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  1. So, I'm tired, and I don't have the time or brain power to hammer out many specifics at the moment, but, I came up with an I idea for a story that, I feel, has a great deal of potential. I'm just going to share my notes for now, no logical order to them, but, I hope to garner some interest so when I get home and I'm nice and awake, that I can formulate the idea further. Anyway, here they are.

    • The stars are cosmic beings, great in power, knowledge, and wisdom.
    • The light seen across the universe is created by these beings after they die.
    • Exceptionally powerful individuals create the largest stars, and even black holes.
    • A black hole can also be created through many deaths, effectively, a mass grave.
    • The big bang was the death of the first, spawning a nearly immeasurable number of beings in the process.
    • Different cosmic beings inherit different abilities, creating a diversity of powers.
    • Significant celestial bodies are the legacies of great heroes and otherwise.
    • The names of these great heroes were also inherited by modern individuals.
    • Humans are chosen, deemed the last remaining option to protect the galaxy.
    One night, as ordinary as any other, a bright, almost blinding blue light lit up the night sky. As large and as bright as the moon, maybe more so. This was the result of a catastrophic explosion, the death of a grand star, billions of miles from the Earth.
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  2. Cool. :) Keep adding! Sounds nice.
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  3. Well I gotta say, this makes very little sense from just the notes :D But I'll watch and see if something more clear pops up.
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