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    The Invasion - Phase 1
    The Nyrotines originally arrives in the 1950's. They started out by establishing a base in South America, before spreading out to other regions, sticking to the tropics/subtropics for their bases but more than capable of sending stealth units out into less hospitable regions in order to gather further intelligence on the various human governments and to acquire useful subjects. With their advanced technology, they were able to evade detection by the vast majority of the populace; the few who did witness anything out of the ordinary had such dubious evidence or wild claims that they were branded fanatics or conspiracy theorists.

    Their immediate goal was to obtain a wide variety of human subjects for study, in order to crack the human genome. They started by targeting humans whose disappearances would be explicable, or who would not be missed; homeless vagrants, or those on hiking or camping trips in areas where disappearances are not unheard of, and finding a body is not always possible. These first subjects were used to study the human brain and how it worked. Eventually, they were able to find a way to extract the information they wished directly from the human mind; using this same process, when they moved on to cloning humans, they were able to replant that information taken from the originals, the memories and knowledge--and implant further information. Directives that they wanted these clones to achieve once released--such as becoming a government official, or a high-ranked military official, or a scientist. Not all humans selected were able to succeed in their chosen directives, but as they continued to study humans, they were able to better predict based on their genetic code what they would be successful at, and tailor their directives accordingly. These clones returned in place of their originals, believing themselves to be the originals, with only the vaguest and most disconnected memories of their time as Nyrotine lab subjects; their symptoms were attributed to dehydration and malnutrition, if they were found stranded in the desert or wilds--and if they found themselves returned to their homes, then it was attributed to a night of heavy drinking, and soon forgotten.

    It took decades to sufficiently infiltrate the many militaries and governments with access to nuclear defenses. Eventually, in the year 2015, they succeeded, and it was then that they sent out the signal that all their clones had been preprogrammed to respond to.

    Those who were in positions to, immediately acted upon the subconscious command to disable, sabotage, or outright destroy their country's nuclear defenses. Over a single 24-hour period, the Earth was eventually left bereft of it's most powerful weapons, the only things that could truly threaten a Nyrotine invasion.

    The Invasion - Phase 2
    Among those clones that had been released were those never intended to reach such positions of power; clones released only to go on living their lives as they normally would have, but who had been released with an item--a container--and the subconscious orders to guard it religiously and keep it safe. After recieving the signal, these clones were to immediately travel to an area of high traffic--boat docks, airports, bus stations and train stations. Then they were to open the containers, releasing an airborne virus that rapidly infected those in their immediate surroundings.

    The virus had been developed a scant twenty years after the Nyrotines arrived on Earth. All clones created after that point were genetically tweaked so as to be immune to the virus. But the rest of Earth was doomed.

    The virus had a 24 hour gestation period during which the infected individual continued without having any idea anything was wrong. After that time, which gave the person plenty of time to travel to a new location, they became contagious; the virus was released from their lungs to be inhaled and infect all others the individual would come into contact with. Three days after becoming contagious, the virus went on the attack.

    The first-stage symptoms were mild, appearing like the flu--fever, chills, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches, and fatigue. Over the course of twelve hours, the symptoms would gradually grow worse; vomiting and sometimes diarrhea would occur. After that, it progressed into full-blown pnuemonia. Earth had no form of antibiotics or anti-viral drugs that could cope with this outbreak. The mortality rate was fifty percent; those who survived, were left considerably weakened for weeks.

    It wasn't designed to wipe out the human race--merely cull it down to more manageable population numbers. The Nyrotines desired slaves and test subjects--humans were no good to them dead.

    The Invasion - Phase 3
    Only after the virus had done it's work and left Earth's populations weak and helpless, did the Nyrotines move onward into phase 3 of their invasion. This involved an assault on what remained of the worlds' military forces, destroying bases, weapons stockpiles, and facilities where weapons testing occurred. The Nyrotines did not lead this attack themselves, however; they saw no reason to risk their own lives to take out these pathetic dregs of humanity's defenses. Instead, they revealed the culmination of their study and experimentation: the super-soldiers.

    There was only one type of super-soldier back then. The Brutes. Human males genetically engineered to be physically superior to Earth's own soldiers in strength and stamina, controlled by an implanted "bio-chip"--a small organism developed by the Nyrotines specifically tailored to attach itself to the human brain, forcing the individual implanted with it to obey any set of pre-chosen telepathic commands given by the Nyrotines. They had no will of their own; only their orders. They decimated what little remained of Earth's militaries, and with that, the Nyrotine conquest was all but complete.

    The Aftermath - Fifty Years Later
    In the wake of the utter devastation of their military forces, many saw no other option but to surrender to the Nyrotine forces. They established new, public bases, creating massive domed complexes the size of cities; those surviving humans who surrendered, were brought into those domes, where they were surgically implanted with the same bio-chips controlling the super-soldiers, and made to work for the Nyrotines, maintaining the domes, tending to the food supplies, and providing a multitude of test subjects and genetic donors for the Nyrotines to work with and create further new strains of super-soldier. Earth's own cities were all but abandoned.

    Not all humans surrendered, however. There were some who evaded capture--scientists, surviving soldiers, normal people who fled fearing what awaited them under Nyrotine dominion. Some of these remain within the desolated cities, surviving on what they can forage for that was left behind during the mass exoduses, eaging out meager, miserable existances. Others dispersed, trekking in groups into the regions the Nyrotines didn't care for--the places too cold and/or dry, the deserts, the mountains, the tundras, and built colonies and communities within which they could attempt to avoid detection by the Nyrotines. Some failed, and were soon rooted out by the Nyrotine scouts, but there were those which were formed with the help of soldiers who survived that brief 'war' with the aliens, who managed to bring with them Nyrotine tech salvaged from the battlefields. If they had the means to correctly study this tech, they were able to discern how the Nyrotines searched out hidden humans, and with that knowledge, construct or locate structures within which they would be safe from detection, hidden from sight and from the Nyrotines' technology. They spread what they learned as best they could, but paranoia was already rife following the Day of a Hundred Traitors, when so many turned against their own people to destroy their own defenses; those that chose not to use the information given, were eventually rounded up as well.

    The colonies that exist at the present date are made up mainly of aged survivors, and their descendents. They trust no one from outside of their own communities, including other communities, for fear of Nyrotine spies, and will willingly leave outsiders to die from exposure rather than bring them to their hidden colonies.

    Some of these colonies only wish to be left alone, believing the Nyrotines to be too powerful to even try to fight, and thus would rather hide and simply focus on survival. Others launch raids on Nyrotine scout parties and patrols, stealing more Nyrotine tech in an effort to try and find some weakness, something that will give them the key to finally launching some kind of counter-attack against the alien usurpers. Because their numbers are small and they cannot coordinate with one another, however, they pose no substantial threat by Nyrotine standards.

  2. Alright, so the RP begins by focusing on humans from a specific colony hidden in some kind of underground facility. The characters should all know each other right from the get-go, as they've all either grown up together in this colony, or were there from the moment it was founded. Anyone old enough to have been born before the Nyrotine take-over would be fifty-plus years old, remember that. NO ONE would be able to play a character who came from outside the colony recently; such a character would be shot as soon as they found the colony's location, or ignored if they were merely wandering around outside, lost (yes, even if they were dying); remember that these are paranoid people who know that ANYONE could be secretly working for the Nyrotines, whether they're aware of it or not.

    That said, it would not necessarily be required that everyone in the group gets along. Friction within the colony is likely in such a tense environment, and would add to the story. Just bear in mind that if you're the angsty loner who always avoids people, the others will likely be highly suspicious of you, and if you get into trouble, they may not have your back.
  3. Why wouldn't the Nyrotines just develop another airborn virus to wipe out the resistance?
  4. The Resistance groups are for the most part isolated from each other; because of the Nyrotines clones, they don't tend to trust anyone outside of their own colonies (which makes organizing a cohesive resistance force extremely difficult). They'd have to first locate the individual Resistance colonies, and then introduce the virus to each of them; I'm not exactly proficient in virology, but my assumption is that while they can tailor-make viruses to attack specific species, they haven't quite made one yet that can survive out of the body indefinitely, so they can't just release it into the the air and have it get carried along until it happens to reach a colony with a lucky wind and infect them...

    Also, I tried PMing you to ask you to nitpick this for me, but you never replied. << But now that I posted it publicly, you come in to give your two cents?
  5. Why can't they locate the colonies with their flying saucers?

  6. *kicks you* Their technology is advanced beyond human means, but that doesn't mean it's completely infallible. For starters, the colonies are usually hidden in locations where they won't be immediately visible to the naked eye--in the mountains, in thick forests, underground. They also no longer use long-ranged communications tech except in emergencies, so the aliens can't trace them from that. And finally, the remaining human scientists have been working on ways to deflect and fool the sorts of scanners/etc that Nyrotines usually use to locate them.

    Why didn't you reply to my PM!? I wanted your help with this you know! You could've pointed out plot-holes in private!
  7. Everyone must see.

    Everyone must know.

    I find your explanations acceptable. Proceed.
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    Right. The description of the Resistance Colonies has been updated to include this.
  9. Now you just need to make it Steampunk and-- AAAGH! *gets raygunned*
  10. Robots, frogs, Matrix plots still get my approval :)
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  12. Very cool! This already looks like a complete RP! :D When were you planning on opening it for char sheets?
  13. Well, I'm kinda looking for a partner to help me GM this, I think. It's my first time running an RP, you know? So I'd like a bit of help, preferably from someone who's run something before. So I think, as soon as I manage to kidnap someone to help me, I'll set up a proper OOC, complete with character sheets.
  14. Keep PMing Asmo and other roleplay moderators.
  15. o.oU I dunno. Kinda don't wanna bother Asmo with it, dunno which other moderators would be interested.
  16. I think anybody who has written "Roleplay Moderator" beneath their avatar is interested in helping out people when it comes to what you stated above here. Ossochanter and Grumpy seem to be the other roleplay mods at the moment.

    Also, Scooby Doo here(AKA Pirogeth) has a lot of experience when it comes to running games, you might ask him for some help, seeing as he already expressed his interest.

  17. Lol, okay, okay!

    I think for starters, until we get more players, just the Resistance will be playable--that's where most of the interest has been so far, it seems. When we get enough players, then I'll start accepting apps for Nyrotines and Messiah's Rebels.
  18. sounds interesting
  19. Ossochanter here! This looks like good stuff, Faulk. I'm always happy to advise GMs, but I don't have time at the moment to do more than an advisory position, so if you want a very involved co-GM I am not your best bet right now. :[

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  20. Advisory people are more than welcome. XD I could use all the help I can get with this, cuz aside from the plot I want to work with, I'm kinda floundering in uncharted territory here. (I'm a fantasy kid, not sci-fi! Gimme magic and I can bullshit an explanation for almost anything, but I CAN'T BULLSHIT SCIENCEY-SOUNDING EXPLANATIONS FOR THINGS!)