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  1. If you like Futuristic setting, continue to read this thread.
    The city of Emerson is in turmoil, it was once a Utopia where everyone could live in peace in harmony. But it has been peaceful for to long, recent rioting has broken out and the Government that ran Emerson took drastic measures and mass produced robot soldiers. Strict Rules were put in place and anyone that broke these rules were executed immediately without trial or question.

    1: Curfew: Everyone must be off the streets by 10:30 P.M. if they do not have a B Level Pass or Higher.
    2: No Fighting: This doesn't stop fighting, but if a Patrol Unit or the Police are called they will be executed.
    3: ID: Must carry ID and Passes on person at all time. If you are randomly checked for your ID and do not, then you shall be executed.
    4: No Owning Weapons: Patrols will randomly check homes, if you try and deny access they will contain you and search your home. If weapons are found you will be executed, if not found and you are contained, you will have your Pass Demoted.
    5: No Augmentations: Patrols, and even Jobs will use a body scanner in search of augmentations, if found you will be executed. This was put in place because the government feared that if a human body is augmentated, they could overthrow the government.
    6: No Alcohol: No Alcohol is permitted to be sold by anyone but the government, and only B Level Passes or Higher can buy and consume it.
    7: One Child: A Family can only have one child. Twins, Triplets, etc. Are the only exceptions to this rule.
    8: No Theft: This is an obvious law, all shops have Robot Police within them to stop theft. If caught stealing ANYTHING, you will be executed.

    Now, My character will be part of the 'Resistance'. Should be pretty obvious what they are doing, but they have few members and are losing even more everyday. He is just a simple grunt and recruiter. Many people want to join the cause, but because the mass produced robots guard the Robotics Facility well, people are too afraid to take up arms and fight back.

    Your Character can have two options, unless you think of your own and that is perfectly fine. First option is she gets recruited by My Character and we go off from there. Second option she could already be in the Resistance and be helping my character recruit, etc.

    The reason I want this to be a 1x1 is because I can reply better, follow, and be more creative. Just reply to this thread or PM me if you want more information or want to do this RP with me.

    I am on everyday, unless my job or schoolwork requires me to do something else. I post 1-4 paragraphs normally and like detail. Pretty much the normal stuff so the RP goes smoothly, blah blah.​
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  2. I'm very much interested in this roleplay idea. If you're still searching for a partner, I'd love to brainstorm with you~
  3. Sure. PM me and we can discuss it more ^^
  4. Still looking for people ^^
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