"Schools Kills Creativity"


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Excuse the length of the video, this runs about 20 minutes long. I felt like sharing this since I know that a lot of us are very creative people and I would like to hear what you guys have to say about this topic.


But yes, I do believe that school is the destructor of creativity. I know tons of pretentious douches that think they're creative, and go to college thinking they're going to be artists, because of all that hard work in highschool spilling paint on a canvas and getting an A+ on it only to get told 'no, you only draw stick figures' And yet, tons of people with GEDs get farther in their art careers.

Also, I have no hard facts to prove this, but IT'S REAL. Mostly, though I'm just against school. Failing out gets you into college faster in the USA.
That was quite interesting, and I do agree with his statement when he was talking about the hierarchy of topics taught in school systems. It is very true. There is such a strong emphasis on the practical topics as opposed to the 'artsy' topics. Even in graduate programs people look at you funny and almost laugh if you say: oh i'm an art major...music major...drama major etc...even if that may be someone's passion and they may be really good at it. Yes only perhaps the best of the best of the best may actually make a lucrative career out of something like that, but still.

Also the part of his speech about Jilian Lynn really intrigued me. He does make a point because people who do not fit the norms for learning are often seen as 'needing extra help'. Maybe it is that they just need a different outlet to think properly, or maybe they do have a diagnosis. Still, it's a shame sometimes.

From personal experience I can say that being in school there certainly is a decline in my ability to sit down and be creative at certain points. Mostly because i'm so focused on getting my work done or having to read slightly mind numbing research articles. However, at the same time, sometimes after i'm done with that work as a release i have an AMAZING stream of creativity. It just seems to come in more sporadic bursts now as opposed to in the past when it juts seemed to be there.
It only kills creativity because they have to teach certain things and the art programs never get enough funding. Plus art supplies is freaking expensive so they don't want to. :/ My old high school made me pay a student fee and I had to buy my OWN art supplies on top of that.