'Sci-Fi Fantasy Battle Arena' kind of story

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  1. As you might have guessed, judging from the way I worded out the title of this thread, I am still unsure what genre this RP would belong to. Maybe we can decide about that here~

    Simply put, the scenario that I want to go with this role-play is the idea of players being thrust into a virtual reality battle arena, which is governed and funded by numerous world powers and is broadcast worldwide in the guise of a gladiatorial entertainment show.

    The "Players" are comprised of 'supposedly' convicted criminals, human test subjects, unlucky draft participants, etc etc. They are the ones who will be running around in the VR world, fighting, surviving and whatnot. And, as is the case with these battle arena type of stories, dying in this world means death of the actual body of the "Player".

    However, in order to keep this a little above generic, there is also another kind of participant in the arena, which are the "Gamers". These kind of participants are not present in the same world as the "Players", as they access VR world as you would a game, and yet, they have an influence over the "Players" as they have the liberty of being granted control over a "Player", making the latter some sort of an avatar representation of the former. However, exceptional "Gamers" may have a better influence than the other by means of their resources and skills in order to bring better aid to their partnered "Player".

    And then, finally, the only other entity remaining would be the "Master". Like the "Players", the "Master" also has his own representation in the VR world, but unlike them, he has access to the workings of the game, allowing him to be able to change the environment and conjure digitally structured monsters to seek out "Players" on a whim. In the VR world, he is the one true God.

    So, goals: The last standing "Player" will be given his freedom back and his partnered "Gamer" will be afforded one absolute wish, which will then be fulfilled by the aforementioned world powers.

    The other way to finish the game is to defeat the "Master". Upon his defeat, all "Players" who have survived up to that point will be given their freedom back, although the "Gamers" will not receive anything on their end.

    That's basically the bare-bones of this plot. If you have watched the movie 'Gamer' (2009, starred Gerard Butler and Michael Hall), then this kind of starting plot would be very familiar, since it borrows heavily from that movie. Despite that, I still plan to make things different from how that movie went about and done it, such as the different ways how a "Gamer" is supposed to influence the game and the level of interaction that can happen between the two participants. But for now, I won't go into detail with all those nitty-gritty stuff so much as I'd like to see first if people would be interested in this sort of thing. =))