SCI-FI. Need Someone To Play Futa Humanoid Alien. Details Inside.

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An Alien crashes onto Earth, and my Human character finds the Alien, wounded and barely alive...Taking the Alien in, my character heals the Alien back to health, the two of them building a relationship during the time period together. Though what my character DOESN'T KNOW is that they are half Alien themselves...Which was why the Alien had come to Earth in the first place, my Human character having been created out of both Human DNA and Alien DNA. And the Aliens, having come up with the perfect serum for their creation, they inject the 'serum', into my character's navel (belly button), and into the womb to impregnate my character while on Earth, and things would go from there maybe...

You would be starring as the Humanoid Alien.

Another thing to note is that the Alien WILL have the facial bits of a male, the lower parts of a male, then a small chest of a female. And yes there is a reason for that.

Also, please send to me a PM, as the RP WILL be conducted via the PMing system.
Not open for further replies.