Sci-Fi Action/Adventure With Multiple Magic Systems

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  1. I have an idea, but I want to see whose interested before I actually do anything with it. I'd like players with an intermediate writing style at worst, and advanced at best (no douches. Absolutely no douchesbags).

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    The universe is infinitely large, and continuously expanding. Compared to such an entity, our galaxy seems small and inadequate by comparison. Yet, despite its diminutive size, the Milky Way is an extremely diverse body of cosmic objects. And perhaps most prominent among them are the humans, Terrans to any who care to be politically correct. Those same Terrans who, in a fit of unbridled expansionism fueled by untested and highly unpredictable exotic matter (Exo452), saw thousands of rare and unique species go extinct at their own hand. Those Terrans who warred generation after generation with the Vaela and Yudin, rivals to their space on the food chain. And it seems as though things never change.

    In the shadow of the great constellation Orion, illuminated by the star Betelgeuse, there is a great and perpetual war fought between the great legions of mech-powered Yudin, the ever-expanding hordes of Terrans, and the guerilla exiles of the pacifist Vaela. Smaller skirmishes have arisen around fertile planets, such as Gliese 581c, some of which have escalated into true conflicts. The fire has only been fanned with the discovery of the "New Fertile Crescent", an oddly shaped region of the eastern Milky Way recently made famous for having an unbelievably large number of populated planets. But due to the proximity of the constellation to all three empires, Betelgeuse and the surrounding stars are the source of most conflicts.

    But around the brutal, fiery, and bloody war is an even greater conflict, a more imminent threat: The rising of the Voidborn, abominations born of dark matter exposed to Exo452, and Breachers, a mysterious breed of living natural disaster of unknown origin (at least to the public) that has begun to terrorize the creatures of the Milky Way indiscriminately. The only ones who stand in the way of these monstrosities are the Riftreaders, sentients born of an unknown power that allows them to walk through dimensions and weave the energy of the universe around them. While few truly know their intentions (and if they do, understand them), all that is known is that they ally with none and are friends to all. And in these dark days, any friend is an asset.

    While not the strongest plot I've ever written, the summary is this: The Riftreaders are essentially the Jedi of this universe, walking the rifts like bosses to combat the greatest threats to the universe, those being the Voidborn and Breachers. On the surface of this grand conflict is that between the inherently "magically" (really having evolved on a planet bathed in the radiation of Exo452) Vaela; the technologically advanced, yet slow-reproducing Yudin; and the highly adaptive and swiftly reproducing Terrans, who have stolen and crafted technologies to further their deadly advance across the cosmos.

    I'm limiting the roleplay to five players, since I want quality over quantity. I do background checks to ensure my standard of Intermediate to Adept is met, so be wary. You can lay claim to positions here, but if you don't participate on the official Signups, you may lose it. Here are some of my rules, which I reserve the right to edit as I go:
    • I ask for people who can dedicate themselves to this RP, and aren't likely to be going anywhere any time soon. If you have major plans at ANY TIME in the near future, you should not join until these plans are done, if there are any spots left. If you have any medical conditions that make you incapable of playing as frequently as necessary, DO NOT JOIN THIS RP. You get the gist.
    • I expect posts at least every week, at most every day. Don't get too caught up in a back and forth with another player, since other people want to post, but don't be afraid to post frequently.
    • The writing here is INTERMEDIATE TO ADEPT. If you can't handle it, get back in the Language Arts class.
    • Mature content is to be expected, and I generally allow people to do what they want, adult or teen. I know teens to have freakier minds than adults on some occasions. However, despite me allowing both to do this stuff, adults and teens CANNOT DO IT TOGETHER. Do it by PM with someone else, or at least put it in a spoiler that's only meant to be viewed by someone in your age range. I encourage people to report anyone trying to pressure you into sexual scenes that isn't in your age range. If I find anything between an adult and a teen, it results in an immediate banning from this RP and me reporting you to the admins. I'd prefer it, however, to be an all-adult roster so such content can be posted freely. Expect free-flowing swearing and political incorrectness as well, regardless of age.
    • The RP will kick off from this thread into an OOC/Signups elsewhere, as this is only an Interest Check. Keep calm and purify saidin the universe.
    The five positions are these:
    • Riftreader #1
    • Riftreader #2
    • Yudin
    • Vaela
    • Terran

    Hope to see some people soon. And for God's sake, could someone help with a title that isn't completely ridonkulous?
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  2. "A light in the void of space" as a title, perhaps?

    I'm very much interested, but torn between the Riftreader and Terran. Exploring the Riftreader's view of the world and their roles sounds awesome, but also being the adventurous Terran and exploring their ability to adapt in difficult situations is also another part I'm interested in.

    That said, count me in. is your signups up?
  3. Later. Take a number.
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