[Sci-Fi]The Desert Fathers

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Our ancestors colonised this planet hundreds of years ago. "Scetes - Let's start humanity anew", read the posters on the old world. Earth, it was called. Th simpler folk were drawn by the promise of work, a clear sky and a comfortable life. The idea of founding a new civilisation brought the clever, experimental ones in their droves. They were expecting a beautiful planet, inhabited by diverse wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty. What they found was a dustbowl, slowly being mined from the inside out by faceless corporations. Instead of beautiful homes by the sea and well-paying jobs, they were given a pickaxe and told to start digging. It was a scam but one that millions fell for.

It almost seemed like a blessing when the corporations sucked the planet dry and abandoned it two centuries later. But any good feelings brought on by the end of their servitude were soon dashed as the millions of families across Scetes barely scratched out a living in the harsh deserts. As the centuries wore on and we became cut off from the rest of the galaxy and people fell to the old ways of Earth. We were isolated, alone. Yet we did what humans have always done.

Religions grew, armies rose and fell, settlements expanded and people died. No one person or group ever could hold control for long. Thousands of tiny settlements across the vast deserts and wastelands embraced religions of Earth and Scetes . Conflict inevitably occurred between different sects and in response to the sectarian violence, religious orders sprung up across the planet. Armed with anything they could get their hands on, they took on holy orders and defended their respective religions aggressively.

About twelve decades ago, we made contact with the galaxy again. Good timing, too. Supplies were dwindling and aliendiseases were beginning to ravage entire regions. Ships started landing, merchants started trading and we were shown all kinds of technology we had only dreamed about. Yet outside of the lucky settlements who became connected with the Galaxy, life stayed the same. People have devolved in their isolation. In some areas, society has completely broken down and nomads wander in tribes or bands, raiding settlements or herding animals for survival.

Despite making contact with the galaxy again, order has not yet reached Scetes. Violence is still commonplace and people huddle around their villages and churches for any sense of civilisation, living off of what little we have. We help each other out and we may not all like it but we have to get on with it. Life is hard but it's changing. Slowly but surely, we're starting to see civilisation return to Scetes.

And I'm completely not sure that's a good thing.

In this RP, we will be playing the descendants of settlers on a lawless, isolated planet called Scetes. Recently, contact has been re-established with the rest of the galaxy and this has brought great change to Scetes. Our characters will all be from a small settlement in the great wastelands and the adventure will begin from there. I've deliberately left many details blank, as I'd like to see what the players can come up with. I'm open to any and all questions or suggestions. I'm looking for fairly active RP'ers, who can post at least once a week and are capable of a few paragraphs per post. Although there will be a main story, I will allow sandbox-ish elements and people are free to travel off into the wastelands or little settlements at will. Thank you for reading and again, I'm open to all questions and suggestions.

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As soon as we get a few more people on board, I'll put an OOC/IC up. Thanks for the interest!
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