Sci-Fi or Magic "Creation"

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  1. I have a character idea I have been tossing around for a while, but I greatly enjoy my backstories for my characters to come from actual roleplays.

    Concept: Either through some kind of science, or magic, a "doll" (named Luna) was imbued with the power of life. Her purpose was to be a "guardian" of some kind (my original idea was some kind of concept of good/bad, light/dark... maybe some kind of "reaper" kind of concept, or to protect someone, perhaps the creators child). She has the ability to portray herself as a doll (able to be carried and transported), a child (age 7), or an adult form (age 23). Weapon of choice? Scythe. (stereotypical I know, but I gave the artist I worked with freedom of choice and he enjoys drawing them).

    Luna-doll.jpg Luna-protector.jpg

    I am looking for someone to play her Creator.
  2. Bumping.. is bumping allowed? @_@ bumping anyways!
  3. Well hello, I find this an interesting concept. :) So would you prefer me playing the Creator's child?
  4. Sure if you want ^_^ Thats fine by me. I am however looking for someone to also play her creator.
  5. I can play both if you want? I prefer doing the creator, because I'm not good at playing children really x3 But I can play both if need be :D
  6. That would be awesome! As creator you would really have control of the roleplay, so settings and decisions are all up to you mostly! If you have any specific questions you can ask here or PM me! I will let you create the thread :D let me know wen you have!
  7. Okay, I have a question or two before I create the thread. Do you want me to begin the thread with my character creating yours? or..?
  8. You can start it a little before or at that time. :) feel free to use your own method of creation! Any other questions? :3
  9. No, I don't believe so. -Off to go create the thread-