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    Genesis City is a bright jungle of lights and reinforced steel alloy that stretches along the East Coast of the United States, housing Interplanetary Spaceport - 3 and lending itself to be a veritable grounds for opportunity and new ideas to flourish as cultures collide. The tongues are diverse, with as many as a thousand languages permeating themselves into the lives of the city folk.

    Tucked into a pocket of what had once been New York City-- now just a capital of the much greater Genesis, past the night clubs, past the endless number of shops local and corporate alike, the offices of day to day workers and neo-detectives, the labs of super-scientists and beyond is a place where masses of tomorrow's youth are educated in order to find their future, many of whom being likely to stay in Genesis and keep day to day life going. Public Learning Institute #2000.

    Whether you be a human, a cyborg or robot, alien or genetic deviant at birth or what have you: The children will be at PLI#2000. And they're preparing for a great big world...


    What was it like to be named 'Johnny Saturn?' How your parents argued with the people from the interstellar immigration office at I.S.-3 when they were told they couldn't use their name? How the entire Ramonian Imperial Colony on planet Viel was forced to evacuate when they discovered their world was destined to explode, and only so many of them could escape?

    How a long-standing family and its name, along with the surviving members were scattered about the galaxy and further on after years of dedication to a world generations of Ramonian men, women and children spent their days working on could just give up a complex surname and be known as 'The Saturns?'

    His father had looked him straight in the eyes as the early morning skies were snow white, and growing darker with the rain. And he said to him "My son: Once were we prosperous and we knew ourselves as... as a patriotic Ramonian family from Viel. But that time has gone, and we must find ourselves now as being named after the sixth planet of this solar system. Our near-human appearances will help."

    He stood at 5'10 with his lean build and blue tinted skin, short dark blue hair and emissive eyes that glowed red, hidden behind a pair of large obsidian goggles. A short white military style overcoat with black buttons served as his lab-coat, whose fiber threads made it easy to remove stains. With this he wore a red dress shirt underneath, and navy blue pants with grey high topped sneakers, fitted with small lights on the sides and possessing 'power laces,' which tightened themselves once the wearer put their feet in.

    He didn't like the idea of getting up so early. Not when he already had a vast scientific intellect already put together when he was but a rugrat on Viel, putting together a small scale teleportation device that he mostly used to steal candy and toys with once. But those days were long gone now.

    The building was large compared to him, but there were much larger skyscrapers, omni-centers and shopping malls that dwarfed it. But it served its purpose well enough, being tomorrow's school building. And so he would go through the front doors to see crowds milling about on the first day. Johnny Saturn would do well not to get lost in these webs and networks, taking a stroll through the halls to familiarize himself with some amount of the school.
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