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  1. Plot
    "People say Highschool is a battleground.....well I guess thhey were right..."

    For since schools were made they have held a high power in the world's system, much like jobs, money, relationships, and other things. Well in this world they took this power and made it the only way to live a wealthy life. In this world the better school you attend and the higher you are in the ranking's the better you do in life as a whole. This new way of life resulted in a few steps too far, people wanted to be in charge so much that at one point high school's were turned into army's that fought to take over other school's and such. THis lead to the creation of Monochrome's weapons only minds in the maturing stage could use meaning fourteen through eighteen and sometimes younger based off the person, these weapons used and formed based on the user, the weapon came with one power whether it was a power for the weapon or the user. Once this happened all of the private high schools became powerful army's only allowing those who seemed fit after taking an exam and passing of course, at there own weaker public school. This way of life became so popular at this point men and women don't fight wars. No teenager's and there Monochrome's fight wars now. Of course not every student want to become a weapon of war and while when accepted into one of there elite schools they often rebel in such ways.

    The school's use a simple ranking system, E through SS, and above SS is student body, which are the strongest of the strong, the president usually way surpassing those ranking's given to him or her. This were clubs come in, clubs are a big part of school and have a rule set to them it is simple, a club can be founded by anyone, but if the founder is beaten by another member, the member gains top rank, and club can range from athletic to non-athletic meaning students get to have their fun while preparing for school raids and such on other Schools. Simply this is for YOU to rise up in the ranks in one of the most Elite School's known as "Junzo High" and fight other students and even schools, go normal classes and combat classes all while trying to deal with others. Can you do it, or while you fall below E rank and become expelled.

    Junzo High


    Plot and Rambling

    Alright this Rp this a slice of life and Fantasy roleplay if you couldn't tell and as explained in the plot, this will have a lot of both thrown in. The actual Roleplay with being to countdown from a week or two when I have about three or four character sheets. Now to explain some things before we head to rules. That plot is kind of used as a backstory and such as I have another plot planned out and such as I would much rather let things run there course at first and then come in with actual plot and such. Another thing if you happen to have trouble wrapping your head around this, if you have watched Kill La kill it is somewhat like this idea with a lot more based around school and small scale wars. Last thing, I happen to be looking for Gm's this rp as I always like a little help with Npc's and other things so shoot me a message and we can talk about it and such. Also on a little side note, this Roleplay is a less serious at sometimes so have you little comedic moments whenever just be ready to get serious at anytime!


    -All Iwaku rules apply
    -Swearing is just fine.
    -Have at least a paragraph per post
    -I know we all have lives so the posting rule is at least once in the span of 3 days.
    -Fights are a big part of this for some people so no god modding
    -You MUST have permission from the creator of a character to kill them off.
    -Also some character's may die at any point so I am allowing more characters to be made once you have made your first.
    -Have a problem? Pm me or a Gm.
    -Please have some type of pre text before like this:
    Interaction: [*Insert characer name*]
    and add a picture of music if you would like.​

    Character Creator



    High school year: (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)


    Gender: (You are allowed to leave this one blank if you want one of those confusing characters)



    Description: (A picture will work as well)

    Bio: (At least 1-2 Paragraphs)

    Monochrome Weapon Name:(Monochrome's will be given on the first day of school to each new student, though just have the info down, it maes it easier)

    Monochrome Weapon Power Description: (One power)

    Monochrome Picture:
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  2. I don't quite understand this whole Monochrome thing. Do the weapons themselves have the power, like coating their blade in fire, or do they grant the power to the user, such as the ability to conjure fire?
  3. Ahh, sorry for not explaning this enough since I did kind of write this out while trying to find a way to sleep, but to answer your question, with your monochrome it depends on the character. If your character relies more on the weapon then the weapon get the power in this case coating the blade in fire, but if you are more confindent in your own skills then you gain fire control, so it is more of a choice thing, hope this helps and such.
  4. Oh ok that makes sense then. I'll start working on a character.
  5. May I reserve a spot?
  6. Of course you may!
  7. Name: Kinoshita Miharu

    Age: 15

    High school year: 1st

    Personality: Miharu is a little loner who doesn't like to make friends, believing that people tend to be boring with their old chitchat. One thing Miharu loves is spending some time alone, under some tree, while playing his ocarina. He prefers to do things alone because he believes that others will just pull him down. However, she is wary enough to try not to make too many enemies, as she knows that that would be detrimental as well.

    Gender: Seemingly androgynous

    Sexuality: Implied demisexual, may not even be.

    Nickname: Missing Piece.

    Appearance: Miharu is about 1.48 metres tall and is completely flat. While she seems less curvy than a woman, his shoulder width is narrower than a man's, most odd. The little one has fair skin, night sky hair and blood red eyes.

    Bio: Miharu was born in an average family, where he lived as a loner and only child, only caring about the things that matter. Her average life lead to often-average grades, which made her dissatisfied, thus she chose to use whatever time she could for socialising to study, and her only friend was simple computer games. She cared little about the things she believed would pull her down.
    With hard work and determination, he made it to Junzo High, where he got his Monochrome weapon. Little does she know, her sweet new toy will teach her something...

    Monochrome Weapon Name: Cyclone Key & Joker Lock

    Monochrome Weapon Power Description: The Cyclone Key is a key-shaped little piece of craft with, about 40cm in length. It is durable enough to be used as a blade, but that isn't its main ability. It can create the 'Joker Lock' on allies, allowing the key to be inserted into the lock, then proceeding with a kiss to complete the process. Miharu and the comrade then fuse together into a stronger, more powerful form with said comrade's powers, in addition to an opposite of their power(e.g. control of heat means the addition of control of cold. Control of wind means the addition of control of Earth, etc.). The combined form now wields two copies of said comrade's Monochrome Weapon, one representing the original Monochrome's power, the other, the newly-acquired opposing power. The fused form can wield two-handed weapons with one hand, depending on the weapon though. Things like arrows and bows... it will be shown later.
    There is a catch - the power threshold of this fused form is decided through bonds - whether it be friendship or love. If forced due to unwillingness, it can still work, but it will go haywire in such situations, resulting in a berserker-like state to make up for any weakness.

    Monochrome Picture:
    Imagine this, but thicker and of a dark green with gold linings.
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  8. I really like the charater, so accepted!
  9. Was it difficult to continue changing pronouns while writing? It's certainly difficult to read...
  10. Personally, I'm mildly used to this since I enjoy playing the token androgynous guy/trap, and hide gender as much as possible.
  11. Name: Misaki Shiro

    Age: 15

    High school year: 1st

    Personality: Shiro is quiet and reserved, which is possibly why her Monochrome is fully defensive and has no offensive uses. She is a self-proclaimed shut in, and prefers to hone her virtual combat skills rather than her real ones. If you do manage to get her to speak, she can be cocky and rude.

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Unknown. Shiro either only is attracted to 2D characters of the anime she watches, or she's so heavily in denial that she can't tell what she's attracted to anymore.

    Nickname: No one gets to decide their own nickname. This shall be up to the other players to decide.


    Shiro was born to a normal, generic family. She had a normal, generic life with absolutely no major events. None the less, she still managed to get utterly bored of people. She hates humans, and thinks they're a bane on even themselves. She couldn't understand complex human emotions, and couldn't be bothered trying. No one she knew ever interested her. She happened to come across anime one day, and began to watch it casually. She started with very violent anime, that showed the deaths of humans in particularly gruesome description, and that killed characters off with no consideration for the value of human life. After a while of these though, she began to get heavily into anime, and found herself watching comedy anime instead of violent ones. She became a full shut-in when she decided that it was probably a fair trade off. She didn't enjoy life at all, but with such an entertaining pastime, she decided she'd stick around a bit longer in this life, to see what it had in store. She still doesn't care about humans though.

    Monochrome Weapon Name: Void

    Monochrome Weapon Power Description: Void is a powerful and unique Monochrome. It has the ability to completely negate the effects of another monochrome. Physical attacks cannot be blocked this way, unless the physical attack is being done using a physical monochrome, which will dissolve upon coming into close proximity with Void. Whether Void activates cannot be controlled, so Void also negates the monochromes of allies as well, provided they come within it's control radius (which is about 1 meter.)

    Monochrome Picture:
    (I cba finding a picture since i have no idea what search terms I'd put in to find one)
    Void looks like a typical pendant. It consists of a single chunk of raw (uncut) black tourmaline, set in silver.
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  12. Ahh the perfect little shut in, should be fun watching other try and interact with her.

  13. The whole reason it took like 2 days to come up with is because I kept changing my mind on what monochrome to use. I was going with either the ability to telepathically control people (which seemed really OP so I didn't do it in the end), or to copy another person's monochrome. In the end i went with negation cos it seems like a very main-character thing to have. A lot of main characters have defensive abilities while everyone elses are offensive.
  14. Shiro and Miharu might get along due to mildly similiar personalities, in a sort of tsun-tsun frenemy relationship. Ironically, Void is incompatible with Cyclone Key.
  15. When I read your character that also occurred to me. I imagine they'd both piss each other off enough to draw them both out of their shells.
  16. Ahh I see, well no worries either way. well in about a few moments I will post three of the older guys and girls that you will see around campus.
  17. Yay time to see who Shiro will get to ignore the authority of.
  18. Name: Zenkenichi Hide

    Age: 16

    High school year: 2nd year

    Current Rank: B Rank(This is for returning students)

    Personality: Zenkenichi is what you would call a heroic rebel, while he usually helps others in need, he hates being controlled, so while he is skilled enough to be a B class, he uses it to fight only controlling people, this has lead to a lot of losses on his parts as he has challegened S classes who attempt to rule over others, so it a surprise he has been able to keep his rank. Around others he doesn't talk much for the reason he is a mute, so he often uses other means of speaking. Though he does often attempt to get to know others and while he is mute he still tries to convince -more annoying with his over the top hand gestures and facial expressions- others to fight the power, though most question why he came to this school if he hates the way it run.

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Unknown as he doesn't seem to care for others in that way.

    Nickname: Protagonist, he is often called this -in a taunting manner- due to the fact he looks like a protagonist out of an anime, or a video game. He extremely hates this name, but it sadly stuck to him.


    Bio: Zenkenichi was born in a somewhat normal family other than his own father's control complex which made Zen grow a hate for his father and being controlled, this lead to Zen getting in fights all the time, he fought his way up in his old high school and this gained him the right to attend Junzo High, the truth behind him accepting to go to this high school was because he decided that he wanted to change the way the world worked and the only way to do that, was to become a high rank in high school.

    This is where he really shined, with his weapon After Image he rose up the ranks quickly, finding he didn't exactly like the way the school council ran the school he decided he would simply beat them, so he started to beat a few A classes and such which lead him to the rank of A he also made a club in that time, the Rebel club this club was later taken form his after lossing. He later was stopped by an S rank student who beat him so badly he was sent to the hospital for the rest of the school year pulling his rank to B and damaging his vocal cords taking his ability to speak away.

    Monochrome Weapon Name: Red Image

    Monochrome Weapon Power Description: This weapon is a red katana, its name Red Image comes from the fact the monochrome allows the user to manifest a red type of energy and form them into images. This can be used in several different ways, he can use it as a type of ranged attack shooting it from his hands, the red energy causing minimal damage itself but still a good knock back, or he can make actual small hologram like 3d images used in a defensive way. He -after a lot of training- uses this power to make a small, red hologram of himself that can speak for him, though it seems to be able to speak its own mind at times.

    Monochrome Picture: *In Description*


    Name: Jen Rix

    Age: 17

    High school year: 3rd

    Rank: S

    Personality:She while out of battle seems more than sane, she is somewhat friendly and funny making easy friends with anyone due to her teasing nature, though when she sees someone that she wants to mess with she wont hesitate, and often she gets attached to the ones she messes with, but in battle it is different, teasing turns into sadistic threats, her having fun it beating you so bad that you can't walk, but when done she goes right back to normal.

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: She often teases anyone with more than questionable questions, ways of speaking, and even at times physical contact, though she hasn't seemed to enjoy actual relationship, just the teasing part.

    Nickname: Anti-God, this nickname was given to her due to the fact she has no mercy for others and at times seems like she can even take down gods in combat.



    Bio: Jen's actual life has little to no infromation about it, while her life at school is more than known as she is what you call a rookie hunter, she loves taunting and beating rookies on the first day, usually expelling them in the process, her first year she somewhat just skidded, by but on her second year she started to go on mass winning streaks as she would fight usually the E through C ranks, this is were she finally got to A rank, and at the end of her second year she defeated an S rank granting her S rank, while in S rank she started to calm down on the rookies, but she happens to be the one that cut out Zen's vocal cords and took his A rank.

    Monochrome Weapon Name: Soul Devourer

    Monochrome Weapon Power Description: This monochrome is a simply scythe with a somewhat wicked design, made for ranged melee attacks and large gashes this is a powerful and dangerous monochrome, the power to go along with it is simple, of hit or even scratched by the blade it makes people feel weaker taking away energy from their own body, and makes the monochrome stronger for a while, this also works with monochromes as too many blocks can extremely weaken the power on a monochrome and make hers even stronger.

    Monochrome Picture: *In Description*


    Name: Steven Halsbergh

    Age: Unknown

    High school year: Unknown

    Rank: SSS

    Personality: This android which will be referred to as he, has a range of different personalities that reflect on his current mode and how the situation is, this often takes a while to change and the android could be in a dangerous situation but still act as if he was in a conversation.

    Gender: Has the appearance of a Male, but is neither (You are allowed to leave this one blank if you want one of those confusing characters)

    Sexuality: None

    Nickname: Genocide



    Bio: Steven is an android created from the same things that make monochromes, he was created when the high school was first founded and has been somewhat of a defense of monochromes he is the leader of the disciplinary club and is seen as the school council's personal machine used for when too many high ranked students attempt to cause trouble.

    Monochrome Weapon Name: None

    Monochrome Weapon Power Description: He is simply crafted from the same material monochromes are made from, his actual power is unknown but he strength, speed and over fighting ability are way above human, not to mention the high temperature lasers he fires from his palms.

    Monochrome Picture: None
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  19. I could see a rather funny moment occurring as Jen Rix tries to attack Shiro and Void dissolves her weapon.
  20. On that note, are physical weapons allowed, or only Monochromes?