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  1. The Compatibility Operation

    The idea

    In a world where technology has become so advanced that independence is obsolete, the human race need a way to evolve. To force evolution. The C-O is a government run experimental testing operation.

    The experiments? Well they're linking human consciousness to animal consciousness to advance understanding of other races further than theory and empathy. To further knowledge the best way living organisms can. Communication.

    For now it'll be strictly Human-animal partners but this may develop as the story progresses.
    There will only be a few spaces, I'm thinking 5-7 tops so that we can all RP together, as a group.

    Main Post
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    [File opened]

    [Enter password: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ]

    [Password: * * * * * * * * * *]

    [Password accepted - Access Granted]

    "Download this."



    [Open file?: -Yes- -No-]

    [Open file?: -Yes- -No-]


    "Dear Sir/Madam.

    You have been chosen to take part in the C-O. Congratulations, [FILE ERROR 302: NAME NOT FOUND]. In one day you will be taken to The Foundation for further information.

    DO NOT resist or a formal arrest will be issued.

    DO NOT attempt to run, permission has been given for sedatives and any means possible to getting you there.

    DO listen to any orders given to you.

    $%And- 0222305: FILE CORRUPT, *** ¢œw¢ØîrÎ:\TZaGó*™y8IÂjæbRÆíc|XÅ»‹Ç¿½I
    ~«¨JÈÁTøe\O*ðtHG½€HYµæ– }KNßÁP±*ݾ˦±‹ŠTѼ9/#·øA7ÂqZ…Ð$*c?¢íqUßån†èwðNºû%Ž»O¯·ièˆ4
    išd ûDЇA½ÎœIqbJ#xÌ꺃
    ÌH ín÷ÞÜ-Æ
    é"á€d>ÒzÏû¨nœ”ÇŠ¹ €Ø©ð‘>äbµ·–&ûÜÎâ¤2»Æv¹÷ÞÄKyϼ¤óöD:²¤œœ,AGm¯Õ

    IHDR * *…

    [File ended]

    History and Geography
    The world we exist on now is different from the one centuries ago, you can still see remnants of it however.

    The maps (open)


    Geography (open)

    There are six land masses on the Earth. Split into several provinces, the two extreme north and extreme south land masses were dubbed too dangerous for large civilisation and hold only necessary buildings. It's extremely unlikely to have lived there, only the extremely rich could afford the land there, if dumb enough to try, considering it's rather dangerous.

    The four populated land masses vary in levels of population, some of them mostly sporting small towns and villages in the different biomes. Aldwen - being the most populated - has dedicated it's whole Southern half to become a large land for trading, mostly populated with civilisation, there are few plants here, the most being small patches of forest and deciduous forest trees. It's Northern half is mostly pine forests, the further from the equator, the colder it gets, the most of it being snow temperature, there are small trading villages and towns around the northern half but not many, if any, large cities in that part.

    Quetah is a varied land mass with quite differing climates, the centre being a large deciduous forest area, the towns there have lovely fresh air and plentiful crops due to the high amount of compost produced there. Most of the roads are forest roads and paths, these lead south to the marsh and the jungle and North to the mountains and snowier regions of Quetah. Most people live in the capital, Maru, with exception of a collection of smaller towns in the Avon Forest. Most people avoid the Marshes and the Jungle as a place to live due to the high humidity and unstable building conditions. The snowier regions are populated by clusters of towns and elevated roads between then due to the snow they receive there. The mountains have small lodges over it but have minimal residency. People who live in the Snow-rock Ice plains mostly live in Maru or the few towns scattered around it. Few others go further in due to poor weather conditions and mostly go deeper for work.

    Haven is A very traditional selection of different landscapes. If biomes had a top selections, Haven would contain them all. These popular and sustainable living places make for a well populated number of large towns in each region of Haven. Aylin is right at the base of Heart Mountains but in no way in the shadows. In fact, Heart Mountains have a few villages connected to Aylin by a main road that cuts into the centre of the mountain. Desert Nyzath is mostly avoided - it does have typical tourist towns by the coast and a few in-land towns less popular to tourists but is mostly a place for the natural desert life to continue in peace. Mostly. The highland and cliffs also have three main towns - separated each by their very own ridge of upraised cracks due to increased pressure on tectonic plates. The southernmost region is the coast-forest, trees reach to the very edges of Haven before dropping off in steep cliffs, The only exception to this is the small outjutt which is mostly an oversized mass of sediment carried off from the crumbling northern Highlands. That small area contains almost no trees and it is only populated by small fish trading villages.

    Last, but not least, the favouringly simple:Terran a traditionally hot country due to its smaller shape and closer proximity to the equator, It's humid area with mostly foresting and timber eco-friendly companies and towns, others are wild-life carers, some are permitted game hunters, Tahlin forest is home to some of the most expensive meats, however there is a strict time of the year of which game hunting is allowed in order to keep species both in-check and thriving in population. Few people live in the Rainforest but the towns that are there connect almost mainly to Chelm, a bustling city, the outskirts of it are sadly poverty ridden and make-shift housing is often found on the poorest edges of Chelm but, funded by Whiten and the tradelands, houses are being built at a faster rate, community houses, mostly. The ash fields are a series of hotsprings and volcanic action, mostly unpopulated apart from areas furthest from volcanic activity. Only researchers with valid permits are allowed closer bases of research to avoid mass killings of a natural sort.

    The History of how we all got here.

    History Of Earth (open)

    {KZZT - Unit 1a, Topic 4b "The end of the world." listen to the extract and write notes, discuss with your teacher afterwards}

    -Start file-


    Many millennium ago, in the 20th century, World wars wrecked the countries and civilization threatened to wipe itself out, and eventually - with further nuclear construction, it finally happened. According to the stories passed from generations and generations of survivors, it happened early 2100s approximately the span of two generations passed since the two World wars broke out, it was supposedly a time of peace, however during that time, civilisation fought with itself, from hatred, flowered more hatred. Basic human rights still attempting to be discovered, barbarians roamed the earth. During this, supposedly peaceful, time, several setbacks for furthering the Human race occurred. Fossil fuels ran out. It was said that it lasted longer than predicted but at the rate it was getting used, we needed a substitute, fast. Nuclear energy had been a long-term goal, sadly not to be achieved before it happened. Instead they attempted more eco-friendly energy. However the supply wasn't enough for the demand, countries became overrun with Solar panels on every roof, T.V satellites replaced with wind generators and so on, in attempts to be more eco-friendly, they destroyed the environment to do so.

    Eventually the Peace that had lasted them around a century had to end. Supposedly, in 2087, World war III broke out, Nuclear combat threatened, however this fight had taken around ten years bloody land, sky and sea combat between countries - a fight so bloody that supposed sides of war were unclear, it is unknown to historians today what it was that started the war, perhaps the extinction of ten 'main' animal species important for local ecosystems were a factor, along with unending poverty and civil-wars over issues that had never been addressed. The idea of Nuclear war was pre-planned - just before the war broke out and during the war, civilians and the back-home work force began digging out large-scale nuclear bunkers underground. These underground havens contained saplings planted as soon as possible - natural sunlight simulators and areas for agriculture. Most of the agriculture are some with little sunlight needed as possible. They had areas specifically for animals - these havens were approximately the scale of a large city with only what the human race needed to survive. Large bunkers were only in large cities, that is why, after the war broke out, many people moved to the cities. Often overflowing them, there would be a maximum amount of people allowed to enter the main bunker - any other people left over would be forced to stay outside or find another bunker as soon as possible.

    The word of the Nuclear attack spread like wild-fire. The first hundred thousand were allowed in each large town and city and the left over's often gathered in religious areas despite the slow depletion of religion. In some cases families who had been denied would wait in their family homes for the bombs to drop - only one hundred thousand people from every town or city big enough to have a main bunker would not contain everyone in the population - some attempted to make their own - however it would sadly have not supported life. After half a year of nuclear drills - finally the bombs dropped - massive explosions that shook the bunkers and destroyed landscapes. Those who were lucky enough to have been in the bunkers, had no idea how long they were to spend there.
    Evolution is the adaption of species over a long period of time. Whilst not all plant life died out in the main blast - often they'd get affected by the toxic radiation. Luckily the radiation did not affect a few types of grass species and from that simple, cellular basis, plants who were somewhat immune to the radiation, or had built up a defence against it, started to grow - however the human race remained down in the bunkers. And would do for generations, and generations. Schools were made, they had a sort of system, and they would live there, for the next milennia or so. Communications with the other bunkers were few, there was the occasional trading tunnel between two near-by bunkers but all communications was entirely verbal and they were all seperated.

    In 3127, radiation levels have been neutralised to the point of human living, according to a group of eco-scientists, it was a new cellular reaction akin to photosynthesis found only in sea-life, the ocean acted as a radiation sink to absorb most of the surface radiation over time. Civilisation was created in large cities immediately, based around the most populus Bunkers. As soon as the cities became overwhelmed with too many people, group moved out and started smaller towns in other areas, set up trading systems and created what we know as earth today.
    So now its 3227, exactly one hundred years since the humam race re-took the earth and a new scientific experimentation group has emerged. They stand by strong policies, they claim that the earth that experienced the Nuclear bomb had done it to itself, and now they wanted to find a way to live at peace with the Earth, with Mother Nature. So they have developed technology that forms a mental link with a compatible animal, those who have been linked with an animal show strong emotional bonds with it, so they are going to use this bond as a group of soldiers. Because that's what humans do. Take something beautiful. And destroy it.

    A select few have been chosen for this new process, testing has begun.

    {FILE END}

    « »
    There are few other races, most a result of GMing people.

    Humans - The original, they can come in any shape, size, colour, well that is humanly possible.
    Entirely customisable.

    Cyborgs - Specific to any race, just a race that has needed mechanical parts added to them.

    Elves - As a result of GMing, elves are pointed eared and athletic, their skinshades vary to most skin colours and varying shades of blue to purple. They reside mostly in forests but are entirely civilised. They are adept soldiers and they connect with animals faster.
    Not all animals are suited to connect, some can be too viscious to handle and turn against their masters. Chose one that best suits your character.

    Fox - Sly, quick, quiet, cunning. They're not very trusting, building a relationship with a fox may take longer than other animals.

    Wolf - Loyal, strong, bold, fast. They trust very quickly, are normally large in size, muscular and specialise in full-on attacks.

    Cheetah - Fast, viscious, trusting. No-one can run as fast as a cheetah, but if you build up a strong enough relationship, you can ride one. Agility based fighters.

    Giant Hawks - GMed hawks that are big enough to be rode by humans. Untrusting, bold, viscious. Aerial attacks only, suggested for ranged fighters.

    Grizzly Bear - Strong, near-unstoppable. Untrusting. Hard to form a relation with, loyal afterwards.

    Antelope - Graceful, beauty, speed. They attack with finesse, if you don't know what that is, probably not the right animal for you.

    You are able to use another animal, given that I deem it not too OP and that you give a brief description like above.

    [hdor] IC / Character creation [/hdor]
    (picture here please or provide a description)
    [b]Name[/b] -
    [b]Age[/b] -
    [b]Birth date[/b] -
    [b]Star sign[/b] -
    [b]Race[/b] -
    [b]Animal of choice[/b] -
    [b]Personality[/b] (Please give at least 1 paragraph with an indepth description) -
    [b]History[/b] (Please give at least 1 paragraph with an indepth description) -
    [b]Fighting style[/b] -
    [b]Place of origin[/b] -
    [hdor] OOC [/hdor]
    [b]Activity[/b] (Scale of 1-10) -
    [b]RP ability[/b] (brief description) -
    [b]RP sample[/b] (Can be any character) -

    The technology used in order to connect Humanoid and Animal looks like this.

    My application:
    IC / Character creation

    Name - Thalia Grace

    Age - 20

    Birth date - 8th October

    Star sign - Libra

    Race - Elf

    Animal of choice - Antelope

    Personality - She's not entirely very trusting of others and this in turn has made her slightly introverted. She's analytical, mostly, and will probably spend her time, leaning up against a wall, and judging people before she decides that they're worth talking to. Although that's a very harsh way of doing things, it's the only way she has known. Once someone warms up to her, however, her humour is mostly sarcasm and wit, mixed in with teasing. She already has a deep love for animals and although she was technically kidnapped for experimentation, she isn't exactly unhappy with the animal part, but is furious with the testers. She particularly likes music, and will often find a way to listen to it, a way to get her to get along. She's particularly sporty and likes running and jumping.

    History - Her great grandmother was a healer in the Bunker under the city now known as Maru, when they moved out to the earth, they moved immediately to Avon forest where her great grandmother died, retired and with her family. Thalia's grandmother was already pregnant, an elf was the father, when the grandmother died and had learnt first aid just like her mother. Once Thalia's mother was born, they had to start turning to a more athletic lifestyle, their little house in the forest was now a small, tight community, a village. They relied mostly of farm and hunting.

    They had a unique way of hunting where they used the animals who were at the top of the food chain to attack the weaker, then they'd attack the powerful animal and get two animals, of course they had to remain balanced so they'd rarely hunt animals in order to keep the ecosystem balanced, they often bred the animals for fur and other materials. When Thalia was born, she had a better time in looking after the animals and participated in the towns music festivals, but when it came to playing with the other children, she didn't seem to keen, and her parents didn't force her. She'd only play sports with them.

    Growing up, she started to get a little more adventurous, she'd go out hunting, but mostly she just mapped out the forest area for the village, running around and drawing a general idea of what the forest was like for them, that was her job for a long time, once it was done she just hung around the animals.

    Until one day the letter came.

    And the day after.. A group of people came, arrested her and took her away.

    Fighting style - She is very elegant in fighting, some say that elven fighting style is like a dance, she has emboddied that rumour and hers features lots of flips, stunts, balance and agility. This is perhaps why she was matched with Antelope.

    Place of origin - Avon Forest Province.


    Activity (Scale of 1-10) - 9, since it's my own RP, but then when real life calls, you gotta take it.

    RP ability (brief description) - I don't always post long things, I wish I did, but I just can't. But I guarentee that whatever I do post is quality. I'm adept/advanced, as long as it's not based on length.

    RP sample (Can be any character) -

    Thalia gasped as the bag was put over her head and her hands bound behind her, she could hear her mother cry out. She could hear the uncertainty ripple through the town, she cried out "It's okay!" and tried running, she couldn't get far, tripped and fell, she couldn't see. Disorientated and confused, she got pushed into a vehicle, and was sat on a cushy leather seat "What's going on, are you the C-O, or whatever?" she demanded. To which an old voice, belonging to a woman, with a strange accent she couldn't quite place replied "Calm down, you've been assessed and was deemed a good subject, you will not be harmed, put the bracelet on her." Something smooth and cold was put on her wrist, it clicked and tightened with a quiet whirring sound until it was tight enough that she wouldn't be able to get it off, but not too tight. She started panicking, she writhed in place, kicking, wriggling "Sedate her, I wanted this to be a peaceful trip.." was all she heard, the same strange voice echoed in her head until she slipped into a null void. A darkness, sleep, she supposed, but she didn't know when she'd wake up..[/spoiler]
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  2. Totally joining!

    IC / Character creation


    Julie Sun
    Birth date
    14th April
    Star sign
    Animal of choice
    Julie is the type of person you go to when you're upset. She is extremely sympathetic and always helps people to the best of her ability. She is kind and caring, and will do anything for anyone, especially for her sister. Unfortunately, being a Cyborg, people are often scared of her, but that's not her fault. Julie is also extremely intelligent. She understands pretty much anything, from deep emotions to complicated coding. However, history confuses her. Past events just seem to put her off, because she is always looking to the future or focussing on the present. This can sometimes be incredibly annoying, as she doesn't know much about why 100 years ago people were hiding in 'bunkers'.
    Julie was born as a normal human girl on the 14th of April, 3209 in Alylin, Haven. Her parents had always been kind to her, and that made her a generally nice person to be around. Nothing excited happened in her life for a couple of years. Nothing tragic happened either. Nothing until that fateful day...

    Julie was playing out with her friends, Gina and Kilee, when it happened. The three 8-year-olds were having a great time in a nearby field. They were just playing a simple game of stuck-in-the-mud, completely unaware of the horrific event that was about to take place. Being only little, they didn't know the dangers of playing near deep, ice-cold lakes, so they did. As she was running happily near the edge, Julie slipped. Screaming for help, she slowly sank down into the depths of the lake. Gina and Kilee shouted for their parents. Hyperthermia struck.

    By the time the adults finally came to see what all the shouting was about, it was too late. Julie was frozen. But the strange thing was, she was still alive. Frozen, but alive. Nevertheless, she was still going to die if she didn't get help soon. This is the part when she became a Cyborg. You see, as a result of falling in the lake, she got frostbite and had to have parts of her body replaced. To be exact, half of her face, an arm and a leg. This wasn't ideal, but at least it meant she would live to see another day.

    When Julie turned 10, her little sister, Jewel, was born. Julie automatically loved her - it was great to have somebody else in the family! Then, one more tragic event struck. Her parents died mysteriously, and, having no other family members, Julie was left in charge of Jewel. She had to take care of her sister since Jewel wasn't even one, which is a big responsibility for a 10-year-old, let alone a 10-year-old Cyborg!

    Still, the two sisters managed for the 8 years that followed that tragic day. In fact, exactly 8 years after Julie's parents died, she received the email. The next day, a group of people arrived at the door and took Julie away, leaving Jewel alone...
    Fighting style
    Julie uses strategy in battle. She will let her wolf hold back the enemy while she analyses their strengths and weaknesses, before coming up with the nest strategy to win. She will then go all out of the enemy, using whatever she has come up with.
    Place of origin

    6.5. I will try to be as active as possible, however, I'm still in school and won't always be online.
    RP ability
    I hardly ever make spelling mistakes, thanks to the internet, however there may be the odd one or two. I'm generally good with grammar, but don't be annoyed if I make a mistake, I'm still in school. As for length, it really depends on what my character is doing. When there is dialog, I tend to just write a couple of sentences. When there isn't, I can write up to around 3 paragraphs, maybe more if I have enough to talk about, although usually only write 1. I try to write detail, but usually fail.
    RP sample
    She woke up, her head throbbing with pain. What had happened? Where was she? What was she doing there? So many questions, so little answers. Her vision was blurry, however, she could just make out what she was in - a car.
    "H-h-hello?" she stuttered, "Wh-wh-where a-am I?"
    There was silence for a few moments, before a sudden plead for help.
    "Help! Please!"
    The driver just seemed to ignore all the shouting and continued to drive. The shouts gradually got quieter, and the road got rougher. It was no longer a safe journey (not that it ever was), now that the road was getting bumpy. There was darkness...​
  3. I'm going to move it to the official one soon, I'll allow applications now, Just want to check people want to join!

    And it's a good application, was a bit confused at first by the stitches and odd teeth, but I'll allow it since that's where the cyborg implants are!
  4. Thanks to the staff - I didn't need to make a whole new thread - I guess they deemed it ready to go straight to the CS stage - I just hope people are interested enough to join.
  5. I hope so to. It sounds like a great story.
  6. IC / Character creation

    Name - Emilio Diaz

    Age - 23

    Birth date - July 9

    Star sign - Cancer

    Race - Human

    Animal of choice - Chimpanzee. Loyal, strong, witty.

    Personality - Emilio has almost no personal bubble, and in fact he takes many social cues from body language. When he shares physical contact with a person he's expressing his comfort to them and his desire for them to be comfortable around him. However he does respect those who wish to have their own bubble. Most of the time people believe he's too jokey to be taken seriously, so it comes as a surprise to them when presumed jokes become actual accomplishments; he's kind of hard to predict sometimes. Emilio is fiercely loyal and protective of the people he feels are part of his troupe, which has put him in a number of precarious situations. However, people should be most worried when he's calm.

    History - Emilio grew up in the poor sections of Whiten. His family consisted of aunts, uncles, cousins, and various close family friends. They got by decently well, they were happy with what they had yet strove for a better life. He had a group of friends and they'd make all kinds of trouble, particularly for the riffraff of the poor section. Mostly Emilio and his little gang would intervene when some thug was trying to muscle someone around, they were about protecting the weak and minimizing the polluting element of their ghetto. Of course to the authorities they all looked like degenerates. Being in an industrial city he did pick up a thing or two about engineering and quite enjoys it, he never learned a lot of the official names for parts but managed to jerry-rig a number of contraptions all the same.

    Although he spent most of his time in the city, Emilio was fascinated with nature and loved the outdoors, he would climb trees and watch the wildlife around him, he actually learned to mimic a number of animal calls. He would do the same thing in the city, sitting up somewhere high and hidden, watching people, observing their body language. It's helped him avoid many a dangerous situation, noticing the shift in posture for when someone was going to attack....Yeah the good old days.

    Fighting style - He's primarily defensive, specialized in adapting to his opponent, counterattacking and breaking them down. If at all possible he tries to get into their head and get them to make mistakes. He has an acute sense of proprioception, which helps him wildly in a number of situations.

    Place of origin - Aldwen, Whiten.


    Activity (Scale of 1-10) - 7. I should be able to post or read fairly regularly.

    RP ability (brief description) - I'm not very good and need much more practice and experience.

    RP sample (Can be any character) -

    Burning muscles, burning cuts, burning lungs. The burn of the chase. An "operation", as Emilio sometimes likes to refer to them, had gone somewhat wrong. A group of thugs calling themselves Real Kealz, spelled just like that, were throwing their weight around Emilio's favorite restaurant. He assembled the team and they started dishing out whoop-ass like it was the special of the day. Getting a little cocky with an engage got Emilio a nice gash on his forehead, causing a nice stream of blood to flow into his eye. Withdrawing, Emilio noticed something, a car, men in suits, talking into hidden mics. It was time to go.

    "Scram!" Emilio yelled at his friends and threw himself toward an alley. It's not the first time something like this has happened, they all knew the drill and would meet up later once things seem to have cooled down. However this was a little different, they were trying very hard this time.When he would jump a fence, a couple guys would come over the fence after him, cars blocked alleys, he'd lose a unit and a different one would start tailing him. Putting on a burst of speed and using debris, he got some distance between himself and the people chasing him, turning around the corner and another, then throwing himself into a dumpster.

    He sat there in who knows what for only a couple seconds before the men in suits came running by and as soon as their foot steps faded enough he sprang out of the garbage and up drain pipes, scaffolding, windowsills, and fire escapes until he was among the roof tops. It was when he saw the helicopters and all the cars and all the men did he start thinking he might not get out of this one. The roof access door burst open and out came several men in suits. "Look guys" Emilio huffed "I didn't know it was the mayor's wife, and she's the one who came onto me..." They didn't appear phased. They rushed him, Emilio could only slip away from a few but in the end they had him and the next thing he knew, he was slapped in irons and hauled away.
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  7. @Effort

    Emilio Diaz

    My first thought was about the name - it's very much like the name of a character in a book series I'm reading (Edilio and Emilio) which is nice.

    Now really the main points a mod or admin of a thread look at are the Personality and History, so let's start there!


    Akin to your character of choice that it's uncanny, I'm sure once you're forcefully forced to connect with the mind of a monkey, the both of you would get along great. In fact - I feel like you've done perhaps a bit of research into the behavioural patterns. Even if that's not the case, it's still a good thing! The idea of a loyal, protective person in this group would be key to hold everyone together, I feel like your character would be good at making the best of a worst situation! - there are almost no problems, the only issue is that his risky behaviour could get him more hurt than he needs to be; if you're willing to let that happen, it can stay!


    Yes it's brief - but I never asked for something long, I did ask you to separate it for ease of reading and frankly I'm glad I did - it just looks nicer this way! And perhaps his dabbling in engineering could come in handy?

    It's a good character - but this RP might take a long time, so hopefully you're willing to continue on for a while! And this is a note for everyone: It may be a longer RP, so please be willing to take part for a long time! If you RP for a month and drop it, then perhaps this isn't the place for you!

    You talked about not being very good at RP so I hope that my thread will help you get better!
  8. Weird coincidence, man.

    I changed the wording in the personality part, I didn't like the way it looked. He's still pretty okay about putting himself on the line though for folks he thinks are worth it.

    If this game goes on for as long as you're hoping then it sounds like there will be plenty of opportunity for character development.
  9. Yeah it is, Hahah.

    It wasn't entirely necessary - I understood but I do like it better this way!

    And I'd -hope- it lasts that long, but I'm really waiting for the part where people start joining haha, I tried to put up this in interest checking and the mods moved it here.

    Which was kind but unwanted..
  10. Found it!

    IC / Character creation

    Name - Erin McArthy
    Age - 26
    Birth date - 13 july
    Star sign - cancer
    Race - human
    Animal of choice - Grizzly Bear
    Appearance: Standing at approximately 6'2" and built like a truck, Erin has bright green hostile eyes and a drop of orange hair which seems perpetually in a state of frizz, sending diffused light around the stray hairs and giving it an almost glowing effect. Her nose has already been broken, and she's missing a tooth. All across her body are scars - burn marks, slices, gashes and scrapes, etched into her pale skin as pinkish lines. Her hands are calloused, her feet are large and box-like. She usually wears some rather grim combat boots with a steel toe-cap on top of a pair of cargo pants and a ripped vest. She isn't "well endowed", save for the thick packs of muscle scattered across her frame.

    Personality: Stoic, rude, and crass. Erin grew up to shoulder-barge her way to the top and then kick people who tried to get near her position on whichever convoluted ladder she deemed it necessary to climb. She actively ignores people who she doesn't feel are going to assist her, but doesn't push away any wayward company, curious spirits who wish to learn more about how her mind works or people simply looking for a friend. Her way around words isn't the most elegant and impressive - she says what she wants, when she wants, and usually means it. Luckily, the only time she opens her mouth is when she has to. Unluckily, on occasions when it's not necessary for her to talk, she'll usually communicate in either a rude hand gesture, a mouthful of spit on the floor or a fist to the face.

    When she gets upset, she gets angry. When she gets annoyed, she gets angry. And when she gets angry, she loses her temper and breaks as many things as possible before storming off to brood over it in some hard-to-reach place. Doesn't do well in front of authority figures, has a fear of small spaces and needles. Aromantic and Asexual.

    History: Born and raised in Haven, Erin grew up as an only child for three years before being given to an orphanage. She didn't mind it at all; Erin barely knew her parents but understood that money was running short and preferred being doted on by the caretaking staff than having to scrounge for food in the streets. Forced into a new environment and surrounded by troubled teenagers and unruly children, Erin quickly grew up to be strong and selfish just like the rest of them. She herself wasn't emotionally scarred by this experience - in fact, she seemed very nonchalant and casual about the whole ordeal, given her personality.

    However, it also seeded a complete disregard for rules and authority. Erin spent most of her days outside of the orphanage, either going to the gym to exercise, skipping out on school to go and do whatever she liked - which usually meant going around the wilderness and throwing food out to the animals. She had some friends, true, but they were more interested in her ability to thoroughly batter someone into submission than her own wants and needs. Similarly, Erin considered these fake-friends as subordinates and kept them in their place. In ways she didn't understand, Erin was the leader of a small gang of petty thieves and criminals, her slow-working brain not comprehending that these "friends" were intimidated into crime in order to keep on Erin's good side.

    Erin didn't give a damn. She was getting gifts and life was pretty interesting, at least interesting enough to keep her amused. She matured into an adult and left the orphanage, working as a postman around Haven. When she saw the new programme for animal-human compatibility, Erin percieved it as an opportunity to tame a wild beast to keep as a pet and signed up for it.

    Fighting style - Rush in, hit it until it stops moving, then hit some more. Erin has no regard for tactics, weakspots or defences; she just gets angry and beats things up.

    Place of origin - Haven


    Activity (Scale of 1-10) - 7

    RP ability (brief description) - Around Advanced/Adept level, able to be an aggressive poster when needed, may take over in terms of plot and be active instead of reactive.

    RP sample (Can be any character) -
    "Sir, are you sure about this? It took five men just to get her into the car!" spluttered Michael Keynes, a government official who worked for the compatibility programme. His shirt collar was rumpled and his sleeve torn slightly, dark spaces of perspiration under his armpits and around his neck. A poppy bruise lifted around his left eye-socket as he spoke, and his hands trembled slightly from the shivering pain of the red scratch marks across the backs of his palms. To say that Erin was "A Challenge" in the report was a clear, blatant understatement...he was in half a mind to ask for compensation.

    "They can't all be willing to participate, can they?" grunted Brandon Renner, scratching at his protruding belly with his greasy fingers. "The research department asked for a random sample of personalities and there weren't a lot of her kind on the register." continued Renner, tugging on the lapel of his blazer as he waddled towards the nervous wreck called Keynes.

    Her kind? What did this man know about people, thought Keynes with disgust. It's clear that men like him shouldn't even run this operation if they have no empathy towards their own kinsmen...nevertheless, Keynes thought back on the fury in that woman's eyes, the damage she managed to inflict before the sedative took its effects...did she even qualify as a human? Keynes shuddered again.
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  11. @RainyDays

    There's no inclination at what Erin looks like - I added on the application that you'd have to supply an image and/or a description as soon as I found out there wasn't one before. If you could add that, please?

    And concerning her Personality: Seems like she's going to be causing a lot of losses for the C-O, lets hope they don't try and do anything stupid to calm her down. (Spoiler: they will)

    And her history's pretty plain and simple - says what it needs to say, when it needs to say it. Seems all good for me!

    Just add something for appearance and you'll be ready to go.
  12. Aww yiss, can't wait to make friends with Erin.
  13. Erin doesn't make friends, she just chooses to not punch certain people, and after a while she deems it necessary to stop other people from punching her people!
  14. That may or may not deter Emilio, we'll have to wait and see.
  15. Sorry that this is so slow to start guys - I messed up way back in the beginning and made my interest check too detailed for the area and now it's really unpopular, aha.. Let's just hope I'll get the people I need..
  16. Just a question: can we have multiple characters? Just, you know, to boost up the characters in the rp.
  17. IC / Character creation

    Name - Kyle Bennett/ Code name: Hunter

    Age - 27

    Birth date - 7th October

    Star sign - Libra

    Race - Cyborg

    Animal of choice - Giant Hawk

    Personality - A true soldier never thinks about the orders he's given, he gets the mission done and asks no question afterward. Kyle has always been the quit kid in the back of the class who always wanted to get his work done and leave as soon as possible. It wasn't do to bullies, it wasn't because he was in trouble, he just wanted to get back home so he could go back to studying his father's guns. The kid never smiled and barely ever tried to make friends, but that is what made him strong. He never looked back and never cared if what he was doing was harming others. Kyle always knew that emotion are a burden, one he does not want to carry. The only thing that made him feel anything was the death of his family and friends.

    History - Kyle lived a simple life with his family, a happy mother and a proud father. He loved guns and always wanted to acquire or work on a new one. unfortunately, do to him being abit of hermit Bullies found him to be a prime target and beat him down almost every day. This was until he turned ten and some of the kids tried to ruin his birthday party. They thought it would be funny to throw fire crackers into his house to ruin the celebration. Instead it started a fire that engulfed all of his friends and his parents. It was meant to be a surprise party, instead it was just a tragedy. Kyle finally felt some emotions, sadness and rage. He went after the kids, using his dad's old pistol which he was given, he found and killed them all. He went to go turn him self in, but they had different plans for him. A kid with no remorse, good grades and a passion for guns, sounded like soldier material.

    For eight long years, Kyle trained under many trainers. The years of training molded him into the soldier he is today, but why is he a cyborg then? during a routine flight test of one of the new planes they were developing, one of the engines blew out and it crashed right into the bunker that held Kyle and many others. Kyle was the only survivor and although his lower half was ok, his upper half was destroyed and his face burnt off do to the flames. They remade his upper half and even his face, but Kyle never felt the same about it. He requested that they permanently attach a custom made helmet to him so he never had to see himself. Once they finally did this, Kyle dedicated himself to protecting the people who gave him a reason to move, a reason to fight, and maybe one day...a reason to feel.

    Fighting style - A ranged fighter, Kyle does best to end the target's life as soon as possible from a distance. He studies the target and makes sure to not waist anything when it comes to fighting. His hawk has been trained well to take out targets quietly, also at distracting foes, which Kyle then ends quickly.

    Place of origin - South Aldwen: city of Oasis


    Activity (Scale of 1-10) - 8.5 I will be one through most of the day, just not so much during the mornings.

    RP ability (brief description) - I will do my best to rp at the level needed for this topic. I know I'm not the greatest at role playing, but I think I"m pretty decent. I hope I can make a welcome addition to this rp and maybe even make some new role play friends.

    RP sample (Can be any character) - Hours pass by, as the hunter waits. Hidden on a cliff side miles and miles away, aiming down the scope of his sniper rifle as he waited for his target. Hunter didn't know the name of the man he was to kill, only that he was a high ranking soldier in a terrorist organization. Hunter had been waiting so long that the sand from near by had changed the color of his gear from black to a tannish color. The only sounds that could be heard were of the water, crashing along the cliff side as everything else seem to have fallen to dead silence. Th hunter finally saw his target, it was an old white man, his left eye robotic and his suit as white as can be. He was waiting for his dealer to arrive, unfortunately hunter had already dealt with him. The man stood looking around waiting, looking over the peaceful waves and the clear sky. It would be the last thing he would see as once he looked out towards the cliff hunter was residing on, a new sound was heard. Boom.
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  18. @amybri18 You can - though to keep the variety (Since it's going to be such a small group) I'd say only one extra (two in total)

    Hunter (open)


    I see you're new to Iwaku, welcome! I'm not exactly a Veteran myself, but I hope I help you make yourself feel at home!

    I was slightly worried when I saw a few mistakes then saw your RP ability - since you're willing to try hard enough to join - then I'll let them slip - but if you happen to read your post through one time and spot a mistake, it would be welcome if you change it! Though it's hardly important.

    It'll be interesting to see him develop - since he's relatively emotionless, especially since the group will go through a lot together, I'm excited to see what you have in store - whether he'll break out of his shell or not.

    The history is an interesting twist to an old-used tale - The family deaths weren't necessary but if that's what you want - then that's what you shall have!

    The only downside I see is that you specified "Aldwen" As your place of origin - but is it in the south or north part of Aldwen? I'd assume the south judging by the history, quite an urban feel to it - but is he in the city - Whiten? Or one of the large towns around the city? (If it's not specified on the map you can make up a name of a place)

    That's probably the only thing I'd like to see changed, if you could do that, please?
  19. We now have 5 people!

    So I propose you all with a choice:

    Do you want to go on with the five people we have and have some extra characters of our own?
    Do you want to leave the sign-ups open for a while longer and see if anyone else decides to join?