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    It is a deceptively soft, fluffy blanket drawn over the hard, frozen soil of the Academy grounds. Slowly it layers up, thicker and thicker- like powdered sugar on biscuits- sprinkling down from grey skies above. Fat flakes fall upon the steepled roof of the school, as traces of frost creep up the window panes in intricate twists and spirals.

    The bell in the chapel rings out through the chill and hazy morning air, signaling the approaching hour, and is echoed by the clamor of dishes in the Mess Hall as the first meal of the day is laid out. Sleepy-eyed students lift their heads from their pillows in rooms they've had little time to grow accustomed to, joined by strangers turned roommates overnight. Those who make their way outside are greeted by a lingering smell of smoke and scorched earth that even the steady weather of the last week has yet to erase...


    Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.

    Today is a day of grey beginnings. Entanglements and experiments await both the freshly-arrived and those who remain from years past. Like snowdrops budding in winter, something living stirs beneath the icy shell, and it is beginning to unfold.

    Classes will begin in one hour.

    But if I had to perish twice...

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  2. Nebi yawned and stretched, turning over to snuggle closer to the other warm body in the bed with her. It had gotten colder through the night, and she didn't like it. Time to warm up. Now, the chapel bell was ringing, but she was warm and decided to stay right where she was. She knew very well what it meant, but the meaning held no importance for her. An arm around her bedmate, an inch closer, and she was ready for more sleep.

    The days here had been stressful and bewildering. She'd only been out of that white, reflectionless place for two days. They would give her big marbles and take them away, they would make her tell them so many stories. Why couldn't they get their own stories? This whole place was silly. People telling her what to do, and where to go, and when. Why couldn't she just go where she wanted? And they'd made her tell them what her mother had done to herself. She hated them most of all for that.

    Oh well. No thought about that now. Right now, the most important thing was warmth and rest. And maybe some food soon. At least this place was good for some things. She yawned again, breathing warm air onto the back of someone else's neck.
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  3. HEI, #808080 It was cold! The chill forced Hei to pull the thick blankets close around himself and try desperately to prevent any stray limbs from poking out of the bed and it was only when the bell chimed that the illusion that he had the option to remain in bed was shattered.

    There was a slightly squeaky yawn as he pushed himself upright and gazed around the room, his eyes avoiding the lump in the bed opposite and then regretfully he pushed the blankets away from himself to instead lift the gloves from the nightstand and pull them on. When he woke his ears were upright and alert but soon flattened slightly as he came fully awake, his face becoming it's usual mask or boredom.

    His side of the room was completely bare, only the spots where double sided tape had pulled the paint away from the previous occupant's posters marred the surface. He didn't want anything on his walls, what was the point? Scooting over to the edge of the bed to drape his legs over it and pull clothed on before he got too cold. His wardrobe always consisted of muted colors, better to blend in and go unnoticed in, he wouldn't be in a hurry at all but he was hungry and somewhere food was being served and that was worth ignoring his roommate and slipping out the door to head out with his hands in his pockets, ears flattened and face impassive.

  4. Blackberry was dreaming but the soft noises of his roommate woke him just enough to peek out from under his crazy quilt and watch the boy dress. Blackberry didn't know his roommate very well and he was only half sure that his name was Hei. He did know that he seemed as cold as the morning, what with the bland decor... Well, lack of decor.

    There was a shiver as socked feet touched floor, the cold coming up through the braided colorful rug that covered it. Blackberry continued to shiver as he pulled on his clothes and an extra layer. Would it kill them to turn up the heat?! His Father had never kept it this cold at home... Blackberry chewed his lip as he brushed his hair and attended to his toiletries.

    He didn't want to leave the room behind him... First day. He was so very nervous he just wanted to crawl back into his bed and stay there forever. Classes though. With his book bag slung over his shoulder, Blackberry Ivory managed to find the cafeteria.

    He only got lost twice.
  5. Morning.

    The time of day he detested most of all, mostly because it was possibly the coldest segment of said day. Most people would argue that the night was the coldest time of day but Michel Gagnon figured that the morning was colder only because he'd had all night to build up a nice pocket of body heat under his blankets. Now, if only he could stay there all day because stepping out into the cold would only make doing so even more unbearable now that he was finally warm. He'd even forgo meals if it meant he could keep holding onto this pathetic little bit of warmth for just a little while longer.

    As it was, Mitchie was sitting upright on his bed in the very same position he'd slept all night - or well, most of the night anyway. His back was against the metal bed frame headboard of his bed, the back of his head against the wall. All of his blankets had been gathered up and wrapped around him like some kind of cocoon and he'd slept that way, nestled deep in the bundle. He still wasn't quite used to laying down to sleep. And even though last night had been a good night where he'd only woken up a few times, he was still really drowsy and mon osti it was cold!

    Lifting a hand inside his blanket cocoon to rub sleep from his eyes, Mitchie gave an audible little sigh. He sat for a moment, staring out of the frost-laced window and taking in the snowy backdrop it framed. The sight only had him drawing the blankets tighter around himself. No way in hell was he getting out of bed. He didn't give a shit about class or punctuation or the fact that his stomach was growling. A thousand wild horses could not drag him out of his bed this morning. No, no no.
  6. As usual, Neske was up early, one hour before the bells even rang to signal the start of the class. She did not like dressing up in front of her room-mate so she had no other choice, as her morning rituals took some time. First of all, she had to take a shower and clean her body thoroughly, or else that spot would remain filthy and everyone would notice. She did not want anyone to notice that, so she scrubbed herself thoroughly, although she was careful so that her skin did not get red, because red skin did not look good. It contrasted sharply against her blue clothes, so she did not like if she accidentally hurt her skin. Therefore, she was very careful with how she cleaned her body, but she still made sure to do it properly. When she was done with that, she let the hot water wash her body down for a few minutes before she got out of the shower, then she dried herself with her towel before putting on her underwear.

    Then she had to get dressed. That was another tedious process, because she had to make sure that her clothes covered her body in the right way, that everything was prim and proper. Her skirt required the most attention, for that was the part of the dress which made her look really pretty. Yes, unless her skirt was fixed in the right way, unless it was aligned properly, she would not look as good in it. It usually took her about fifteen minutes to get her clothes straight, but today, it took her only thirteen, so Neske was proud of herself. Smiling to her own face in the mirror, she took her comb in her hand and combed her hair to get rid of the stray ends, then she arranged her hair properly so that it complimented her cat ears. Giving herself a small nod in the mirror, Nekse went onto her next task.

    Slipping her shoes on, Neske straightened out the blankets and the sheets on her bed, making it look pristine as if she had never slept on it, then from the shelf nearby, she took a small book. Anyone who knew Neske knew that book as well, because it was her cookbook and she kept it on her person at all times. In it were countless recipes which withstood the harsh passage of time, recipes which still filled people's stomach and made them happy despite their old age. She always browsed through it before breakfast, because she did not really like the campus breakfast, not to mention that she preferred to eat in a place which was less noisy than the grand meal hall of the academy.

    When the bells finally rung, Neske shuffled over to Enya's bed and started shaking her.
    "Wake up!" she said cheerfully as she shook her gently, making sure not to be too rough. "Classes start in an hour and it is breakfast time," she said and then she stepped back to put some space between her and the other girl. Flipping a page of her book, Neske looked seriously at Enya. "What would you like to eat, Enya?" she asked with a smile on her face.
  7. The sensation of gooseflesh covering her body jolted Janna out of her light slumber, quickly sitting up and shocking her ears into a pointed position. Her heart thundered hard in her chest for only a brief moment before she could relax herself. Deep breaths callmed her as she twisted her thin body, looking down at the blurr of color that would represent her roomate, Nebi.

    Again, the girl had crawled into her bed for one reason or another, which this morning Janna assumed was warmth, considering the sound of the snowfall that caught her delicate ears.

    "Nebi?" The platinum blonde turned her head to make out the shapes of the furniture of their room, springing up when she heard the follow up bell from the cathedral. "Nebi, It's time to wake"

    Without saying anything else, Janna dressed herself and set Nebi's clothes next to her on the bed. She was just pulling up her thermal tights when she turned to her darkhaired roomate and sighed, she was still asleep but there was no way Janna could just leave her; could she?
  8. Nebi finally gave in to the extra warmth leaving the bed and sat up, frowning at Janna. "Why'd you get up? I'm cold," she whined. "And I'm tired. And I'm hungry." She looked at the clothes her roommate had spread out for her and kicked at them from under the blankets. She watched with satisfaction as they slid off the bed and onto the floor.

    The floor. Holder of interesting things.

    She made the mistake of leaning over to watch the clothes land and something on the floor caught her eye. Was that a marble?! She slid out of bed onto the cold floor, staring at it for a minute. No, only a button. Just shiny enough to barely reflect the light and nothing more. Enough to distract her, not enough to scry. Damn. In frustration, she pulled the button off the shirt and threw it across the room. Then, without a word, she pulled off her nightgown and dressed herself from her seated position. She wanted to chase a reflection. Glass. And drinks. And shiny plates and cutlery. There was plenty of that in the cafeteria, and she wanted it.
  9. HEI, #808080 Cold, it was a fact of life these days but Hie still shivered slightly as he moved though the grounds into the cafeteria before joining one of the lines. He looked bored, probably because he was. He didn't speak to anyone, he didn't look at anyone and he only seemed mildly interested in the food as it was put on his tray and he moved though the crowd.

    He thought he saw his roommate once or twice but didn't try and get closet to him, all Hei wanted to do was sit down and eat, which is what he set about doing. Breakfast it seemed consisted of sausages, egg, and a couple of hash browns, which Hei ate in silence... the first sound from him in the day came when he got up and bumped into someone. "Excuse me."

  10. Enya snuggled deeper into her blankets as her ears twitched in response to the sounds of movement in the room. Ugh... what time was it anyway? Too damn early, that's what time it was! It would be her first day attending classes... but was it really that important? Surely, she wouldn't get in much trouble, missing one day? That way, she could continue sleeping in this perfectly comfortable position she'd gotten into during the night.

    She dozed off for what felt like only minute before someone was gently shaking her awake. "Nnnn, whaaaat?" She complained, peaking out from under her many blankets. Orange hair was messed, and narrowed mismatched eyes stared over at her roommate. The girl was already dressed and looking oh so ready for her day. Was it normal for her to try so hard or was she just trying to impress? "Don't want breakfast... wanna sleep," Enya whined quietly, drawing the blankets over her head again. But her stomach had other plans, it seemed, as it growled shortly after.

    ".........Fine." She forced herself to sit up, shivering against the cold. Her sleeping clothing was a simple spaghetti strap shirt and shorts, and neither did much to protect from the chill. Oh, how she hated snowy days....

    "I don't know what I want. Whatever they have, I guess," she said, finally answering her roommate's question as she shuffled over to her dresser to pull out some clothes. "So... wow. You even made your bed," Enya started to speak while pulling on her top on and buttoning it up, "are you one of those 'teacher's pet' type of students?"