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  1. Sci-Fi Apocalyptia
    Jiffy & Munchkin

    Synopsis: In the year 2507, there is yet another world war brewing. the United Nations sends out a space station housing several astronauts from various countries. The mission is to intercept and decode enemy satellite communication, and, if possible, destroy enemy satellites (which are also used for weaponry). The space station remains in the earth’s orbit, with a thick force shield around it to protect from meteors and other potential threats. Each pod in the space station is a room.
    Both sides of the fight have been debating the use of nuclear force, although that option is to be taken at an extreme emergency and a last resort. The space station suddenly looses all communication with the UN, and there is a short time of silence, before the crew has to watch helplessly as their home planet below them burns under nuclear warfare. The crew is left clueless as to exactly what has happened since they lost communication. Before then, everything was going according to plan. Now, the mission has changed. The crew must travel back to the scorched earth and see what of humanity has survived. Once on earth, the crew must travel to the UN head quarters to see if they can salvage any information as to what has happened. The UN has a bunker system below it, perhaps there is still hope. Until then, the crew must travel through the scarred earth, facing whatever comes their way: death, sickness, mutated organisms.

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