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  1. The year is 2055. The climate: a bit frosty... both geologically, and politically.
    Advances in genetic engineering have crossed a great divide in the last quarter of a century. Military-funded experimentation into perfecting a prototype "super-soldier" has led to the discovery of an untapped potential in the human coding...
    Psychic phenomenon.
    These signs first presented in a group of subjects cultivated in-lab via in vitro fertilisation. Despite their extraordinary abilities, most subjects showed average results in standard mental and physical aptitude testing, although a predisposition for understanding spatial relations was noted in addition to heightened senses of sight and smell. All subjects presented identical birth defects: an abnormally extended and flexible spinal cord with associated hypertrichosis, as well as irregularly high-placed ears atop the cranium of the skull (also with associated hypertrichosis).
    Subjects were discovered to have fully functional reproductive organs, although roughly 20% showed signs of hypersexuality and mood disorders occurring at the onset of puberty. A voluntary fertility program yielded further data: The genes leading to psychic abilities and the linked birth defects expressed dominantly in 1 out of 10 cases.
    These lab-grown experiments were to be humanity's future in a changing world.
    In 2050, a government-run institution was founded to provide cloistered instruction for the new generation of this sub-race- termed Katzen, or Homo felis- and their potentially volatile psychic powers.
    Welcome to Schrödinger's Academy.

    Schrödinger takes place on a futuristic Earth that is experiencing both a second Ice Age and a second Cold War. You will play as members of the second generation of Katzen, a genetically engineered sub-race of humans with psychic powers and feline traits. Your character's parents were part of the original lab experiments that first yielded Katzen genes, and your character is likely (though not necessarily) a product of the subsequent fertility program. These Katzen are students living in a facility known as Schrödinger's Academy, which functions as both boarding school and group home. Prior to being enrolled, they lived in government housing where they were subject to regular medical examinations, some mild testing, and little to no formal education.

    Q: What sort of psychic powers do Katzen have?

    A: Anything you can think of, basically, but you're limited to just one. Here are some examples:

    Examples of Psychic Abilities (open)

    Q: What do I need to know about the political climate?

    A: Very little, at present. Your characters are going to know about as much about politics in the world of Schrödinger as you do. What you do need to know is that Schrödinger's is located in the United Kingdom, that its students show a range of nationalities, and that American is not one of them.

    Q: What kind of school is this, exactly? How long have we been at Schrödinger's?

    A: The curriculum is a mix of what we'd think of as standard education (math, science, history) augmented by classes intended to hone psychic abilities. Some of the latter are taught by Katzen instructors, but the majority of teachers and Schrödinger staff are human. Classes are grouped by aptitudes and test scores rather than by years of attendance, but first year students always share the same initial courses for the first semester. Since the Academy's establishment in 2050, ten or more new students have been enrolled each year, apparently with no regards as to age other than only being drawn from the second generation of Katzen. It is up to you which year your character was drafted in, but since we will be starting at the beginning of the term I recommend playing a new student.

    Q: So we're playing students? How old can my character be?

    A: Anywhere under 25, which is coincidentally both the current full legal age of majority and the oldest possible age for a second-gen Katzen- but if you play a small and obnoxious child, I will make you regret it. The Academy has only been established for the last five years, and Katzen are still a small population, so things like traditional grade levels aren't important. What's important is that they are "school age".

    Keep in mind when creating characters that this game is rated R for violence and potential sexual situations.

    Q: So does that mean smut is okay?

    A: Nope, sorry. If you want to do full-on sex scenes, I suggest that you check out the Mature section!

    Q: What tone should I be expecting from this game?

    A: You're playing futuristic psychic (probably teenage) catpeople in a Cold War/Ice Age dystopian boarding school. Take that as you will. (I will warn you not to expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows, or you're going to be sorry you joined.)

    Q: What are the posting expectations?

    A: I'd like at least one post a week, but try to pace yourself along with the rest of the players as best you can. (That goes for posting at a SLOWER rate if necessary, too.)

    Q: Anything else I should know?

    A: I'll be adding more information here about the setting as necessary, such as the layout of the school or the specific classes. If you have a burning question about something important that you just know I'm not going to cover, go ahead and ask now! I don't bite much.

    Q: Can I join?

    A: Right now, applications are closed unless you've been invited. I may reopen for new players at a later date.


    Race/Nationality: (Keep in mind that regardless of your ethnic background, your character will have probably lived their entire life in UK government housing.)


    Appearance: (Pictures are encouraged, but please also include a text description.)

    Psychic Ability: (Remember, you're only allowed one.)

    Skills/Aptitudes: (What is your character good at? What are their positive traits?)

    Flaws/Weaknesses: (What is your character bad at? What can't they do, or what is their negative side like?)

    History: (Summarize their life prior to this school year, and/or prior to attending Schrödinger's.)
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  2. Name: Erwin Kästner
    Age: 19
    Race/Nationality: German

    Personality: Studious and soft-hearted and always wearing a small smile, Erwin is usually the calm and soothing presence in the room. He's sensitive to others' needs and boundaries, and he often steps in as a mediator whenever conflict arises. Erwin has a tendency to worry over everyone around him, and he likes nothing better than knowing that his friends are comfortable and happy. He's comfortable in conversation, but more of a confidante and source of feedback than the sort to talk about himself. Although he is easygoing for the most part, he is careful about initiating physical contact, and dislikes being touched without warning. He rarely loses his temper, however, and will avoid making it into an issue unless it becomes a recurring problem- unless someone touches his hair, in which case he has a tendency to strike out without thinking (which always leads to profuse apology on his part). The only exception to this personal bubble seems to be the younger Katzen, who he won't hesitate to play with or allow to tug him around the school however they please.

    Appearance: Erwin is a scrawny, strawberry-blond young man of average height (about 1.76 meters) with grey-green eyes. Quite atypically for a Katzen, he is near-sighted and wears red-rimmed glasses. He has several piercings, the most obvious of which are the two rings in his right ear, and he prefers comfortable clothing that he makes himself.

    (Note: Just for clarity's sake, I'll say it. Disregard the human ears in the picture, he's only got the two up top.)

    Psychic Ability: Empathy

    Skills/Aptitudes: Exceptionally bright, Erwin is an avid reader, always carrying around a book. He's especially adept at problem-solving and thought exercises. He's good with his hands, and he can sew, carve, craft, and repair most anything given a little time.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: He has a bad habit of getting into other people's business. He's also not very physically strong, and he's prone to accident and injury, so he spends a lot of time patching himself up and taking trips to the infirmary.

    History: Erwin has been at the Academy since its establishment in 2050, being among the first ten students selected for the initial trial class. He now acts as a sort of teacher's assistant or prefect, helping out with orientation as well as being a monitor of the boys' dormitory and tutoring/acting as counselor to some of the newer students.

    Before Schrödinger's was founded, Erwin spent most of his childhood in the lab, officially a ward of the state and under the supervision of the research team themselves. His abilities proved to be useful to the scientists in helping keep other Katzen calm during testing, and he was able to provide insight into certain subjects' states of mind as regards their powers.
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  3. Character Sheet:

    Name: Hei

    Age: 18

    Race/Nationality: United Kingdom.

    Personality: Quiet and unobtrusive publicly and around his caretakers, significantly less so when using his power to get away from them. Really hes just trying to be a kid when everyone else is treating him like a patient.

    Appearance (open)

    Standing at 5'8 (5'8.5 with ears raised) Hei stands at about average height for his when he's not slouching, which he does a look of the time with a bored look on his face, his fluffy long haired tail swishing side to side as an indication of the impatience that usually hides within him when he's being good. Often told he had to protect himself from his environment he has taken to wearing gloves of various styles most of the time to keep his keepers happy, and because he secretly likes them often choosing ones with fluff that matches his hair which is by far his favorite thing about his appearance.

    Psychic Ability: Astral projection

    Skills/Aptitudes: Despite his bored demeanor he enjoys drawing and has a scrap book of rough sketches that us usually clutched secretively to his chest. He's also gotten pretty good as sneaking around and going unnoticed.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: Growing up under constant strictness and medical observation has left Hei as socially awkward and he doesn't quite know how to deal with people in his own age group; he is also slightly behind normal when it comes to standard education and might need a tutor.

    History: Hei has spend much of his time in and out of medical facilities, he never showed any signs of psychic power despite the fact that all evidence suggested he should. A couple of the medical caretakers that despite the signed his powers may never develop and his genes might be a dud. That fear only increased when he started falling asleep as odd times. He was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder and put under constant observation. The doctors tried everything within their power and ran numerous tests but were unable to find a cure.

    They were searching int he wrong place. Literally. While his body lay unconscious he was elsewhere, away from the doctors and rules. He was trying to break free the only way he knew how. This only started a few years ago and now with him nearing adulthood he is being sent to the best facility imaginable where perhaps finally answers may be found. It is on this note that he begins his first year at Schrodinger's.
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  4. Name: Nebi Moreaux

    Age: 15

    Race/Nationality: French-Mediterranean

    Personality: Quiet, sleepy nature, curious but emotionally distant


    Prefers to wear loose-fitting clothes, and finds restrictive or form-fitting clothing very distressing. She has black hair with brown highlights and a slight wave and bright black eyes. Her hair is very roughly chopped short. She is very small for her age, and looks more like twelve or thirteen rather than fifteen. Her skin is ruddy due to her complexion and from living a transient life.

    Psychic Ability: Scrying

    Skills/Aptitudes: Very trusting, and has an amazing memory, and remembers visions she had years ago in perfect detail, mostly because the most important ones repeat themselves. She actually learned to read, write and do basic maths through her scrying. She will relate a vision the way a bard regales a story.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: Nebi has virtually zero social skills. She is so consumed by her scrying that she can't help but seek out any shiny or reflective surface and lose herself in a vision. It's become an addictive obsession and she is unaware of dangers or other surroundings for the most part. Nebi may throw a tantrum if her medium is suddenly removed or disrupted in the middle of a vision. She is currently terrified of bodies or pools of water, however.

    History: Nebi's mother was chosen as a surrogate because although she had somewhat of a transient nature, she was in excellent health and seemed submissive enough to stay with the program. However, the pregnancy hormones caused a drastic change in her psyche, and she fled with her then-unborn daughter. By constantly moving, she was able to stay a step ahead of the scientists.

    However, raising a Katzen with psychic abilities is not as easy as one would think. Nebi was a sleepy child, prone to falling into trances. Combined with her scrying ability, it was difficult to always keep a low profile, despite hiding her ears and tail. For fifteen long years, they were constantly on the move, hopping from country to country, living the life of gypsies.

    Finally, the realization that she could no longer keep her daughter safe came when Nebi was drawn out onto the thin ice of a pond, and fell into the freezing waters. She nearly froze to death, and her mother had nowhere to take her for help. She promised herself and her daughter, that if the girl lived, she would return her to where she belonged, where they could help her to live a normal life and teach her to control her ability.

    Weeks later, Nebi was discovered on the front steps of the Schrödinger Academy with only a duffel bag and a note, staring into a clear glass marble. Quickly identified as the missing Katzen that they'd given up for lost, Nebi was immediately settled into her new home, where she is finally among her own kind. She has just come out of testing and quarantine in time for the start of the new term.
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  5. Name: Janna Perrett
    Age: 17
    Race/Nationality: Italian

    Personality: withdrawn and shy, unsure and meek.

    Honey blonde hair with nervous hazle eyes that seem to brighten only when she is using her abilities. Generally, she is fitted in a school uniform, though she tends to try and cover up her body with a larger zip up. Her build is petite and frail. Her hair is short, edged in towards her chin so she doesn't have to do much to take care of it.

    Psychic Ability: Energy Healing

    Skills/Aptitudes: she enjoys singing, and it seems this relaxes her and makes her healing more effective. Janna is very small and flexible, making it easy for her to fit in tight spaces or avoid being seen.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: semi-Blindness makes her unbalanced and afraid. She sees outline and color, but nothing in true detail. She is easily distracted by sounds that she finds interesting. Sometimes getting into trouble by following her ears where she should go.

    History: Janna was found as a street child, homeless and without friends or family. She was taken in by the faculty and brought to the academy a year after its start. Janna was confused and withdrawn. She clung to her new caretakers and was taught to read and write.
    Janna progressed quickly, being naturally intelligent and easy going. After her first two years, she was well known by all staff and volunteered her time at the infirmary, honing her healing skills and giving back to the home that saved her from the streets. She has been at the academy since 2051.
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    Shakir Mempbis​
    Always has a smile on his face, another personality trait is that his eyes moves often so that he can stay oriented about his surroundings and alerted for any threats. Shakir is not very interested in verbal confrontations. Not because he is afraid of them, but he considers them to be useless events that amounts to solve nothing. Shakir is an independent individual who works best on his own. As sort of a contradiction to his lack of interest in debating, he has a knack for picking on people, teasing them, especially he enjoys to touch other Katzen's ears. One game he likes to play is to sneak up behind class mates, touch their ears and say "Got'cha!" before running of. He does not consider himself a bully though.​

    Psychic Ability:

    Remote viewing.​
    Sneaking and stealing. These are his two hobbies that he never seems to grow tired of. Shakir has always found an interest in breaking the laws of whoever wants to try and govern his life.

    One should notice that Shakir almost turns into another person when he is in sneak and steal-mode, because either seldom comes alone. His usual smile is absent, one could find it hard to believe that the serious career criminal is a laid back, yet loud person in his civil life.​
    Trust issues, struggles with situations where he has to resolve to working in groups. While he puts great importance in friendships, Shakir has never been able to whole-heartedly hand his trust to someone else in a situation that might hurt him.

    History: Shakir grew up without any serious troubles with the testing that was conducted on him. Apart from the occasional complaint about objects suddenly dissappearing and reappearing again, no serious harm or interest of conflict occured. His father a doctor, his mother a lawyer. His parents both worked hard for him to be able to grow up in comfortable surroundings, one might wonder if their lack of parenting had an influence on his personality traits.

    Shakir finds himself well at the academy, where he has now just started. Considered a bit of a troublesome student already by his teachers, Shakir recently got himself hurt by another student after barking up the wrong tree, resulting in his right arm being bandaged after recieving burn injuries.​
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  7. Name: Neske
    Age: 13
    Race/Nationality: Limburgish

    Personality: Nice, friendly and cheerful beyond belief, Neske is a person whom you would probably find taking care of the garden flowers or cooking happily in an apron. Generally reserved and soft-spoken, her voice seems to carry a strange weight with it at times, making everybody quiet down in the room. She enjoys talking with people, not to mention that she is very open. Most who talk to her find themselves lowering their guard around herself as she is decidedly non-threatening.

    The only issue Neske stays away from is her body, as it is a delicate subject for her. People who talk to her often may notice that she is always keeping her distance from a person when she is talking to them. That is because she suffers from Haphephobia, or in other words, she is afraid of being touched. This is because she is feeling dissatisfied with her body as she was not born a girl. While this does not manifest as a serious issue right now, with the coming onset of puberty, it may cause complications.

    Another important thing to note about Neske is that while she is very nice and understanding most of the time, even she has her breaking point. While she is not afraid to stand up to bullies or people who insult her and let off steam, even she can get pushed too far. Even if she does not show it on the outside, if one starts being mean to her, they will get it back eventually and with a high interest. The worst thing about this is that they will never see her revenge coming, only to nearly die of poisoning or suffer from sleepless nights because of cleverly set-up elaborate traps. Neske rarely confronts people directly, but if she does, then it means that she is at the end of her fuse and she about to murder them.


    She wears clothing identical to the one in the picture save for her skirt, which goes all the way to the middle of her shins and her dress also covers her shoulders. She also wears thin sky blue gloves at all times. She does not have the mittens, though, and her ears match the colour of her hair.

    Psychic Ability: Telekinesis

    Skills/Aptitudes: Neske is rather academia-oriented and she is at least decent in most subjects. She is also a good cook, especially if she has a recipe book at hand, plus she is capable of using her abilities a bit easier than most Katzen.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: She does not know where her limits or the limits of others lie. She also has a tendency to seek approval from other people, especially about her appearance. She is quick to deny any compliment, though, and will try to coax a person to get their “real” opinion.

    History: The parents of Neske were low-level scientists involved with the project that eventually resulted in the birth of the Katzen, serving as assistants and occasionally, supervisors. They joined the program during the time the second generation of Katzen were being prepared, so when they have heard of the opportunity to volunteer for the fertility program, they have jumped at the opportunity. They thought that it would further their careers, and as such, when they were approved, they were overjoyed.

    Neske, then known as Neer, was born into an expecting family, and she had a happy early childhood until she started becoming more aware of herself. As she discovered herself along with the world around her, she slowly became aware of the fact that there was something wrong with her body. At that time, she could not quite put her finger on it, but she felt uncomfortable with herself, as if she was not the person she should be. It was also around this time that she started noticing that she liked doing things that she was not supposed to and her parents often gave her strange looks.

    By the time she turned eight, it became obvious to her parents that she was too unhappy with herself for her age, so they had her examined thoroughly. The results that were returned shook Neske’s parents to their core, as it turned out that she was a girl born into the body of a boy. After thinking it through, her parents decided to support her and let her embrace her identity. They changed her name officially and let her do as she pleased, no longer trying to force boyish activities on her.

    After being acknowledged, Neske became much happier with herself and showed a great interest in cooking regardless of her young age. She started taking small lessons from her mother, which eventually evolved into rather long sessions that she always enjoyed immensely. However, occupying herself and embracing what she was did not help with the fact that she felt that her body was not her own, so she started to cover herself up as much as possible. Her self-image issues eventually developed into a fear of being touched.

    At the age of eleven, Neske’s parents were reassigned to a different line of work and they could no longer spare the time to look after her. As such, Neske was enrolled in the Shrödinger Academy. She did not take the change of scenery well and she adjusted slowly to the people around her, but after she got used to her surroundings, she started opening up. Much to her surprise, not one person noticed that her body was not hers, so she integrated herself tightly into the community. She is now relatively well-known in the academy for her skill in the kitchen, and so far, her secret was not discovered.
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  8. ((Holy shit. I remember when this roleplay was first proposed! Glad to have it back! My spoiler tags hate me and don't want to work though.))

    Character Name: James Snowden
    Age: Eighteen
    Personality: Affable, but not cheery, and with a penchant for horror movies and gore. He has a grim personality, and tends to think about the nature of fate and death far more than is probably healthy. He's serious, most of the time, but has a tendency to revert into sarcasm and black humour. He's fairly down to earth, all things considered, though he has grander aspirations. His liking for horror makes him interested in violence, to himself and others. He's not sure if he should act on these urges, and thus, does not. As for hypersexuality, Snowden cannot and will not attest to it. He says he doesn't think about it.
    (+ Cat Ears)
    Psychic Ability: Mediumship
    Skills/Aptitudes: As a film buff, James has a plethora of useless trivia about horror films from any era and generation. From these films, he's gleaned some basic understanding of human physiology and functions, which he has since pursued and obsessed over. Human bodies fascinate him, as do the ceasing of their functions. Due to the voices of his ancestors rattling around in his skull, James also has a vague interest in the history of Scotland, Wales, and England herself, and the Dead sometimes provide insights that he does not have.
    Flaws/Weaknesses: Frail as they come, James has little capacity for inflicting damage on anyone, and whatever occasional bully that comes along beats him black and blue. He is conflict avoidant to a fault, and clams up instead of taking a stand for himself. Though his self esteem is relatively healthy, he's not capable of putting himself in positions where he feels like he would be emotionally hurt - and thus, avoids seeking out friends or compatriots. Because of this, James is almost entirely ignored by his peers. The majority of them, he's found, have little interest in ultra-violence and horror films. He looks inward instead of outward, and speaks more to the dead than the living.
    History: Snowdens family have lived in Scotland for a long time. His family was there when the snakes were driven out of Ireland or so they say. The first record of their family appeared in the crest of an early medieval, dark ages era, castle, carved into the wall itself. They went by a different name then, but the Snowden family have always been in Scotland, and will likely always be there. However, the family never really amounted to much of anything within the society of Scotland, seen to be nothing than petty marauders. The house of Snowden became synonymous with bloodshed. The house patriarch, Ross Snowden, became a thane only though the bloodshed of others, thru his cruelty and his scheming. The Snowden house was never officially acknowledged, and eventually deteriorated, leaving behind only a few scattered Snowdens. Eventually, the Snowdens settled in Glasgow, And have made their home there for several centuries.
    James Snowden was born to Morgan and Eric Snowden. They lived a comfortable, if dull existence. Unknown to James, his father was hardly his father at all. Morgan had been used as a surrogate mother in a quiet medical experience - she was a nurse and often participated in the experiments that the hospital held. The voluntary ones that everybody knew about. She thought she was being injected with a possible preventative drug - a drug to prevent break down and psychological casualty even under extreme duress. It was meant to give to soldiers, to prevent the effects of PTSD. The drug, however, was nothing of the sort, and was a collection of genes and chromosomes that effectively artificially inseminated Morgan.
    When James was born, his mother shrieked. He was born with a full head of hair, and slightly underweight. That in itself was not surprising, but his cat-like ears and small, stubby tail frightened his mother and father. His father, always very in touch with his native Scottish roots, thought that the child was tainted by Faerie and called him part Cat Sîth, saying that he was an abomination. His mother, more gentle, called him James. She wanted to keep him, but Eric would have none of it. He took the boy to the edge of one of the large body's of water running through Glasgow, and set the boy adrift, confident that he would drown, starve, and freeze to death.
    When he was fished up by Schrodinger, James Snowden was dead. They nursed him, they drugged him, and they injected him with everything they could. And the boy came back to them, but he did not come back alone. When a Snowden dies, they go to the land of their ancestors, all the other Snowdens all the way through history. And that was the realm the infant James Snowden found himself in, before he was wrenched back into life. It was long enough. The spirits of his family, his grandfathers, his grandmothers, his ancestors, all the way back to Ross Snowden, came back with him. It brought him into consciousness far too early, being aware of the world when he was only days old.
    He spoke his first full sentence when he was a year old. The sentence was, "I am cold." With his awareness and his prodigal words, also came a horrible affliction. He was prone to seizures, even from a young age, and he always seemed cold to the touch, as if he was still dead. He was spoken to by the voices of his family. It started to become obvious that the boy was a Medium - a person believed to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the living and the dead. Either that, or he was simply crazy. Perhaps a little of both.
    He grew older. He found that the spirits within him often bayed and keened for blood, most of them having been warriors when they lived. The headaches pounded in his head. Refusing them resulted in more seizures. He often split his own blood for them - resulting in a chain of lines up his arm. But he realized what he was doing. It was stupid. He was going to cut too deep, and that would be the end. So he stopped. He intended to live forever. Ever since his first death, he didn't want to die again. So he asked one of the attendants at Schrodinger to get him the bloodiest, goriest horror movie they had handy. It was 'The Wizard of Gore'. And with all of that cornsyrup, all of that red liquid, the spirits settled. They were his to command, and he was their master. He was no longer their pawn.
    He thought about sex. He never did anything about it, never indulged himself or others. But he thought about it, and everytime he did, his daydreams and fantasies got increasingly violent, and increasingly hazardous to himself and all parties involved. He never acted on them. He never found anybody to do it with him, or for him to do it with. And it was better like that. He had enough ghosts hanging around him, and people could feel it. It was the cold presence he had about him. Nobody wanted that.
    He began to know things, predict things, believe in things he might otherwise not.
    He was the master of his death, and the death of others, in his own mind. As long as he had horror, he was in control. He just wondered, when would the spirits tire of cornsyrup? When would they cry out for real blood once more?
    He has been a student for 2 years.
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  9. Name: Michel "Mitch/Mitchie" Gagnon
    Age: 17
    Race/Nationality: French

    Personality: Like moths to a flame others are drawn to him. Whether it's because of charisma or just the cold trying to cuddle up to the warmth in these frosty times, he's never once purposely tried to draw attention. Leadership and taking the initiative just comes naturally to him, even if he wishes he could be a lazy boy. Because of his emotionally neutral, if anything bored expression, he's difficult to read and often gives off the impression that he's sizing you up and determining your worth. But is he really like that on the inside? Maybe. Maybe not. You never really know what he's thinking or feeling until he speaks and it's usually to point out that someone is an idiot.
    He's an introvert, not in the sense that he's shy (because he's not) but because he is very self-oriented and cares very little about what happens around him. He doesn't mind being followed and fawned over, even if he acts like he's annoyed. He is more than capable of carrying out or even initiating a conversation but he gets bored or annoyed easily and tunes the person out - probably because his only hobbies involve lighting things on fire and trying not to think about what his classmates would look like naked.
    Lighting fires is a way for him to vent when he loses his temper and maybe it concerns him just a little bit that he enjoys the sight of something set aflame and knowing that he was the cause of it. He's not exactly the type to care about whether someone lives or dies, but he's not exactly willing to let himself delve to far into the darkness either. Neutral works just fine for him, not really caring what people do with their lives.
    Now when did he start thinking about sex? Probably the first time he was beaten for acting out. He realizes it, that he's a little screwed up, but he'll never come out and say it. Better to just push it away. Stay calm. Stay neutral.
    Appearance: If Mitchie had been born a cat, he would have been a black cat - you know, the kind that you never want to cross your path for fear of bringing bad luck. He has a knack for getting into fights with other boys his age, so he usually has some kind of injury (because he doesn't really fight back). The most common one he receives is a black eye, so he's often seen wearing an eyepatch to conceal the injury. His hair and ears are both an inky black with his personal touch of a thick blonde streak in the midst of his choppy, chin-length, cut short in the back bedhead. Like some of the other students his age, he has a few piercings: three on his ear, one on his eyebrow, and the others, well, that's a secret. His eyes are an unnatural color - ruby red - and it is unclear as to whether or not these are contacts. He certainly wouldn't say. Because of his several years spent locked in a laboratory, Mitchie's skin is a soft ivory hue, having seen little sunlight until recently. His height is five feet and seven inches, with defined shoulders and a toned build. He's usually seen with a cigarette between his lips.

    Psychic Ability: Pyrokinesis

    Skills/Aptitudes: A strong leader type (when he wants to be). He will quickly step up and take charge if it looks like no one else will. Charismatic, despite not even trying. Physically fit, good balance, flexibility, etc. Despite loving to laze around, he does exercise on a daily basis - his personal attack against becoming unhealthy since he can't seem to shake his smoking habit. Quick learner, which explains his constant attempts to remain mellow and undisturbed so that he remains in control of his ability.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: Lazy, like a sleepy cat. Control over his psychic ability is a necessity so that he doesn't turn everything and everyone to ash...again, so he has to maintain a level head or..well... Ever throw gasoline on a fire? Tends to give mean-spirited or cynical remarks. Hates the cold, which sucks because it's all around him. Closet pervert.

    History: The very first memory Michel owns is that of a blackened, charred room filled with piles of ash. Only a circle of flooring remained untouched, a buffering zone between himself and the rest of the room. He was four years old, and although he was still so young, he was coherent enough to understand that he was looking at the charred remains of his family.
    When help arrived, they were decked in uniforms and wielding guns. A rather stiff looking fellow with far too many medals pinned to his breast pocket stepped forward and spoke. It was all nonsense - things a four-year-old couldn't possibly understand.
    His next memory is that of the facility in which he spent the next thirteen years of his life. Experiments. There were many, though only because his ability had a tendency to explode without warning. After a long segment of observation, it became clear that Mitchie's control over his ability was linked with his mood. Mellow meant control at a very surprising level. Upset and angry meant the death of whomever was foolish enough to be standing too close.
    For years they worked on training him to control his temper, all with the intention of turning him into a powerful weapon of war.
    This did not work.
    As he grew older and gained control over his mood, he became increasingly stubborn and refused to cooperate. As a result, he was often physically abused in an attempt to re-spark his ability.
    This also did not work.
    The program was eventually shut down.
    A new one was opened, just three months ago in fact. The main objective of this program was to integrate Mitchie into the slowly expanding Katzen society, believing that positive reinforcement instead of negative would gain them access to his ability again. The higher ups are hoping that he'll make friends and enjoy a good life inside the school and then realize he needs to fight in order to protect that happiness. Little do they know about the true state of his mind - of how he enjoys being hated and abused more than he does the kind attention of others.
    In his mind, he will never change and he will never develop fond feelings for someone. But then again, Fate has a way of screwing people over.
    He's been at the academy for a month now, but was held out of classes until the start of the new semester.
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  10. If apps do open up again, I'd be interested. I'm thinking about a character with precognition that sees all possible outcomes to a situation with the base probability of their occurance but can't differentiate between them.
  11. A fat cat (open)

    Name: Blackberry Ivory

    Age: 17

    Race/Nationality: Caucasian from the UK

    Personality: Blackberry is a friendly young man if a little quiet, he's not very outspoken about most things except his love of orchestral music and even then, he's relatively calm. His clear head is only muddled in times of stress where he goes into near fetal position panic mode, finding the nearest corner and staying there as he tries to remember how to breath. Different things trigger this panic attack, often not the same things twice.

    Appearance: Chubby. He's rather thickset compared to most of the other Katzen, it seems. Even when trying to 'diet' Blackberry never loses more than five pounds. He's got purple and black hair with hints of green and in certain light, subtle red sheens. His hair is his namesake. Blackberry tries to disguise his chub with loose fitting clothes.

    Psychic Ability: Levitation

    Skills/Aptitudes: Blackberry is a superb violinist and can play nearly any instrument after a short learning session. Beyond this musical aptitude, he's not certain he's very good at anything more than that. Besides perhaps eating...

    Flaws/Weaknesses: Physical education! Blackberry hates running because he's 'slow' for a Katzen. His ineptitude at sports makes him hate them so he never tries. Because of this he never improves. Anything Blackberry fails spectacularly at is something he doesn't like and after the initial failure he'll do everything in his power to make sure he doesn't have to do it again.

    History: (Summarize their life prior to this school year, and/or prior to attending Schrödinger's.)
    Blackberry lived a relatively calm life inside a government housing development with his Father, his Mother long deceased. He learned music from his Father and was a pretty coddled child. Nothing especially exciting or 'weird' happened to Blackberry besides being born a Katzen.
    This is his first semester at Schrodinger's Academy and he's as nervous as any kid who's been thrust into a strange place away from their parents. He is interested in seeing if they have a music program and if so, he knows just where he wants to be.

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  12. Name: Enya Devine
    Age: 16
    Race/Nationality: Irish

    Personality: Childish, bratty and at times, mischievous. If there's a grin on her cute little face you can bet Enya is up to something. But it's all in good fun, for her, anyways. Rarely does she hold any true ill intent towards anyone. Her acting up is mostly just a way of getting the attention of others. She's not prone to anger, but when she is upset, a tantrum is likely to follow. Despite her somewhat troubling personality, at her core is a kind girl.

    Show Spoiler

    Light orange hair and mismatched eyes. Much of the time, her locks are slightly messed as she doesn't take much care in keeping it neat. Her clothing choices are usually simple, seeing has she doesn't have a wide selection to choose from. When possible, she tries to get her hands on any pieces of clothing with bright colors. She stands at around 5'5", with a slim build.

    Psychic Ability: Teleportation

    Skills/Aptitudes: Enya is clever, a given seeing as she likes getting under people's skin. She's smart and enjoys sticking her face in a book to past time. She can also be kind and attentive to the troubles of other's

    Flaws/Weaknesses: She's impatient and, again, somewhat bratty when she doesn't get her way. At times, she's pretty self-centered.

    History: Enya was never close to her parents growing up. For the most part they were just people she shared space with in government housing. They never seemed to have much interest in her so the feelings eventually became mutual. It helped that she found a parental figure in one of the scientist responsible for running her regular tests. Since discovering her ability at a young age, they regularly measured the distance she was able to teleport and how it changed over time. They also tested the materials she could teleport through after finding that the action was more like some kind of incredibly fast movement rather than a complete disappearance from one place and into another.
    She was only recently sent to attend to the Academy after seemingly reaching the limit of her ability, resulting in her feeling thrown away by her favorite parental figure.
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  13. COMPLEX AND GROUNDS, #ccffff

    The grounds of Schrödinger's are expansive, surrounded on all sides by high walls of concrete and steel with entrances to the northeast and south. The northeastern gate is the main entrance, and is used by all incoming students and faculty. The southern entrance is used by maintenance and delivery services only. A frozen river runs along the east side of the complex.

    (Note: For the purposes of reading the map, please keep in mind that the upper right corner is north.)


    A guardhouse is nestled against the exterior wall of the complex next to the main entrance, and several security checkpoints stand just inside. All Katzen arriving to the Academy must go through these security checkpoints upon their arrival. This is where electronic student ID cards- used to open all doors on Academy grounds- are issued. Lost ID cards must be reported immediately. These facilities are not otherwise open to students, and Academy security is both armed and given full authority over student discipline in the case of trespassing into restricted areas. The guards patrol the outer walls as well as restricted areas and after curfew.


    The northern end of the grounds is made up of faculty housing. Professors, medical personnel, security, and other staff reside in separate faculty dorms per their professional field. There is an additional separate dorm for those members of the faculty who are Katzen. These buildings are not accessible by students, but may be visited with special permission. A non-denominational church can also be found here and remains open at all hours, though no formal services are held.

    The Meal Hall can be found in the near-center of the complex. Food is served three times a day; the kitchen may also be accessed by those savvy enough to prepare meals themselves. Students and faculty eat meals together in the main hall, but sit at separate tables.

    The Library is across the street and is always open.

    In the very center of the complex, there stands a domed building that does not appear to be in use.


    The main school building stands to the east, located across the main road from the Meal Hall, Library, and faculty housing. All classes are held within the main building, and it is the site of the main office.

    Dorms are found in two outlying buildings: one building immediately outside (the girls' dormitory), and a currently unused building down the path and near the medical facilities. There is also a dorm in the east wing of the main building that traditionally serves as housing for all first year students at Schrödinger's; at present, however, it is being used as the boys' dormitory following a fire one month ago that badly burned the other dorm building. First year students for this term have been divided up by gender, and rooming arrangements have been switched around for more than one student. The boys' and girls' dormitories are only accessible to students bearing an ID card of the correct gender. (Theoretically, the old boys' dormitory would still be keyed to male student ID cards as well, although it stands in disrepair and has been termed a restricted area.)

    A large, somewhat ornate building is visible across the river from the dorms and near the east wall.


    The medical facilities can be found to the south end of the complex, just past the condemned boys' dormitory. The labs here are very similar to the ones in every government-owned Katzen housing complex, and so many students have no trouble finding their way around. Students report to the labs periodically for testing, but the labs are not normally accessible otherwise. The infirmary, however, is open and staffed at all hours in case of medical emergency.


    The main school building, dorms, and medical complex are located behind three main gates accessed by way of the main road. These gates shut down after curfew and will not open again until morning. The grounds within this gated area are considered to be acceptable to wander after curfew, but students may still be stopped and questioned as to their purpose if caught by a security patrol.

    There is another gate to the south leading to the southern entrance of the complex. This gate remains closed except to maintenance and delivery services or security personnel.


    Beyond the Library and across the main road from the medical facilities lies an area comprised of office buildings, warehouses, and other unused facilities. This entire zone is off-limits to students, and the punishment for trespassing is severe.


    The western wall of the complex is edged by open grounds, and these clear spaces are sometimes used for classes or for recreation. A greenhouse facility takes up a large section of the grounds. The greenhouses are tempered by an artificial environment that allows plants to grow with some success, and it is here that a large portion of the Academy's food source is grown.

    RULES, #ccffff
    1. Curfew begins at 20:00, at which point the gates automatically lock and close off the main building, dorms, and medical facilities from the rest of the grounds. Students wandering after curfew may still be stopped by security patrols for questioning.

    2. The office and storage district is a restricted area. Trespassing will be penalized severely.

    3. Students found in possession of an I.D. card that is not their own- or using their I.D. card to give dorm access to students of the opposite gender- will be punished as well.

    4. Psychic abilities are not to be used during school hours or on faculty members except at a professor's instruction.

    5. Abuse of psychic abilities during free time may be punished at the faculty's discretion.​

    A breach of rules may earn a student varying punishments. The most common are a working detention, where the student is assigned to clean an area of the school (given for minor transgressions), or a trip to the Quiet Room (used for severe misconduct).


    Erwin Kästner
    Michel Gagnon

    James Snowden
    Shakir Mempbis

    Blackberry Ivory

    Nebi Moreaux
    Janna Perrett

    Enya Devine

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  14. Okay, so after reading the rules, one thing is not quite clear to me: Does using powers for mundane things count as abuse and does that require permission from professors during school hours? I am talking about things like a telekinetic Katzen using their powers to open a door that is too high for them to reach, a teleporting Katzen using their teleportation to go from building to building or a scryer using their powers to find something that they lost during school hours.
  15. Good question! To clarify: yes, if you get caught using your powers during classroom hours for ANYTHING without a teacher's permission, you can and very well may be given detention.
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  16. *immediately starts a rap sheet for Nebi* Oh, this will be fun. >:D
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  17. Ladies and gentlemen, we have IC. Sorry for the delay!
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  18. Ohmahgersh.
    You made this again? :D
  19. two think must be said:
    1. is this still opened
    2. and why did i not see this.
    love the plot
  20. Thanks for the interest! The game is currently not open for new players, but more slots may be available later.

    As of now, if ANYONE would like to post a character sheet, they may do so. Keep in mind that they still will need my approval, and that when the roleplay opens up for new players will be at my discretion. I also will give priority to returning approved players from the first version of this game over new people. So Staci, if you want to be on the wait list, you will be first in line! :3
  21. I've also cleaned up the thread a little so that the important OOC info is on the first page! If anyone is worried about needing something from a missing post, don't worry; just ask and I can recover the info for you.
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