act go by unnoticed and are prone to fight back.

    Remmians – A previously peaceful race that prospered on its own through prowess in magic, their world has been taken over by the Yrles Empire and forced into submission. Now mere tools for the Yrlese, they wish to regain power over their world, but it has been so tainted by evil that they are no longer able to use the magic necessary to do so. Powers suppressed, they weaken as the days go by and grow tired of their existence. They are a calm humanoid race. They have blue-grey skin and eyes absent of lids or lashes, instead with thin, film-like coverings over the eyeball. They have webbed feet and hands, with large fins protruding from their arms like wings and a fin-spike on their backs. Their noses are just two thin slits in the face, and they have fish or dolphin-like tails, and thin gills in their necks. Their ears are small holes in the sides of their heads, but are protected by fins. As they have become enslaved, some have taken on a more grave appearance, though most owners have learned to regularly water their Remmians.

    Halosi – An extremely powerful race, even more powerful than the Yrlese because of their need for no technology, the Halosi are all-the-more powerful from being shrouded in mystery. Their cause is unknown, so it is not easy to assess their overall nature. It is said, however, that they can perfectly disguise themselves as any other race, and the only way to tell them apart is by their mismatched eye colors. Also, it is said that in their true form they are able to use their own bodies as efficient weapons…to the point where they can use their own bones as blades.


    Aeoli – The galaxy in which these four planets are housed, it is also home to other, unknown planets yet to be discovered.

    Ridge – Now a barren wasteland, this large planet is known for its extremes of temperature and weather. It is so spontaneous because of the abuse it underwent when the Yrles Empire sucked out its resources and overtook the planet with man-made technologies. Most of the planet now is a desert, but there could be an untouched landmark somewhere that the remaining Ridgians have yet to find. In any case, the planet, and its people, are brutal, and only the most hardened warriors dare set foot on the place. The remaining cities are but remnants of their past and most are in ruins.

    Yrles – This poor planet, previously known as Remme, has begun a process much like Ridge underwent. Its resources are being usurped, and technology has spread so wide it has grown into the very earth. Corrupt and tainted, it is a planet of power, one not so much focused on its people as its Empire. Still, it has a very large amount of water, though the Yrlese have begun to build out into that too. Some Remmian structures still remain, but most have been built over or destroyed. The sacred Remmian fountain is protected by a barrier kept up with the last of their magic, though the Yrles Empire continues to try and penetrate it.

    Coir – Peaceful and prosperous, this planet is known for its comfortable climates and plentiful resources. Its cities are not built on the earth, but rather, intermingle with it. Forests have been turned into cities merely by reshaping the trunks of trees or building atop canopies. It is also home to many animals, which the Coirans love to feast on but do so in moderation. Basically, it’s a calm, peaceable world where society is untainted by outside influences.

    Halos – Enveloped in mystery, information about this planet is unknown.
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  2. Interesting stuff! I will be re-reading this and will see if I get any ideas. Cool concept though!
  3. Thanks! I'd appreciate all the help I can get : ]
  4. This is quite the idea you got here, i have some ideas to propose to you. I'll send you a PM soon to discuss it (:
  5. I look forward to it!
  6. Sounds fantastic, you may be out of touch as you say, but there is already a great deal of detail to this plot.
    I think it sounds fantastic. Are you still looking for people to start it up with ?
    I'll be on pretty much everyday, and I am more than happy to try and tie up loose ends with you.
  7. Thank you, and yes! TzuTheWise has already come up with some great ideas, but the RP definitely still needs work, since the idea is rather expansive. Maybe too much so for just one person (me) to handle. xD
  8. Maybe its time for Gear Second? speed tings up a little bit with an extra head :)
    Do you want to post in the thread seeing as its 3 ways now ? that way we will have access to everything so far.