Sci-Fi Predictions that Came True

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    It's always so interesting to look back at novels whose ideas were reaching into the future, creating technology for their books that existed only in their minds. These writers craft ideas that are seen as incredible, impossible, and sometimes entirely ludicrous. And yet, there are many instances of these writers being almost prophetic in their ideas. Technology that they never imagined could really exist becomes a reality faster and faster every day.

    Here are some amazing examples!

    Do any of these amaze you? Do you think that the same might one day be true of science fiction written even today?
  2. Bionics; while we're not quite at the level of Ghost in the Shell or Deus Ex, we're definitely getting there, and the most impressive stuff has happened in just the last decade. I can't wait for what the next decade holds.

    So what if I want to be able to punch through a wall and snap a hapless guard's neck?
  3. Science and science fiction go hand in hand. You need to dream of tomorrow before you can build for it.
  4. Waterbeds were in sci fi, too, before they were real! Well, at the very least, Heinlein designed one, but I don't think his sort was ever made.
  5. Let's see, the internet was predicted, cyberspace was coined by William Gibson in the eighties,

    shit that's all i can think of right now
  6. What really amazed me was the Encyclopedia Galactica from the Isaac Asimov's Foundation, which was basically like wikipedia, only made by scientists. Although I do not know if that really counts, and nothing else comes to mind...
  7. i would be so cool, especially cuz it would allow me the full use of my left leg again...cant wait for that
  8. Joe Haldeman writes about black holes before the term was coined. I can't remember if he used the word "black hole" or some other word. I think it was a different term.

    There was also the concept of "a box that would make cooked food in a few minutes" and now we have microwaves! I don't remember where this was from, though.
  9. Next up: people becoming computers. Or having computers in their brains. That can use the Internet.
  10. I was thinking more the iPhone 4 than a Kindle. The iPhone you can even give commands 'n stuff.
  11. I actually agree with you. My Hawaiian Bro once commented to me his iPhone reminded him of a triquarter since with the right app you can photograph something "scan it" and identify what it is, or find your location with it by other photo recognition software. This was a few years ago and I don't have one myself, but...
  12. Also, this is another prediction that's currently half-true with it possibly becoming completely true within our lifetimes: AI. Can't wait to greet my future robot overlords.