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The year is 2055. The climate: a bit frosty.


Advances in genetic engineering have made a vast leap in the past near-quarter of a century. Military-funded experimentation into perfecting a prototype "super-soldier" has led to the discovery of an untapped gene in the human coding...

More specifically. Psychic phenomenon.

These abilities presented in subjects grown in-lab through in vitro fertilisation. Subjects were otherwise average in performance as regards to aptitude tests, although a predisposition to a better grasp of spatial relations was noted. Heightened senses of smell and eyesight were also recorded. All subjects presented identical birth defects: an abnormally extended and flexible spinal cord with associated hypertrichosis, as well as irregularly placed ears located atop the cranium of the skull, again with associated hypertrichosis.

Subjects were discovered to be have fully functional reproductive organs, although roughly 20% showed signs of hypersexuality occurring at the onset of puberty. A voluntary fertility program yielded further interesting data: The gene was expressed dominantly in 1 in 10 cases.

These subjects became humanity's future.

In 2050, a government-run institution
was founded to provide a cloistered place of instruction for the new generation of this sub-race- termed Katzen, or Homo felis- and their potentially volatile psychic abilities.

Welcome to
Schrödinger's Academy.


[DASH=white]Game Master: Ossochanter

Accepting New Characters: YES

Posting Expectations: Once a week minimum!

Rating: R. Violence and sexual situations.

Mood: You're playing futuristic psychic catpeople. Take that as you will.

Character Sheet:





Appearance: (Pictures are mandatory!)

Psychic Ability: (Please only pick one.)



Example Abilities

Name: Erwin Kästner

Age: 19

Race/Nationality: German



Psychic Ability: Empathy


Name: Nebi Moreaux

Age: 15

Race/Nationality: French-Mediterranean

Personality: Quiet, sleepy nature, curious but emotionally distant


Psychic Ability: Scrying

Clubs/Affiliations: None as yet

History: Nebi's mother was chosen as a surrogate because although she had somewhat of a transient nature, she was in excellent health and seemed submissive enough to stay with the program. However, the pregnancy hormones caused a drastic change in her psyche, and she fled with her then-unborn daughter. By constantly moving, she was able to stay a step ahead of the scientists.

However, raising a Katzen with psychic abilities is not as easy as one would think. Nebi was a sleepy child, prone to falling into trances. Combined with her scrying ability, it was difficult to always keep a low profile, despite hiding her ears and tail. For fifteen long years, they were constantly on the move, hopping from country to country, living the life of gypsies.

Finally, the realization that she could no longer keep her daughter safe came when Nebi was drawn out onto the thin ice of a pond, and fell into the freezing waters. She nearly froze to death, and her mother had nowhere to take her for help. She promised herself and her daughter, that if the girl lived, she would return her to where she belonged, where they could help her to live a normal life and teach her to control her ability.

Weeks later, Nebi was discovered on the front steps of the Schrödinger Academy with only a duffel bag and a note, staring into a clear glass marble. Quickly identified as the missing Katzen that they'd given up for lost, Nebi was immediately settled into her new home, where she is finally among her own kind.
Character Sheet:

Name: Björn Galdursson

Age: 19

Race/Nationality: Icelandic

Personality: Björn is a kind katzen, always willing to extend the hand of friendship. He tends to be on the upbeat side, and though he's kind he hasn't completely lost track of how the outside world may view them and he can be distrustful of people he doesn't know yet. Some would call him a bit naive, having spent his entire life in the care of scientists in special facilities, so he doesn't know much of the outside world save for music. He loves music and frequently sings songs to himself (which he has been told he has a good voice). Aside from his love of singing he has a soft spot for animals and used to have a little black cat, "Köttur," but he lost him when he was moved to the Academy.

Appearance: Björn's hair is actually platinum blonde.

Psychic Ability: Spirit Psychometry

Clubs/Affiliations: Music Appreciation Club - Member

History: Björn never knew his mother, or why she had been a part of the experiment, but it never really concerned him, the scientists working in Iceland took to him as if they were her own child. They had been doing research, not for military purposes as Iceland has no military but more to test his powers and seeming connection with the spirit world. One of the scientists thought that he might be able to communicate with Huldufólk, or Hidden Elves but the research was never proved conclusive. Instead he realized he could sense spirits and communicate with them through "impressions" or feelings. This spurred the research of his scientist caretakers immensely.

For a few years his caretakers had taken him to various "hotspots" of spiritual energy and took readings and tests on his powers. Just when it had seemed that their research had been exhausted, about 4 years ago, the scientists had learned about Schrödinger Academy and immediately packed his bags and sent him there.
Algimas Litvinavicius

Twenty-One Years Young

Caucasian - White haired Katzen/Lithuanian

Quite selective and picky, calm, may seem a tad smug sometimes, though that is just in his nature. Intellegent, rather confident in his abilities of mind, body and soul, some might find him to be a jerk. However, the truth of the matter could be that they just do not understand his ways, nor how his brain functions. Having friends, or not, doesn't worry him in the least. On the topic of Hypersexuality, there hasn't seemed to be a showing of intense desire through his actions as of yet. Being the young man he is now, he would calmly deny having a high level of it. Being so very in tune with his mind and body, he is in the safest zone of control with himself. It can be difficult for Algimas to feel close to someone opposite of himself, as the only thing he really can trust in is his many journals filled with poetry, recollections, and dreams. Not quite stoic, his lips often crack into a smirk, or part with a soft chuckle. He awaits the day where someone, or something, may be able to impress, and or amuse him beyond his expectations.


It is possible to find him carrying a wine glass around during his downtime. However, it is usually filled with cranberry juice during school hours, since alcohol is frowned upon while on the grounds.

Psychic Ability:

The Meditation and Relaxation Club - Vice President
Starting Students Group - The Original Pupils of
Schrödinger Academy
The Finer Things in Life Club - President
Mind, Soul and Body Club - Vice President
Yoga Club - Very Active Member

Vitalijas Klukas, meet Dovas Litvinavicius. Dovas, meet Vitalijas. Dovas has known Vitalijas since they were children, living next door to each other within Jonava, Lithuania. From playing with pretend Lab Kits, performing experiments in the Chemistry Club, working together on internships throughout college, these two were always found sewn together at the hip. It wasn't much of a surprise to either of their parents when Dovas plopped down on one knee before Vitalijas, proposing with the most awkward, blushing face imaginable, throughout history of mankind. Married in 2031, the scientific duo worked together, happily in their hometown. Having a lab built in the basement of their lovely mansion, they could be near their work, each other, and their home all at the same time. A fairy tale worthy of nerds everywhere, life was just wonderful.
It wasn't long before news from the government hit their front door, landing along the mailbox with a proposition interesting enough to catch their attention. There was a new gene being worked on, it seemed, something that could change the life of mortals everywhere as they would know it. But, of course, this was a work in progress, and more testing was necessary. That being known, reading over the letter sent to them, Vitalijas and Dovas felt more excitement than ever, wanting very much to work on such an important discovery. Vitalijas was asked to contribute by becoming a holder for this gene injection, to carry a little person that would be planted inside of her womb manually. Immediately agreeing, with a short discussion shared between her husband and parents, Vitalijas entered in to a government run facility to begin the process. The parents had confirmed between each other, this would be for science. FOR SCIENCE!
2034, a little male Katzen came into the world, donning snow white locks, and soft, lime eyes. The twin pair of flickering, feline ears, the swishing tail of fluff, it was all completely fascinating to Dovas and Vitalijas. They had in their arms a vision of perfection, a child created by science, for the most part. It was just amazing what mankind could now put together. The two simply adored their newborn angel, and thus, they named him Algimas.

Algimas grew up with a life full of privileges. There just wasn't anything he wanted that he didn't have near him, or have in his hands after placing a request. Spoiled? Perhaps. But, the boy had parents that favored him as a precious gem in their family chest, something so special and unique, he should have only the best of things. Dovas made sure his son received the best education by modifying a room in the mansion, creating a classroom environment within his home. There was a board for words to appear upon with only the finest of technology worked into the home system, unnecessary for a human teacher as the computer in the room could lecture well enough on its own. Day after day, Algimas would be placed within this room for a minimum of five hours each day, increasing with age appropriately. Vitalijas and Dovas found it best to keep their son at home through his childhood, he did not need to waste his time at a school, just to be bullied and ridiculed. His knowledge was already too vast for other children his age to understand, it would be a shame for such intelligence to go unnoticed, and unappreciated. There were always enough toys and items for Algimas to be a happy child, and therefore, he was.
However, Dovas and Vitalijas still had their work to keep themselves occupied far beyond normal standards. This being true, plenty of nannies were hired to care for Algimas, after having his condition explained to them. The nannies were always the same; bright-eyed, young college girls, wanting to earn a living, with kindness beaming from their smiles. Poor things, so naive to what a Katzen was capable of. The moment a young woman was to step within sight of Algimas, the boy would smirk and feel a ribbon of mischief wrapping around his tongue. A nanny may choose to coo over the boy, bend down and tickle his nose with her fingertip, grinning and laughing at the ever silent stare he would give back. And then they hear a voice in their head, the voice of a boy, without any lips moving in the room. And then a shiver slithers down their spine, wrapping around each joint, each curve of the bones connecting along each other in harmony. And then a scream rings throughout the many, unused halls of the building, and then a body rushes out from the front door and down the street, arms flailing in any direction they can. Luckily, there were many unknowing nannies in the area, so the supply wasn't diminishing at any rate with Algimas' growth.

At a certain point in Algimas' life as he grew so rapidly it seemed, there was word of an academy appearing. Dovas and Vitalijas heard of this place, a safe haven for Katzen kind everywhere, a place to be free, learn, build upon their natural gifts. This just was the opportunity of a lifetime, and Algimas' parents knew it. Without any time to waste, they brought the idea and information up to their son, anxious for him to enroll. Algimas', by then the nice age of sweet sixteen, was not one to turn down any prestigious sounding offer, and therefore, he nodded to his parents in reply, without a word. That was enough for them to place their one and only in the
Schrödinger Academy, once it was up and running in 2050. In reaction to saying goodbye to his parents, settling in at the institution, and leaving behind most everything he knew before being introduced to such a pleasure, Algimas was quite calm, and very collected. He showed no sadness for his parents leaving him there, because this was a fantastic chance for him to shine even further than he already had coming up to that point in time. This was a new setting to take over, to stand upon and reach a level of respect and reputation. This would be Algimas' new Home.

And since that day, Algimas has been a very busy member at the
Schrödinger Academy. Working on holding a Mentor-type status amongst the other students younger than himself, he throws himself into whatever groups take his attention over, his interest for more than a few minutes. Always wanting to better himself, until he can reach no more highs, Algimas rarely says no still to an offer, an opportunity that shines in his eyes, and brings a stimulated smile upon his lips.

Reserved. My comp got infected with an annoying virus that is pretty much saying "NO FUN FOR YOU!" Typing this on my Mom's comp. Yay...
Lisa Jille
Caucasian, Canadian
Lisa is a very shy individual, only talking to those who she trust the most. The only thing she does around people she doesn't know is go, hm, and uh.

Psychic Ability:
None yet
Lisa was born and raised by her two mothers Joe and Monica, in Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa is not what it used to be her parents always said. It was never this crowded, or this poor. They said it was once the capital city of Canada. Her father like mom worked in the mines in the catacombs under the city, working for hardly $5 an hour, making it difficult to survive. Her mom Monica always kept say things will get better for us, promise. But a few years, when Lisa was 13, Joe died in a cave in, which also took out almost all of down town Ottawa with it. This made life hard for her and her mother. Making Lisa have to us her strange powers to get food. Her mother finally earned a job some where, but she never told Lisa where. Lisa's mother always came home crying, and hurt always saying its fine hun, its ok I'll live. Around 4 days after Lisa's birth day some strange men came knocking at the door. Lisa's mom opened the door...then got whacked off the side of the head making her unconscious. The strange man dragged Lisa off and told her. This is for the good of the city, and stuck her with a needle. The next thing Lisa know she was in a room, with a nurse standing right beside her checking off her notes.

Fixed the picture for you! :] -Ossochanter
Age: 18

Race/Nationality: German

Personality: Mild and unexcitable, Sieben is a leader in his own way. He chooses to comport himself by his own standards and will not hesitate to lead other people in his footsteps. He's logical and cool-headed, but perhaps a bit vain. He believes in himself, almost to a fault. He has strong tendencies toward defending others, but partially due to his confidence in himself. He doesn't believe for this reason that he could possibly to be protected.

Psychic Ability: Bilocation

  • Photography Club
  • Orchestra

As a child, Sieben had always been very rational and mature for his age. He remembers his mother well, though he does not recall having a father. His mother was agile and graceful, but they were poor all the same and she did more than one questionable "odd job" to support Sieben and herself.

When Sieben was four, his mother took him to the store where they got food after she had been paid and told him to wait there for mommy, just for a minute. He hasn't seen his mother since and isn't sure whether he hopes that she couldn't come back for him and met a messy end or if he hopes that she is well and abandoned him. A police officer found him in the store and found him a spot in a local orphanage.

On a trip with the orphanage at the age of nine, Sieben was spotted by a scientist who was taking his day off. Excited, the scientist essentially bought the boy from the orphanage and was taken to German research facilities. This was not a big deal to Sieben, especially since they treated him very much like a little adult there. When they had run tests to confirm, they begrudgingly agreed that they would need to enroll him at the Schrodinger Academy that had been established.

Despite his young age, the academy took him in for his incredible talent with bilocation. He has lived there since, mostly keeping to himself. He takes care of his own business and is not close to anyone due to this and his slow trust.
Character Name: James Snowden
Age: Eighteen
Affable, but not cheery, and with a penchant for horror movies and gore. He has a grim personality, and tends to think about the nature of fate and death far more than is probably healthy. He's serious, most of the time, but has a tendency to revert into sarcasm and black humour. He's fairly down to earth, all things considered, though he has grander aspirations. His liking for horror makes him interested in violence, to himself and others. He's not sure if he should act on these urges, and thus, does not. As for hypersexuality, Snowden cannot and will not attest to it. He says he doesn't think about it.

(+ Cat Ears)
Psychic Ability:

Snowdens family have lived in Scotland for a long time. His family was there when the snakes were driven out of Ireland or so they say. The first record of their family appeared in the crest of an early medieval, dark ages era, castle, carved into the wall itself. They went by a different name then, but the Snowden family have always been in Scotland, and will likely always be there. However, the family never really amounted to much of anything within the society of Scotland, seen to be nothing than petty marauders. The house of Snowden became synonymous with bloodshed. The house patriarch, Ross Snowden, became a thane only though the bloodshed of others, thru his cruelty and his scheming. The Snowden house was never officially acknowledged, and eventually deteriorated, leaving behind only a few scattered Snowdens. Eventually, the Snowdens settled in Glasgow, And have made their home there for several centuries.
James Snowden was born to Morgan and Eric Snowden. They lived a comfortable, if dull existence. Unknown to James, his father was hardly his father at all. Morgan had been used as a surrogate mother in a quiet medical experience - she was a nurse and often participated in the experiments that the hospital held. The voluntary ones that everybody knew about. She thought she was being injected with a possible preventative drug - a drug to prevent break down and psychological casualty even under extreme duress. It was meant to give to soldiers, to prevent the effects of PTSD. The drug, however, was nothing of the sort, and was a collection of genes and chromosomes that effectively artificially inseminated Morgan.
When James was born, his mother shrieked. He was born with a full head of hair, and slightly underweight. That in itself was not surprising, but his cat-like ears and small, stubby tail frightened his mother and father. His father, always very in touch with his native Scottish roots, thought that the child was tainted by Faerie and called him part Cat Sîth, saying that he was an abomination. His mother, more gentle, called him James. She wanted to keep him, but Eric would have none of it. He took the boy to the edge of one of the large body's of water running through Glasgow, and set the boy adrift, confident that he would drown, starve, and freeze to death.
When he was fished up by Schrodinger, James Snowden was dead. They nursed him, they drugged him, and they injected him with everything they could. And the boy came back to them, but he did not come back alone. When a Snowden dies, they go to the land of their ancestors, all the other Snowdens all the way through history. And that was the realm the infant James Snowden found himself in, before he was wrenched back into life. It was long enough. The spirits of his family, his grandfathers, his grandmothers, his ancestors, all the way back to Ross Snowden, came back with him. It brought him into consciousness far too early, being aware of the world when he was only days old.
He spoke his first full sentence when he was a year old. The sentence was, "I am cold." With his awareness and his prodigal words, also came a horrible affliction. He was prone to seizures, even from a young age, and he always seemed cold to the touch, as if he was still dead. He was spoken to by the voices of his family. It started to become obvious that the boy was a Medium - a person believed to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the living and the dead. Either that, or he was simply crazy. Perhaps a little of both.
He grew older. He found that the spirits within him often bayed and keened for blood, most of them having been warriors when they lived. The headaches pounded in his head. Refusing them resulted in more seizures. He often split his own blood for them - resulting in a chain of lines up his arm. But he realized what he was doing. It was stupid. He was going to cut too deep, and that would be the end. So he stopped. He intended to live forever. Ever since his first death, he didn't want to die again. So he asked one of the attendants at Schrodinger to get him the bloodiest, goriest horror movie they had handy. It was 'The Wizard of Gore'. And with all of that cornsyrup, all of that red liquid, the spirits settled. They were his to command, and he was their master. He was no longer their pawn.
He thought about sex. He never did anything about it, never indulged himself or others. But he thought about it, and everytime he did, his daydreams and fantasies got increasingly violent, and increasingly hazardous to himself and all parties involved. He never acted on them. He never found anybody to do it with him, or for him to do it with. And it was better like that. He had enough ghosts hanging around him, and people could feel it. It was the cold presence he had about him. Nobody wanted that.
He began to know things, predict things, believe in things he might otherwise not.
He was the master of his death, and the death of others, in his own mind. As long as he had horror, he was in control. He just wondered, when would the spirits tire of cornsyrup? When would they cry out for real blood once more?
Name:Saga Healy

Age: 21

Race/Nationality: Irish/Swedish

Personality:Saga is a generally open and seemingly friendly person but she doesn't trust easily as she is afraid of another betrayal or ridiculing and with her mood swings she can quite suddenly become irritable, cold and testy, not above prtotecting what she deems hers or something worth protecting. While being at home among other people Saga do enjoy her personal space and likes to take some alone time, sneaking off somewhere, often with a sketch book and a music player in hand. She is also very fond of fire, she thinks it reflects her personality, a calm necessary flame that can grow fierce and bring destruction.Saga can be quite lazy sometimes and can sit around listening to music while just staring into space thinking, other times she can be energetic and especially loves yoga and climbing, either trees or man made objects.



I just couldn't find any good picture with any sort of ears that fitted my character so just pretend she hides black cat ears under her hood.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue/black

Psychic Ability: Pyrokinesis

Clubs/Affiliations: Soothing of Body and Soul - member

History: Saga's father, Jan, was on a mixed vacation and job travel to Ireland where he met Aingeal, Saga's mother. They were instantly attracted to each other and during the weeks that Jan lived in Ireland they had started dating and both had thoughts on marriage in the future and when Jan left to return home Aingeal left her home and moved to Sweden as Jan's fiance and they married only months later. Some may have seen it as an impulse thing, but their love was deep no matter how sudden but Aingeal had a secret, she'd long been in an experiment and just before she left Ireland the scientists had made her a surrogate mother, refusing to let her unborn child grow up in a lab Aingeal left the program and moved with Jan, it was sudden and secretive on her part and it left the scientists at a loss of her whereabouts.

When she gave birth, to what all though was Jan's child she got a chock over her daugters tail and full head of hair and when her husband saw his daughter Aingeal had to give up her secret, that she'd kept in fear of loosing him. For years Jan stayed with his wife out of love but he couldn't accept Saga and while he didn't abuse her his emotional ignorance hurt her more than physical pain. When Saga was 6 years she heard her parents argue and a door slamming, coming downstairs she saw her mother in tears and her father was nowhere to be seen. Aingeal and Saga never saw him again, he took out a divorce and left them some money before moving away. Aingeal tried her best to shield Saga, getting a job and raise a katzen who eventually learned pyrokinesis, but she made it and Saga had a good home though her father's betrayal would never leave her memory. Desite her loving mother and Saga's steadily growing control off her powers she could never fit in among others, she hid her ears and tail but always always skipped P.E in school and barely got a grade in it. She never trusted anyone fully and never had a real best friend as she could never be fully honest with her class mates neither did she socialize much and kept mostly to herself.

Surprisingly her secret was kept up to her first year in high school when one day her ears was seen by some rowdy students, in belief that they were fake they proceeded to pull them off and tease Saga, when their hard jank couldn't remove their ears and they realised Saga's ears were real was a traumatic experience for the girl, and she's pushed those memories deep within and refuses to think of them. Jan and Aingeal realised that it would be impossible for their daughter to go about her life without risking exposure, and around that time they learned of the existance of the Schrödinger Academy and Aingeal, though reluctant to leave her daughter sent her off the the academy where Saga has lived for several years now having mail contact with her mother. Her English has an Irish accent because of her mother speaking english with her at home and she is of course fluent in Swedish. Since childhood Saga has spent time on her pyrokinesis of course but also on sketching with graphite pencils, using her sketching and music to escape her loneliness, having become skilled with a pen and while she's fond of singing she isn't a spectacular singer. So far the chance of heightened sexual drift has not shown in Saga, and as she is past puberty it's not likely it will show, and while friendly to other students of the academy Saga has never show much interest in relationships as of yet, though it is possible that is a result of her background and fear of betrayal.


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Name: Kyuui Touzoku ("But call me Toki-O!")

Age: 17

Race/Nationality: Japanese American (mostly American)

Personality: To put it short, Kyuui is every bit the pop-culture catboy. He is a joker, hyperactive to the point of mania, and he has no sense of personal space. The shrink that had been working with Kyuui before he joined the Academy classified him with the usual hypersexual and slight bipolar tendencies that have been shown in a few cases in his species. The bipolar tendencies only range from calm to hyper though.


Psychic Ability: Telekinesis

Clubs/Affiliations: Occult club ("For lulz."), Cat-eared lovers (unoffical, though what ie he not? MEOW!)

Kyuui is an interesting fellow, if only for the fact of his ethnicity. The Japanese, including those who were first generation Americans, thought of the experiment that created his species to be wrong against all kinda of laws in nature, if not spirtual laws. Thankfully, his parents were atheist and wanting for financial support, which is what they got when they agreed to take part in that experiment. Kyuui was brought about because of that and his first name was proven true since it calmed the financial troubles that his parents were going through. His last name was proven true as well as he was a curious little boy, constantly taking things that would be found in other places, especially balls of string. Those drove him crazy!

It wasn't long after puberty that he started to see a 'shrink' and, a few years after that was sent to the Academy. And he loves it there, even though he had to move to a new facility after it was moved. Oh well. More girls to be hand!

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