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  1. Ok! So...I just watched the fantastic Pixar animation of Wall-E, got me thinking. (Not always a good thing)

    I have several pictures I will tag with this post for inspiration, but the idea is that the characters of Wall-E, EVE, The Auto-pilot, and the others robotic characters are actual people.

    Story wise? We can do quite a lot with this. It would follow the general idea that Wall-E would be on a trashed planet, and that somthing draws EVEs character to that planet. But that is where the similarities end.

    I was thinking that the trashed planet got that way after decades of war that occurred quite a ways back in the timeline, and a majority of the planet was abandoned save for a small number of people who couldn't get to the ship's in time.

    My character, the one that is the Wall-E archetype, is the last person alive on the planet. During the years of war and peace across the galaxy his planet belongs to, his planet has been filled with trash and debris. Most of the planet is the galaxy's dumping ground. During a scavanging trip, my character finds a device, and unknowingly activates it. This sends a mass signal out into space. The device is something that is sought after and can turn the tide of the war, the galaxy in conflict once more. And the groups that makes it to the planet sends out a recon scout...and we go from there.

    What I'm looking for in a partner:

    1.) Literacy
    2.) Punctuation
    3.) Creativity (during the initial set up and plot discussion.)
    4.) Adaptable
    5.) Female (I don't think this is much of an issue, but yeah)
    6.) Plot creation and involvement (This is obviously not a fully fleshed out idea. So, I'm looking for someone willing to brainstorm!)

    The themes I want to play around with in this are as follows:

    1.) Romance (this is sort of a given)
    2.) Drama
    3.) Adventure
    4.) Danger
    5.) Long term

    Now, in reference to the last option. I do prefer pretty long term ideas. It helps, I think, with character development. Also, it wouldn't have to remain only about the events of the movie adapted to this, we could even come up with a new type of story to go along with what happens after, seeing as these are humans we are dealing with instead of robots.

    If you're interested, please drop me a PM. I like to actually make friends with my RP partners, so don't hesitate to chat with me about random things along with the RP.

    (Here are the examples. I just thought it looked absolutely on the adorable side.)

    WALL-E.full.608814.jpg WALL-E.full.608761.jpg WALL-E.600.1689601.jpg
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