INTEREST CHECK (Sci Fi) Roleplay Mixed with World Building Idea.

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  1. Okay so I should like to do a Sci-Fi RP which incorporates world building. I got inspired by this:

    As well as other sci fi stuff I've been looking at. Now my idea is that we set a roleplay in the very near future; maybe even the present and then go from there. Humanity someone comes into contact with aliens; maybe they find something on mars, or maybe a single is sent out that humanity receives or maybe aliens just show up one day or maybe a mixture. These aliens aren't hostile, but they are wary. Though it may be that we come into contact with multiple aliens at once, or some sort of delegation from an alien "UN" type thing. Anyways the idea is that we play that out and see humanities reaction and the events that come because of that.

    Now the idea is that we wouldn't just stop at first contact we would keep roleplaying and at the point were we feel their isn't enough plot we might time skip or just make another plot in the future. Now while this is a roleplay we will also be creating a setting as we go; now you don't have to take a large part of it, maybe you just want to chip in with some ideas here and there or give an opinion, but not hash the details out. Or maybe you love worldbuilding and want the details worked out; whether way we will tailor our way of worldbuilding around the people playing.

    Now sci fi settings that I love include Mass Effect, Halo, 40k, EVE, Star Wars, and more. But I'm aiming for more a Mass Effect type setting; although I still would like it to be different in some ways; adding good bits from other settings to say the least. The setting will be a Morality Kitchen Sink like Mass Effect. I would also like some sort of consistent fake-science like Mass Effect has; and I'm don't mind stealing things from other settings. So you might wonder why if I'm aiming for Mass Effect why don't I just play that? Well I like Mass Effect, but feel that I would like more aliens and more conflict ("less galactic peace" with kinda more realistic where different empire/nations are actually at war though the whole galaxy doesn't have to be) and the other things is the Mass Effects story with Shepard and the Reapers...ehh I don't think I would like that in the setting.

    Now don't get me wrong I don't mind finding ancient robots that want to wipe out life; its the whole "we have been controlling the galaxy and using it like a garden for ages" and the other part being that with the ending of mass effect giving you the option of synthesis which is weird to say the least; and I don't want that in the setting, but another part is that I feel Mass Effect's story is kinda finished now; and I feel bad touching it.

    Another reason would be simply options and potential for the story and setting.

    Now if we did this RP it would be kinda non-nonchalant and laid back. In that I won't worry about having a cool looking OOC or anything; although I would like some quality writing/rping. I find that if I worry about character sheet or OOC, because I'm a perfectionist it stresses me out and takes me waaaay to long so I end up quitting.

    Anyways anybody interested?
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  2. Oh thank god I found someone like you! I have been looking for a role-play just like this. I myself have just finished creating an alien race called the Krieger! I think they would fit this role-play very well, as my character was just sent to Earth to check out humanity.
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  3. Hmm interesting could you send me some info on the Krieger in PM? Also Krieger...sounds so German; "Blitzkrieg!"

    Also FYI if their are any people who like the idea of this roleplay, but just don't like world building thats fine. Or if you just like world building but not the roleplay also fine. You can do one and not the other if you want.
  4. I love both! And you are correct my friend, for Krieger means ' Warrior ' in German! A very brutal, and gut heavy language, if that makes sense.
  5. Hm...

    Do you have a Facebook? I am having some trouble uploading the file. And I can not copy and paste it as well. Ugh...
  6. Ha! I got it to work! Well here it is.

    How powerful is humanity today? Not powerful at all, compared to the Krieger. Humanity today has only a select amount of mass destruction weapons, and most would mar the planet for thousands of years to forever. Humans today are weak, selfish, and corrupt, while also not possessing any remarkable abilities. Must, if not all, can not use more that eight percent of their brain power, and have no real notable special mental or physical abilities. All in all, humanity in the modern era was a far cry from what it once was. For, the humans of today might not know it, but they were the descendants of the Great Krieger Empire.

    Millions of years ago, in another quadrant of the Milky Way and far from Earth, the Krieger Empire slowly began to rise and build. The planet's environment was much more harsh, and not as fertile as Earth.This caused the people to become resourceful and hard to kill off, a trait that would be passed down to modern day humanity. With its heavier gravity, the planets people became stronger physically, easily able to lift heavy objects. Slowly, over a large amount of time its race, like its human counter parts, stumbled and failed multiple times in their history. They to wondered what was in the vast sea of light above their heads, asking, what was up there? And so, when the Krieger were able to set sail in the sea of stars and darkness, they did with reckless lust and hunger. With a lust like no other race they explored, claiming many planets for themselves and creating a gigantic empire, one that spanned the entire Milky Way. This feat took close to thousand years, but the people were completely content with what they had. Their entire race ruled an entire galaxy, showing their power and determination. The thing that separates the Krieger from human's, is that they did love war, but they did not want it. They as an entire species had worked together to forge an empire across a sea of stars, and once the Krieger felt that feeling of complete unity, they seeked no war. Thus, they seeked knowledge, and hoped to fully understand the universe as a whole.

    Heavy research into everything began, as one thing the Krieger loved more than war was knowledge. Research into forms of cleaner power, terra-forming, weaponized energy, and augmentations began. The Great Krieger Empire grew stronger and stronger as their knowledge and power grew. Entire fleets of the Galactic Krieger Navy were updated regularly, as break-though's in multiple fields happened within months of each other. Its people as well began to evolve, slowly over the years unlocking their brains 100 percent thinking abilities. With this sudden discovery, people of the Empire were developing powers of telekinesis as well as telecommunication.

    And soon, after the Great Krieger Empire had lived in peace with its entire populace of trillions happy, alien contact was established. On the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, a foreign scouting party was sent into the Milky Way for two things : Find and locate potential resources, and try to find any other life forms. This small scouting party soon came into contact with the Krieger Empire, the parties small amount of fifty ships easily outgunned by the entire 3rd Galactic Krieger Patrol Fleet of six hundred even ships. After friendly, if somewhat forced talks were taken, each of the two races happily engaged in a trade agreement. Because this alien race took notice of how nice the Krieger were, they happily introduced them into the universal community. At first the Krieger were doubted, the other races believing them to be weak and, for the most part, powerless. So, after a collection of funds, an attack was sent out against the Krieger. The attack party itself was a group of pirates, whom were sent on a hint of great treasure on a planet filled with a small populate of fifteen thousand humans. . It was a somewhat small attack against an unprepared outpost, but, the pirates where the ones truly caught off guard.

    While the Krieger had no major military outposts for civilian outposts, they did give them a simply device. It was called the, ' Red Button '. Only to be pressed when an hostile action was taking place on the outpost/colony, any active, non-engaged fleet would enter slip-space and appear on the location the button was pressed, soldiers prepared to drop and ship guns loaded.

    It was because of the Red Button that the outpost was saved. The Krieger Military quickly reacted, showing its true strength when half of the 2nd Patrol Fleet showed up above the outpost. The three hundred Krieger gleefully destroyed the mere pirate fleet before while Power Assault Armor troopers where deployed into the upper atmosphere. The battle ended quickly and easily enough, with only five non-military deaths and a damaged ship. But, after savaging the remains of the enemies data-logs, the 2nd Patrol Fleet quickly reported this to the Krieger Council of Nine, the ruling figures of government. The Council, and its empire erupted in anger, quickly taking the news to the Universal Council, who also were shocked by this. The Krieger Council, in a fit of anger, declared that they were to be the dominant race of the universe. This was meet with resentment and turned into threats of war.

    The Krieger knew what they were getting into. They accepted the declaration of war, telling the council that they would be back after the first battle had been fought, and let them decide how things went from there. So, multiple races gathered their forces, mainly the ones who had launched the pirate attack that had started it all. Many of the other races sat back, content to watch as things progressed. So, the fleets gathered before moving on the Krieger Galactic Empire, confident in their abilities to win. The assembled fleet was made up of 32 fleets, a total of about 19,500 ships all in all.

    This number would not matter, as not only was the Krieger and technologically much more advanced then the others, they had also made a break though n shielding, along with many other military devices. Also, they had a numerical advantage as well with far more advanced ship to ship weapons and soldiers.

    Needless to say, the battle was rather one-sided. The Krieger brought their own force of 40 Galactic Krieger Empire Battle Fleets, numbering to 24,000 all in all. 19,500 enemy ships, who had no real battle plan other than shoot at the enemy, against a stronger, more advanced ships numbering 24,000 all together. The only agreement that they all mad was to fight in dark space, the area between galaxies. Thus the battle began. Flashes of light, explosions that made not a sound in the vacuum of space, and ships being ripped apart all took place. Missiles flew between the fleets, lasers flashed, and nuclear warheads were destroyed. And, in a total of ten hours, 15,000 ships were destroyed by the Krieger, while the rest fled to their planets. The Galactic Fleet themselves suffered a loss of 245 ships, showing just how powerful they were as a race.

    With their point made, they returned to the Universal Council. Needless to say, no other race bothered to try a battle with the Krieger as the race continued to grow strong and deadly. They were wise, strong, and had a vast military. They could have crowned themselves as Rulers of the Universe, but they had no need for the title, happy to stay in the Milky Way and rule their own people.

    After a two thousand years of happy peace among the Kriegerian people, and an uneasy peace agreement with the other races, the Krieger decided it was time to move on. But, they did not want to leave their ripe galaxy without life, as they were apparently the only advanced life forms in the Milky Way all together. So, they collected different DNA samples among their own race, and essentially re-engineered the gene pool to befit a lighter gravity system and a more, environmentally , forgiving planet. They also restricted intelligence, strength, complex thought, and other important genes to only be un-locked at a certain time, thus making it look as evolution in the eyes of the future race.

    This was the, genetically, making of the human race of a gene level. Once the experiments were made, other life forms were created to occupy this planet as well. Small plants, trees, animals, and so forth. They were built just as humanity was, all made for this one planet in the Sol system.

    This also happened all over the Milky Way, as other races were being created and placed on their planets. Some would ask, why would they do this? Though the years of constant discovery, the Krieger had become a calm, patient people who loved to experiment. So, why not experiment with life? They were nearly gods themselves, and they were a strong people. But, in the end, they placed the beginnings of humanity and other races across the Milky Way before leaving to their own isolated galaxy, far from others were they would figure out the mysteries of the universe and life.

    And so they left, leaving behind a galaxy that they had ruled over for more than seven thousand years before going to a new galaxy to rule, away from all other races. The Krieger Galactic Empire lived on in its own little corner of the universe, separate from all others. It would watch its former home-land, wanting to see how these human's would evolve and adapt.
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