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  1. things: all the halo specific terms will be hyperlinked. EG. Spartan-IIIs

    hundreds of them, child soldiers, both male and female, with genetic modifications that make them inhuman... but human. The strength to wear 300 kilogram mjolnir armour, <spoiler>usually spartan IIIs wear SPI armour but for the rp it easier to wear mjolnir[/SPOILI</spoiler>] You're one of those children, 'kidnapped' at the age of 6 by ONI, replaced with a flash clone which died within a month of the kidnapping, you were taken from your colony and given a number, out of the 500 Spartan IIIs you were one of the most adept in your training.
    After 9 long years of training, at the age of 14, you were finally fully biologically and genetically modified to be ready to fight on the battlefield, you had honed senses without the fancy armour, you could run faster, jump higher, react quicker, see better, hear clearer, aim better, have so much more stamina and you were at least 2 meters tall.
    Some peoples bodies rejected the modifications, those who did soon died off, which was, unfortuanately, 408 of the 500 children picked.
    But not you, lucky you, you managed to survive, and survive, and survive. In fact, survive until there was barely any spartans left, 10, to be exact. 2 squads of 5. Squad Reaper and Squad Vanquish. Will be filled out as members join. The toughest spartans, Spartan IIIs, meant to be expendable, with the strength of Spartan IIs, Very powerful indeed.

    Ok... that is the introduction.
    you can be a spartan III an A.I. or an officer
    If you play an A.I. you are bound to being inside one mjolnir suit or a ship at a time, you are able to be in both a ship and a suit but only on a short range basis. ok? Officers can control things, wont expect many of those.
    But I want spartans before A.I. or officers, i will fill out officers if needed

    Spartan character sheet
    using example (my spartan main)

    NAME (Or nickname): Snow
    SPARTAN NUMBER (number between 1-500): 13
    SQUAD ( R or V): Reaaper squad
    or v 9-16) R1
    AGE (16 or 17 for the story): 16

    SEX: M
    BIO: taken of the colony planet Reynes at 5. Doesnt really remember his childhood. or lack thereof. He is totally mute, his original squad was lost because of him and he just... lost his voice, or will to speak. He refused being sent to a phyciatry center, he honestly didnt want scientists examining him, taking him apart like a puzzle. So he stayed mute... lost his inner voice, lost effort to communicate. Called snow because of his long white hair.
    SKILLS: Most acurate, most skillful, most silent, stealth sniper. The best sniper.
    PERSONALITY: Quiet and sad and sulking. Takes orders, does his job, nothing more nothing less.
    LOOKS (Under helmet): White hair, scar across lips. He is very pale. His blue eyes are the most standing out feature of his eyes.

    A.I. character sheet is pretty much the same, include avatar, intelligence level (hyper intelligent, medium intelligent, dumb).

  2. NAME: Shadow

    NUMBER: 7

    SQUAD: Reaper



    AGE: 17

    BIO: Taken from Arcadia at age 6. His childhood was filled with rigorous physical and mental trainning that was drilled into his very being. He was always the odd one out even during missions. He would drift away from his orders and single handedly wipe out enemy fleets. Doing so one day got him surrounded by a group of enemy snipers. He managed to dispose of them by was rendered unconscious by a bullet that skimmed the side of his head causing slight brain damage. ( The injurt is now covered by his hair so it is left unnoticed.) He now experiences random mood swings that sometimes resul in spurts of unequal aggression. This makes him a danger o his team aswell. His real name was Seth but he was nicknamed Shadow by the comrades surrounding him for the darkness that was said to surround him.

    SKILLS: Weapons expert(versatile in them aswell) close combat specialist. Agile and incredibly fast. Quick thinker. Highly adaptable to different combat situations.

    PERSONALITY: Sometimes serious. Unpredictable and hotheaded. Cocky. Dosnt do well following orders. Isn't a team player. Sometimes only leaves the battlfeild when satisfied.

    LOOKS: Midnight black armor with many white designs plastered on it.

    Under helmet: Dark spiky hair that covers his hazel grey eyes. Fair skinned.
  3. Spartan number? (between 1-500 not 13 ok?) and Arcadia? I may be wrong but that seems to me like a ratchet and clank reference
  4. I'm so sad D: nobody lieks mai roleplehh