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  1. I was thinking I'd like to start a group RP that combines fantasy and sci-fi elements together.

    My idea is that the Earth is gone, and humans had to colonize another world called Athena. Athena, however, is a "magical", low-tech world. Lots of knights and elemental mages and archers and that sort of thing. Human survivors have started to settle down and many have even integrated into Athenian society.

    There are 6 states in this world, 5 of which represent a specific element (Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, and Plant).

    The sixth state, Zion has managed to retain some form of old Earth technology, and has a sort of Steampunk-like society. Using their advanced technology (particularly guns), they've become the major super power in this world (though other states are not particularly unhappy with this. More ambivalent than anything)

    However, they've had less-than-pleasant dealings with group called ENIGMA, a group of cultist revolutionaries with a slightly anarchist bent. They are seeking to overthrow Zion and take over the world.

    Our characters would probably be a team of explorers/adventurers who do missions for pay, particularly from Zion (though, if you like, characters can be ENIGMA moles).

    How does this all sound?
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  2. It's a good start, but I think more elaboration on things like the mixed scifi and fantasy elements would be good. World-building is fun, and a more developed setting will probably generate more interest.
  3. Yeah, this is pretty bare-bones stuff. I'll try to flesh out the world more.
  4. I've added a bit more details as to what we'll be doing.
  5. Would anyone else be interested?
  6. I'm not the biggest fan of the steampunk aesthetic myself. Which isn't to say there's anything wrong with it. But, if this planet was founded/discovered due to interstellar travel, is there a reason it was lost, and technology seems to be less about rayguns and anti-gravity? Is there an enclave of far more advanced humans somewhere? Maybe some second, tiny moon which is actually the colony ship? Might as well really run with things.

    On the other side, it might be good to talk a bit about what magic does and doesn't do and how it tends to function.
  7. Most technology from the old Earth was lost. Some groups remember more than others. The Prophets of Zion claim to have visions of Old Earth technology (and given that they reintroduced gunpowder to the world, they're probably right).

    As our RP continues, we'll actually be progressing out of the Steampunk aesthetic and more and more into modern technology. We'll also figure out what was causing people to forget it in the first place.
  8. Would anybody else be interested in this RP?
  9. Though I am not sure if I'd join, I would like pretty much to see where this goes.
  10. I'm interested
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