Sci fi Romance [MxF]

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I'm searching for a female partner for Sci fi romance. More specifically a plot where one of us will take the role of a AI, while the other will be the captain of a spaceship. The AI being able to take a human form, complete with 'real' skin.

Lot of options from there. From deep space explorers to galactic war. Mostly wanting a partner that can switch between dom and sub, but I can dom as well. Roleplays tend to be a lot of fun when we both tailor it.

I personally write a standard paragraph. Sometimes more, sometimes less. No one/two liners please.
Anything beyond romance is a option for members 18+ only.

Also open for the following fandoms:
Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Other sci fi plots are welcome if you can convince me.

PM me!


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Hi! I have a role-play that you may possibly be interested in. Want to PM me and we can go over this one and the other? :)
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