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  1. I ask that you do not question my motives for writing this particular plot out, I just had a sudden urge to write about pirates, space, massive empires... and wenches. Lots and lots of wenches... Alien wenches! \'o'/
    (kidding... mostly)


    The Star Sea, a place of beauty, a place of mystery... a place of danger. Comprised of dozens of stars... hundreds of worlds... and races innumerable. It is home to mighty empires and nomadic criminals, saints and sinners of every possible denominations. Throughout the many centuries since its races first began to expand their reach into the vastness of space power has waxed and waned like the flash of a dying star, lasting but a moment in the scheme of things, yet leaving impressions that echo throughout the ages.

    It is here that we find ourselves, mere passerbys, lost in the infinite press of life that flows from planet to planet. And above it all an empire has risen, more powerful than any yet seen... The Dorne are a race dedicated to the cause of perfect co-existence... no matter the cost. The ideal that each and every race has its place in a much larger tapestry, in a unified galaxy. They are, and always have been, willing to use any means necessary to reach this goal. And of coarse... their role in the greater scheme is to weave this great tapestry, using the lives of those races which they have subjugated, through military might, political acumen or even economic suppression.

    Through their expansionist pursuits they have brought many races under their domain, many planets and even entire star systems. Many even came willingly into the fold... but not all. The outer reaches of the empires control are plagued by pirates, raiders, and rebels. Those races who refused to join peaceably but were too weak to fight back having taken to the stars and the less charted and well known planets in search of allies and new homes... A loose resistance has slowly begun to build, both inside the empire and without... one which, unless crushed, might actually pose a danger to the Dorne's grand ideal of a unified galaxy...


    Dorne (open)
    The Dorne are a bipedal race characterized by their tall stature and wide build... but there is where the similarities between one Dorne and the next end. Their belief in co-existence spreads much farther than a mere melding of purpose... They wish to create the perfect melding of species. A super race made of the best facets of all other races... as such each Dorne has a tendency to tack on bits and pieces of other races, taking traits and features as though they were a skin to be worn. As such no two Dorne look alike, and each one may have varying skills...

    The Dorne are the rulers of the largest empire ever known... That is quite a bit of power to wield for modesty to be much of a consideration. The Dorne are, in general, rather cocky, convinced of their superiority... Not that they show that fact openly. To other races they try to show a face of beneficence, as though they were the saviors, sent to raise these other races above their petty squabbles and differences and bring them to a higher goal... Obviously not all believe this facade.

    Powers and skills:
    As stated before the Dorne tend to modify themselves to have some of the better traits of other races, but rarely are they able to fully utilize them. At all times they are merely a pale comparison to the original races true power...
    That being said the Dorne are skilled negotiators in their own right, the centuries as the 'ruling class' giving them great experience in handling what they consider the less enlightened races.
    Though the Dorne profess a preference for diplomacy over battle, their original forms were built for hard conditions. Many of them retain the strength of their race, though whether they have the skill to back it up has started to become a major concern.

    Since the Dorne's rise as the prominent species in the Dorneish empire they have slowly grown complacent, few choosing to actually go into battle themselves. Instead they use the more warlike races that have joined their empire, using them as the cannon fodder to pound their enemies into dust.

    Stuff to know:
    -At least 200 word posts I.E. around 2 paragraphs
    -All those extra rules that we should all know by now (No godmode, No bullying, No killing without permission, etc)
    -Characters with a new race would actually have to write up a good race description to be accepted (Otherwise I would get to set up the race and you may or may not like the results lol)

    ... Hrm... Somehow that plot totally diverged from what I thought it would be. My mind has a mind of its own it seems.

    Welp, thoughts on this are welcome, and I may or may not be looking for a skilled GM to help me run things (as I have very little experience in that department) If nothing else you can just leave pictures of saucy space pirate wenches so that maybe I can get that Idea out of my head.

    Lastly if anything seems disjointed or odd please tell me, I am writing everything here off the top of my head and I have been up since 2... I'm currently running on caffeine and the fact that my mind wont shut up.
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