Sci-Fi Space-age Nation Role-Play.

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    Space has a billion ways to kill your characters.
    I, as the GM, have more.
    The Galaxy as we know it is no longer a safe place.

    For eons, Humanity's Aetherius Empire had dominated the stars, bringing peace and order to the galaxy as their power spread to every system in their reach. Their strength and technology was unrivaled, and they controlled all within their imperium.

    Despite all their achievements, this mighty Empire was never prepared for their downfall. The Great Collapse was responsible for the absolute destruction of the Empire and the Human race. Countless centuries of conflict and death ravaged the stars until at long last, they fell silent.

    Through the darkness that followed, the long oppressed alien races managed to survive, now free from the Empire's dominance. These races built from scratch, emerging from their planets to forge their own starships and colonies. After thousands of years, the systems of the Carina Sector are beginning to experience a new spacefareing age.

    But the Galaxy is not forgiving. For every treasure that lies in the great beyond, there awaits just as many dangers. Dark forces stir on the edge of the Sector. Pirates, bandits, and hostile races all threaten the peace of those around them. There are even sightings of old Imperial ships darting across the night sky.

    Your nation, your people, will have to face these and more in their struggle for survival. Will you do it through cunning? Through strength? Through trade? The new Galactic Age is upon us, are you ready?

    Hello all, thank you for taking interest in my latest project.

    This is an Interest Check for a Space-fairing, Sci-fi, Nation Role-play. The story is player-driven, you will take the role of an alien race and write from character, overall, or other perspectives as you expand and explore the galaxy around you. There are a number of over-arching plots, and I as the GM will provide some minor quests on occasion. For the most part, however, the story is yours to create as you interact with me, the other players, and the wide world I have created.

    I already have a star-map (which accepted nations will be added to), a wide number of quests and NPC nations, a vast number of things for you to encounter as you explore, and the beginnings of a system that will help to develop your nation over the course of this Role-Play.

    What I want from this Interest Check is to see who is curious or interested in this idea of mine. I'm also open to suggestions and ideas at this point, but keep in mind that I have been developing this for some before posting here. Please feel free to speak your mind, I really want to follow through with this and turn this into a long-lasting story of epic proportions.

    A quick list of other details:
    -Writing level will be adept to advanced.
    -There is currently no cap on the number of nations I'm willing to accept
    -Tech level will be limited, but I'm open to original and creative ideas.
    -You must play as an original alien race. No humans, no quasi-humans, and no cannon races from existing media.
    -Creativity is encouraged, this is a big galaxy, a whole number of things can happen.
    -I will create an OOC thread if I can gauge an appropriate amount of interest here.

    Thank you for taking the time to read that, I hope to see your questions or comments.​
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  2. I could find myself possibly getting into this. I'm in.
  3. Sounds interesting.
  4. Can we talk about this a bit?

    I like the idea, but I feel like we could benefit from a bit of discussion.

    I don't really have any specific questions in mind, but perhaps you could get the ball rolling by listing some absolutes you had in mind?

    You said something about retrained tech levels for example; care to expound on that?
  5. Absolutely! I want to see some conversation in here!

    I may be able to expand on something like the tech level at a later time (only have about an hour left online tonight).

    But the gist is:

    -No reality-bending, time travel stuff.

    -I want some help in creating a generic "Hyperspace" element, but it would be limited to 1-3 weeks to travel to the nearest system. And jumps across the sector would be Very long.

    -Ships and vehicles can come in a wide variety, but most ships will be generally small (no dreadnoughts and super-cruisers, not right away.) And ground vehicles should be tread or wheel, unless you have some other creative ideas.

    -Weapons can be energy-based, but only to an extent. I would prefer if things were kept at kinetic-level until the plot starts progressing and relics are found.

    The point I'm trying to make, is that I don't want to hinder creativity and encourage players to think outside the box with things like technology. For the time being, I will set some rules similar to above in the first OOC post, and let player self-regulate themselves as they create. Then I will take a look at the NS and give you a review of what works and what might need to be changed.

    I hope that's a decent answer for now.

    tl;dr, make sense, keep it at a Halo human level, but don't be afraid to branch out. A society can develop advanced medical technology but lack any real offensive tech because of the limits of their culture.
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  6. I shall lead my people to their rightful place in the stars.
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  7. You could probably go the route of allowing people to create their own versions of FTL travel, but simply dictate that no matter what it is, they all travel the same speed.
  8. Expressed tentative interest earlier, as you know. Not sure if I'll join or not, but I'll definitely keep an eye on this.
  9. Yes, I will borrow that for my OOC.

    I don't need a definition of how it works or the scientific details of it, just how it effects ships and the people inside them.
  10. Can we have humanoid races?

    How about more than one sapient race per planet?
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  11. If you mean with two legs and a general human shape? Yes. But take a human and stick elf-ears and a cat tail, that's not an alien. Think Star-Wars species over Star-Trek.
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  12. Definitely interested in this, count me in.
    Know to think of a race.
    Any CS we can start on yet? Wait none yet, then I'll just continue to brainstorm.
  13. OOC will be up anywhere from 24-48 hours. I'm satisfied enough to give it a green light.
    CS will be up in 20 hours.
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  14. I'm curious at making a nation for this RP as well.
  15. Cool, this definitely sounds like a cool idea. I am interested in participating.
  16. Yeaaaa a lot more people to wage war, trade with, and create treats with.
  17. Prepare your civilization for unrelenting genocide.
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  18. Before the CS skeleton is even up we've got empty threats.
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  19. I know, it's strange and a bit pointless...All the more reason to join and support the RP
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