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  1. Zizi here looking for someone(s) to light that creative fire in me. Long term writers whom love to write and create as much as I do. Give me something light and fun or epic and dangerous and I’m your girl. Please read my resume to make sure we’d fit wonderfully but I shall place the basics here. :3 Don’t give me a one liner, don’t god mod, and don’t put your desired feelings and actions into my character. Follow those three and we’ll get along just fine! Seeing as adult themes may happen 18+ role players only please. :C

    About moi:

    · I reply Monday – Thursday. Weekends are usually busy for me though I do try to get in replies if I feel up to it.

    · I’m a gamer. Like kinda hard core? If I’m not on Iwaku, I’m playing WoW (World of Warcraft). In which I also role play in… as well as kill things and collect phat loot… For the Horde <3

    · I like to write… A lot. 3+ paragraphs. Sometimes more depending on what I’m given.

    · I love to plot, it’s my favorite part of role playing. I love chatting about the role play (pm’s because I’m strangely shy on skype or other messengers)

    · I will always tell you if I’m having trouble thinking of a reply or cannot reply right away. And I will always let you know if I’d rather stop rather than disappear on you.

    · I like to play multiple character although there is always one that I focus on.

    · I play either gender equally and like MxF and MxM pairings.

    · I love a good villain in a story. :D

    · I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. For real it’s a damn addiction.

    I’m looking for:

    · Someone who posts a few times a week. More than a week and I lose interest and I will assume you have too.

    · Someone who communicates with me! PLOT with me yo! Ongoing plottage is a must as I rarely just spring plots. I’m looking for someone to contribute to the plot and not just leave it to me. I also like OOC chatter! I like to try and get to know my partner, maybe even be friends.

    · Someone who likes to write. 2+ FULL paragraphs with basic grammar and punctuation. Give me details, actions and thoughts!

    · Action, drama, adventure and violence? Bring it! Epic adventure with wars, murders, twists and turns? Love that stuff like a fat kid loves cake. I like dark, gritty, dangerous, adventures with deep believable characters and a splash of humor to lighten the whole thing up. That’s an awesomesauce role play pie right there.

    · I love a well played flowing realistic romance. No fluff. No love at first sight. And it can’t be the premise for the plot.

    · As far as those intimate moments I can be tastefully descriptive or if my partner prefers, fade to black but I’m not looking for smut.

    Genres and Stuff I Like: (* means favorites)

    · -*Fantasy anything.

    · -So modern and historical and high fantasy.

    · -Love/hate

    · -Magic in a future setting

    · -Epic Quest/Adventure/Prophecy/Legend

    · -*Vampires. (God not the sparkling kind. I can’t stress that enough. >8[ )

    · -*Werewolves.

    · -*Shifters/Druids/Shape Changers. (Think warrior cats but with tribal people who change into animals) (Sorta have plot for this)

    · -Anthro (where I got my role playing start!)

    · -Totalitarianism. I have a huge massive back story for this set in a futuristic/sci-fi setting. Government ruling a suppressed city. The city fights back.

    · -Sci-Fi/Space Odyssey

    · -Bounty Hunters/Assassins

    · -*Mech/Cyborg

    · -***World of Warcraft. This currently is the only Fanfiction I’m willing to do. And ONLY with original characters. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU RP SOME WOW WITH ME. Just sayin’.

    Still with me? Awesome! I’ll share one of my cookies with you. ^_^ My muse is shit right now, not gonna lie. So plots… I don’t really have any BUT I do have a strong desire to play certain characters. If you have an idea they pitch it to me! I’d love to hear what you guys have on your minds.

    Sci-fi*Give Me Liberty (open)

    I don’t have a solid plot for this. Only the desire to play my character Luc. Luc was an average hacker trying to do something right in the war torn world. Upon trying to break in and hack a GOV facility, he was nearly killed. Instead of finishing him off they turned this lamb into a lion. Into a weapon of war. He doesn’t like fighting nor killing but his programming makes him good at it. When free from GOV’s control he either helps the rebels fight the civil war or help the infamous space pirate Madam.

    We could go for either full blown Star Wars style ship battles, on the run from a tyrannical Earth government called GOV and/or the vicious and ruthless space pirate Madam and her crew. Or can take place just on Earth, there rebels fight for freedom from a government whom controls everything. Think futuristic civil war. With the aid from Madam, the only space pirate who is helping the rebels. Or we could start at the beginning, when Luc is set free.

    Give me ideas on your female character here, as of course I play Luc. Will she be a rebel? Part of GOV? Another pirate? MxF pairing here of course. I usually don’t get overly technical when describing sci-fi elements, I mostly make it up. And if it sounds right then I go with it!


    Fantasy*Tale of Two Prides – Warrior Cats-esk (open)

    Humans call them ‘shifters’ or ‘skin walkers’. Those legends about mysterious forest folk whom can change into animals. People who were said to protect nature. But those are just myths, right?

    Ages ago they were called ‘druids’ and they could indeed shift into animals, although only one type, and they did indeed protect nature. Each tribe shifted into the animal god that blessed them, be it feline, ursine, or even canine. They kept balance and peace but somewhere in time the wolf druids became greedy. Their lust for power nearly destroyed all other druids in the world and thus they became rare for the outside world and even each other to see.

    Thanks to my love for the Lion King I have created a whole tribe of feline druids. When I was designing the tribe I came to find out that it was very much like Warrior Cats, which I’ve never played. These are tribal people whom have a human form and an animal form. However I am willing to explore this universe I created. I’m mainly focusing on my feline tribe but that by no means is the only race I’ll play. (I most likely will play a feline druid but you can choose whatever you’d like.)

    · Two tribes at war whom find common ground. Maybe two key characters become friends/fall in love or there is a greater foe to take out.

    · Two tribe members from warring tribes get caught by a human and are forced to work together to obtain freedom.

    · Tribe politics within the tribe. Treachery? Friendships? Hunts gone wrong? Dwingling food supply and attacks from another tribe?

    · Wolf druids and their curse.

    · Childhood friends growing into adult hood, something happens that tries their friendship and tribe.

    · Have an idea for this? Lemme hear it!

    Modern*You be my Tank I’ll be your Healer (open)

    I tried this a while ago and after missing someone else’s take on this idea I decided to try my own luck. Two people meet on said MMO and become friends. Through their trials in real life and the game they become close. Though unbeknownst to one another they actually attend the same collage, but are polar opposites. Will they decide to meet in real life? If so how does this affect them in real life? Do they stay friends? Or does it all fall apart?

    Would totally love if this was a romance but it needs to flow that way. The character I want to use is male and while I normally play MxF I am completely open to MxM. In fact I would almost prefer it. Since it would also be about a boy coming out of the closet. :D I’m a sucker for all that character development.
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  2. I like the fantasy plot
  3. Ah so sorry Kait, someone PM'd me wanting to role play that. >.<; It'd be a little confusing to rp it with two different people BUT!!!!! I would totally be up to plotting something else if you'd like? Still within the fantasy realm if your interested.
  4. I would love too. I don't mind. I role play all of mine millions of times because I always seem to be able to tell the difference between rps.
  5. I've started to re-role play some of my previous plots but I've had bad experiences (myself) with role playing the same plot, at the same time, with multiple people. D: I can play the same character in other rp's that have a different plot. I donno my brain is weird.

    Okay so after checking your search thread I was kinda interested in your idea for a vampire x mythical creature rp. I have a passion for vampires so it would work perfectly since you're wanting to play the mythical creature.

    If you're looking for something else fantasy then we can go that route. What type of fantasy were you looking for? I love anything fantasy pretty much. From dragons, magic, elves to modern fantasy and well... anything fantasy. XD
  6. It's okay. I love vampire x mythical creature
  7. Mythical creature is a broad spectrum, what kind of mythical creature did you have in mind? And did you have a time period in mind? Past, present, futuristic?
  8. I like present please.

    I know not yet what mythical creature I want to be yet.
  9. I was thinking present too. Alrighty well lemme know when you have a creature in mind. It'll be easier to think of a plot if I know the mythical creature I'm pairing with. :3

    To everyone else, I have a new plot!!
  10. I was thinking of a mix between a shifter and a fallen angel it would be an interesting mix
  11. Oh okay. So the angel might have another form?
  12. Cooool... I think I can dig it. PM'ing you to plot further... :D
  13. Shifters, anthros, weres of a kinds and unique plots. And WoW...

    Why aren't we roleplaying together yet?!
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  14. It's a mystery of the universe!? LETS FIX THIS RIGHT NOW. ((PM'ing you now.))
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