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Would you prefer a more sci-fi based world or fantasy based?

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  1. The primary concept revolves around a group of species who exist within a Universe based on the Greek Zodiac. These species, some from separate planets are from other worlds, and clash on the various worlds. Alliances are formed, battles fought, and atrocities committed among them.

    I was thinking that individuals of the groups would become involved in something big. Maybe they're trying to find peace, maybe they're just trying to exist, maybe they're serving separate sides but keep it secret. Any other ideas are certainly welcome.

    I was also considering focusing on a single or group of humans who wind up caught in the conflicts. Anyone shows interest we can hash it out and I'll give more details.
  2. This seems interesting~
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  3. ooh ohh. interested
    I was planning a zodiac roleplay.
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  4. Splendid! Thank you for your interest. :)

    So, opinions? Focus on humans involved who wound up there, or just on characters of the "zodiac" species?
  5. I think a mix of both would be good~ I am more of a fantasy roleplayer so I can't say for sci fi RPs but when normal humans get involved with the RP it feels like it has more depth to it personally~
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  6. How about we do it like this? Some of the characters are of zodiac species
    but the others are humans- something like they were reincarnated or chosen by the zodiac thingy.
    Those of zodiacs have gone to earth to go get the humans and teach them the zodiac thingy
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  7. *nods head* I so love that idea~ <3
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  8. I'm perfectly content with a mix of player characters. The only thing I want to be a stickler about is the humans being on another world, simply because I want to have the feeling of being in a strange place and all the feelings that brings. I guess I kind of like to give my characters those hurdles to overcome. Lol

    Any other ideas, requests, or suggestions?

    If yiu prefer them coming to Earth, though, we can go with that. ^_^ I really want the concept to be what you guys prefer. That way we cna all be happy and enjoy the story as much as possible.
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  9. I'm flattered~

    I'm fine with that. It makes it more interesting.
    Those of zodiac have searched for a while for the humans (zodiacs)
    brought them- because they (humans) were going to tell them something important for their future but died
    but the humans don't remember
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  10. Well maybe we can have it that a group of six (or however zodiacs there are) random people are sent letters telling them to arrive at a specific place at a specific time.

    they all end up meeting the others in this strange place (if we are going with greece maybe a place where the greek zodiacs are honoured and such) and they have the zodiacs greet them and ask them for help.

    I dunno just to throw them in a strange situation and for them to feel a little lost.
  11. oh did not see that edit but that idea is really god as well~ Adds the sci fi element~
  12. That's just cos I just edited it XD
    we can use yours as a starting point.
    It's really good
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  13. *smiles and curtsies* happy to help~ but of course it is all up to Lykaon~ *grins*
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  14. Hmmm...

    Ancient aliens (Ha) inspired the initial Greek Zodiac centuries ago, but left after their objectives were finished. Then later on, they return due to a coming event, such as an invasion of one of the species.

    The aliens seek out a group of humans for help in stopping the invasion. Then, In return, the humans offer to assist them in some great endeavor.

    Decent so far?
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  15. I am not so into sci fi.... But I like the idea~
  16. It's decent
    buuuut- I feel like we still have no major objective
    I still don't quite get it
    Ancient Aliens are the Zodiacs? or inspired?
    There's an invasion.
    They ask help from humans..
    What can humans offer them?
    What sort of power do they have? (for zodiacs and humans)
    What exactly is the purpose of the invasion?
    unless it's uh common rule the world conquests ya know?
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  17. No worries. Doesn't have to be that way. Thankfully, it'd be fairly simple to change a few things. Instead of aliens, they are ancient species resurrected by some means. Old magics, things like that. Plus, if you're a myth junky like me, we could even include the gods in some minor way.
  18. Yeah, I know
    we could think it as we go
    ooohh- I see
    <- totally myth junkie
    I'm looking forward to that

    or we can just bring the big guns (the gods) to idk anymore hah hah aha
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  19. *nods head* myth junkie here as well~ A big fan of the nine muses to be honest~ *smiles*

    But don't change it all just because of what I said~ I am just not much of a sci fi fan ^^;;
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  20. The friggin gods are the villains, yo!

    Hell, we could just make the humans demigods. Lol

    The gods rip the zodiacs down from the heavens, give them form, and begin the war on those who stopped worshipping them. Mwahahaha!
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