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  1. Hello everyone!

    So, I'm new here but I've been doing online roleplaying for a very long time now, over 10 years. I used to do forum RPs exclusively when I first started and then got into chat RPing (though still posting multi-paragraph posts) and now life has left me with less time to sit around playing for hours at a time, so I'd like to get back into forum RPing.

    To that end, I have a setting and a game I'd like to run, and I intend to use this thread to determine if there is any potential players here.

    This will be a roleplay for a limited number of players wherein I will be playing the role of Gamemaster, controlling the NPCs, the opposition, and describing the environment. The players will control one character each and will have the task of finding out more about the world they start on (as well as additional ones as play continues) and the people still living on it. The ultimate goal that the player characters choose to pursue is up to the players, as this will be a sandbox style game with a heavy emphasis on both an adaptable plot and consequences to player character actions.

    I do intend for this game to be run with a bit of a video game-y feel to it- in the form of keeping track of resources/materials, providing several methods for progressing a character's ability and power, and having an in-universe mechanic for respawning should a character make a horrible tactical miscalculation and get killed. Death will still have a heavy impact of course, I just don't want it to be a permanent end to a character and their story- but I also don't want characters to have plot armor and thus remove any real threat from gameplay.

    This game will take place in a fictional galaxy where humanity had spread to the stars and advanced scientifically to a point where technology outpaced the collective societal maturity to respect what scientific accomplishments had provided. An exciting age of pioneering and staking claims on terraforming planets was interrupted by crippling infighting and debilitating betrayals and possibly by an unknown outside force. By the time the dust had settled, each colony was cut off from the rest, left to deal with their own unique set of hardships. On some, starvation reigned supreme as people scrambled to locate scraps of food; other planets saw their surfaces stained with the blood of countless men slain in senseless conflicts and power struggles. Technological advancements continued for a while, but without the cooperation and communication of researches across dozens of worlds, gaps in information took their toll and loss of important personnel did the rest, plunging most societies back into a nearly industrial age level of technology (and a medieval degree of hostility).

    The starting planet is the world of Atheran, a planet wracked by weapons of mass destruction during the Downfall, when contact with the rest of the galaxy was lost and opposing factions squared off in a game of military escalation. The tense standoff broke into open figting that turned into a free-for-all and then went nuclear as city-crushing superweapons were unleashed across the planet's surface. Humanity still exists on Atheran, but life has never returned to normal since then, and it will be up to the players to investigate what factions have arose to claim the wounded planet.

    The players have two options for the type of character they would like to play, and to explain those options, I have to detail a couple elements of technology that influence the setting. First off is Zero Point Energy, or ZPE, a source of energy widely used during the golden age of expansion and still in use in pre-Downfall objects. ZPE refers to a method of harnessing usable energy from sub-microscopic vacuum pockets through quantum oscillation... Effectively, it means free energy, and the means by which it is produced were miniaturized to such a great extent that they could even be integrated into a person's bloodstream, providing power to all their personal devices and cybernetic prosthetics.

    This leads directly to the second technology which was a revolution in the field of personal health as well as technological augmentation. Over time, computers became smaller and more mobile then ever, and people relied upon the extended networks allowed by them to a greater degree. Past the phase of wearable tech came the era of integrated tech. This lead to the invention of the Animus, a tennis ball-sized mass of adaptive nanoscale quantum computational fluids that utilize superposition and quantum entanglement to allow for seamless processing even while its liquid mass is shifting and rearranging. It might seem like a liquid mass would be an inconvenient form of computer, but rather than carry it around in a container, the Animus is actually injected into a person's body, where it monitors a number of important health data, alters biochemical hormone levels and provides a number of useful functions directly to the user's mind. This does have the downside of making the body come to rely on the presence of the Animus, and withdrawal symptoms kick in very rapidly (in a matter of minutes) should the Animus leave its host, resulting in nearly certain death without medical intervention. But on the plus side, services like social networking, location and guidance, threat assessment and avoidance suggestions, and much more are all provided at a nearly subconscious level. With the Animus technology, mankind managed to augment the mind in a way never before seen with technology.

    The majority of Animus computers operate quietly, responding to thought triggers as a modern laptop carries out actions based on keyboard and mouse input. But some advanced Animus models were actually created with their own intelligence, an artificial sentience only mastered a mere handful of years before the Downfall. These sentient Animus units were given the name "Intra Vox" and as a general rule, only the most wealthy or important people had one. The exception to that completes the circle back to the two options for player characters.

    Player Characters
    Before the Downfall, when the political situation was growing more tense and various powerful entities were lining up to make an attempt to inherit the planet of Atheran should the opportunity arise, the various factions were doing everything they could to prepare for the potential upcoming conflict. Militarization was underway and although it was ultimately the cascade of ZPE bombs that ended the sociopathic bids for power, there were other super weapons stored away for use in the global arms race.

    One such weapon was the artificial super soldiers known as Bioroids- created humans with ZPE generators flowing through their veins, powering self-repairing synthetic muscle fibers attached to a titanium alloy frame. When put in a state of the art power armor suit, and teamed up with an Intra Vox for tactical guidance and logistical assistance, a squad of Bioroids was worth a legion of standard human soldiers.

    So, here's the deal: I need at least one player to play as a Bioroid, newly awoken and dumped into a chaotic, post-apocalyptic science fiction world. I am open to having more than one Bioroid player, possibly as many as three but likely no more than that. However, I am also open to the idea of someone playing as an Intra Vox Animus, so long as you understand that it means playing as an internal voice, adviser, analyst, assistant, and not an external actor. An Animus can leave its host for short periods of time but doing so is not pleasant for either. That being said, it will be possible for an Animus to assist in combat with the use of ZPE-powered abilities, taking control of those while the Bioroid focuses on the physical actions of fighting or shooting.

    Okay, so that's it for now. Please let me know if this interests you at all or if you have any questions! I'm looking for a small number of active, advanced posters, preferably at least one post per day and certainly multiple paragraph style posting. I'm not a snob when it comes to post size but I definitely don't believe in the false dichotomy between quantity and quality. More of a great thing is better than a little of a great thing. Still, I want people who can keep the story moving, so that this game can progress and move, not people who will grow bored and abandon it after a month or two. That's also why I'm seeking to keep the number of players small, possibly even to just one: the more people in an RP, the greater the chance of someone dropping out or disappearing, and such events tend to snowball into the death of a game.

    If I haven't scared you off with that, then please say hello! This isn't a first-come, first-serve system but I'd still love to hear if this interests anyone out there. =)
  2. It's got my interest, for sure. I'm not an amazing writer though, I think, so it's something I'd have to think about before jumping onboard. If nothing else, I may watch when you run your story.
  3. Heh, well as of right now, no one seems interested anyway aside from you! Why do you say you're not an amazing writer?
  4. I'm a bit out of practice and I was never too verbose to begin with. I'm bad at writing flowery posts that are ripe with imagery and I generally write two or three paragraphs, as opposed to the longer ones I see better writers spitting out.

    Now, I'm not at all saying quantity is equivalent to quality, but I'm not that great in either department. If you'd like examples of my writing, you could check my post history. The most recent roleplay I was involved in was American Paragons.

    Sucks to see you're not getting many hits yet, but it's not too late.
  5. I think you're being a bit too hard on yourself! Your writing seems fine to me. For this style of interactive game a more back-and-forth kind of posting is great, something that keeps the story moving along and allows for more use of the environment in the action scenes.

    I did notice you're about to start playing in another game though, so if you find yourself being overburdened already I do understand.
  6. Hmm.. Well, if you think my writing is fine, maybe I would like to give it a shot. If I get stuck and take too long to post, you can always kill my character off, no problem. In fact, that's something I'd like to see more in roleplays, instead of that character just never being mentioned again. Sort of immersion-breaking, don't you think?
  7. I'm interested in this, however, I think I should warn you that science fiction isn't my forte.
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