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  1. This is something I did a while ago, but there was no follow-up from it after that. I'd like to revive that and bring this idea to you Iwakuans.

    Iwakuans. It sounds like some reptilian species from a different planet.

    Uncharted territories, perhaps.

    Ehehe, sorry. Continue, please.

    Basically, the world is around...20XX. Body and full-body modifications/alterations/enhancements are quite common in this day and age. Androids are around, but very rare and few. The most androids you'll find are those programmed to work in commercial areas; but beyond recognizing orders and instructions, they're still machines.

    Sort of like Ghost in the Shell, only a little more backwards. Maybe.

    Perhaps that with a mix of Deus Ex.

    Anyway, while all this is thriving, there are always setbacks. You have your usual mix of pro-bionics and anti-modifications and whatnot. Rallies, riots, whathaveyous.

    And then, you have the warmongers.

    While the world is still somewhat peaceful, there are tensions between countries. No more space-race; it's now the tech-race, and Japan's leading the race here. Sooner or later, someone's going to bring in a big toy for everyone to play; and someone's bound to play it "with" someone.

    Said big toy happens to be a blueprint of some new weapon. However, it's still in its prototype stage, and its creator is now MIA. For what reasons, we know not. What we do know is that the creator did not intend to create this "weapon" as it was meant to be something different, completely unrelated to any sort of weaponry. Still, the creator's intention doesn't really help with the current situation due to being MIA.

    The ones who snagged the blueprint intend to continue the project with whatever they can interpret from the plans.

    Meanwhile, the very first prototype of the supposed "weapon" is on the loose.

    Our story starts at a brothel in Tokyo. We shall be taking this story from the perspective of an amnesiac woman, working in that brothel. It's her first day, and she's with a client; but something happens in between all that. A tragedy, and perhaps, a chance meeting.

    The woman is purely human with no enhancements, except for her mechanical right eye that was implanted in there to fix an injury. It is an old model, in which it only operates like a normal eye; nothing more.

    Possible Characters

    This is open to any of your ideas; but I've included some of these, just to give you a brief idea on what kind of character you can try for.

    First Prototype
    - a full operational android
    - has enhancements
    - no built-in weapons whatsoever
    - sentient, almost human-like
    - on the run from officials

    - human, unless you have any ideas. :P
    - is currently trying to make it big with a big scoop
    - newbie

    - human, with slight enhancements
    - privy to the "project"
    - no clear motives as of yet

  2. Is this a possible group roleplay or simply one on one all the way? It sounds amazing anyway, would love to be a part of it.
  3. Having it as a group roleplay would be interesting, I have never done so before.

    Nor can I imagine how it would look like as a group.

    You doubt this would work?

    We did start this one with just a one-on-one. I doubt we would be able to manage a group; we've never lead one before.

    This is true...

    That aside, I'm curious;


    What sort of character would you play for this plot, Vesper?

    Ah, a good question there.
  4. I'm interested. Personally, I do think this would work well in a group role-play. Myself, I would play Colonel if anything.
  5. Although I'd probably have to think about it some more, I would love to play a human journalist (from the ones that you've mentioned) - an ambitious, young one, who wants not only to get the story, but first and foremost - the truth. Sorta naive at times and quite innocent, I guess? As for something original - maybe a bio-engineer of some sorts? But as I've said - I'll definitely give it more thought.

    Group one would be nice, it sorta makes the whole experience more, well, vivid, I suppose. The downside is that you have to wait for other people's posts sometimes (and they may forget/leave/ignore you) and whatnot. Just an idea, since it's your roleplay to begin with, but I think it would work out just fine!
  6. The more the merrier. I like this idea.

    It has piqued my curiosity as well.

    If anything, having it as a group would make the story progress properly. And--


    I haven't finis--

    We thank you for your interest in this, Vesper, Aleksander. Perhaps we will start a proper intro for the RP soon. Till then, we will continue observing this space for anymore interesting ideas. Worry not, we are not opposed to sound ideas from anyone.

    Since this story isn't as developed as we make it out to be. The last RP didn't leave the brothel at all. Hehe.

    Not for the sort of reasons you might think.

    Yes, that's true. Maybe.

    That aside, we shall continue to post other possible characters to this thread. Note that while I only labeled them as such, you are free to give them names with whatever sort of personality/identity of your fancy.

    A soul too, if you could spare one.

    Completely optional.
  7. Ha, that is an addicting habit, isn't it? Speaking with your own character. Aleks and I do that all the time.

    Oh, oh, right, the role-play.

    In any event, yeah; I'm just waiting myself.
  8. Quite so. It helps when you feel lonely.

    Feeling sentiment?

    This parasite is no character of mine, however. Simply a nuisance. Welcome at times.

    Isn't she wonderful?

    That said, I may just begin my post now. The mood is perfect to write this out.

    Just you see, just you see.
  9. You should hear how Aleksander treats me. My god that man is an asshole.
  10. Great, I'll be keeping an eye out for the thread, then!
  11. Awesome! Will look at it momentarily.