Schools at War (Always accepting new Ocs)

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  1. [DM]
    Location:[Junzo High]
    Interaction: [Everyone]
    Time: [6:00am]

    Junzo Highschool. Today was the first day after such a long wait for all of the new students, os of the new students waking up and getting ready, they would most likely already have their bags packed as they wouldn't be back home for 4 to 6 years, not only this but they might not return at all, either way dorms would be assigned to them with a dorm mate as well. The buses would arrive at 6:15am sharp and if you werent ready the driver would get off and carry you out, bags not included. In fifteen minutes the buses all arrived in different sections of the city picking up students, some having to be carried out.

    After a small, but cramped bus ride they were at the beauty known as Junzo High. The main enterance looked amazing the buses stopping at the blue walk way. The Highschool itself looked more like a small city, each island sperated by water, each having a different purpose, thought the main island was easy to tell as it had huge bulidings and stood above everything else as the ground was evelated making it look as if it was standing on a waterfall.

    The students when getting off the bus would be met with all the other E-B ranks standing all in horizantal lines, it was obvious they wanted the new students to stand in the lines as well, after filling in right at the enterance was an olderman, he was the obvious headmaster a white beard as well as hair to match. Black framed glasses on his face, he stood striaight up hands behind his back. " soliders." He started, two people stood behind him, two girls the Student President, and Vice President both looking somewhat offical hopfully. "This is another year at this army known as a highschool, and with more students means more deaths, more victories, and overall....another step closer to being the top highschool in this region!" He said as he looked at

    the students, he didn't seem to have anything else to say, but he did point into the enterance.

    "We have already anazlyed you strengths and weaknesses, so your Monochromes have been made, when you enter you will be handed yours, the rest of the day will be used as day to explore each island, I will give you three pieces of Infromation. One, the main island behind us is where you buy general goods and such. Two, the island with the buliding on the side of the mountain are the dorms, you will be assigned a dorm later, and three.....try to avoid anything higher than an A rank, for your own safety. Dismissed!"

    The students then would all scatter of some sorts, the older students running ahead as they didn't have to wait for monochromes and the didn't want to be caught by a lurking S rank, but the new students would right after they walked through the enterance get their monochrome it just appearing in their hands waiting to be used, and es the rest of the day would simpl used for exploring of course to the Headmaster it was more of a game, see who could survive a day before classes started.


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  2. Sora walks out with his usual soldier uniform that consisted of red and black. He has his usual smirk on as he fixes one of his many piercings. Rumors and whispers whip through the air most consisting of his nick name 'roses artist'. "Do you think he really paints with his victims blood?." "I heard hes already an ss." His smirk grows as he walks down the hall hearing the many truths and lies that the student body say about him.

    He finally gets to the dorm halls and unlocks his dorm. "Finally alone." His monotone voice bounces against the walls as he flops on his bed.
  3. [Miharu]
    Location [Junzo High]
    Interaction [???]

    The underdeveloped little one, Kinoshita Miharu, walks through. The blood red eerie eyes of this mysterious one radiates throughout the area. The little one enters the halls, before noting that a certain object appeared in her palms.

    He gazed upon it - a key of great craftsmanship. It was green, gold and filled with potential. But... why a key? What was its significance? Whatever the case, this was now her Monochrome, his weapon.

    She then realised he was among a crowd. Miharu hated crowds. As he continued, Miharu bumps head-to-head with a redheaded lass. "Hey, watch where you're going," the little one rudely jests.

  4. Shiro hated crowds, and she hated even more that she had gotten stuck in one despite her best efforts to not do that. She had barely had a minute to pick up her Monochrome, a small pendant named Void, and was being carried in the crowd before she had had chance to have an explanation as to what it does. When she finally managed to find a foothold in the crowd, she decided to get out of it by the most direct route possible. She put her head down and her arms out and charged in one straight line. It was going brilliantly, with people even beginning to move out of her way, before she collided with another girl of roughly the same height. The recoil sent her stumbling backwards, but the crowd had already filled in again and she kept her balance by leaning on a bystander. "I should watch where I'm going? Maybe you should pay attention and move out of the way! I mean it's not hard to see me coming when everyone's moving away!" She was so filled with rage that she wouldn't have been surprised if her hair had actually set on fire. Her heart was pumping quickly, moving adrenaline around. She hadn't expected to be able to test her new weapon so soon after obtaining it.
  5. [Miharu]
    Location [Junzo High]
    Interaction [Shiro]

    Oh boy.

    This was going somewhere.

    "I guess we can agree on some things," Miharu sighs as the young one takes a few steps back. The lady before her, about her height, seemed ready for combat. "I don't wish to make enemies, but if you wish to do so, I do not believe I am capable of halting your choices."

    Miharu noted that the new weapon in his hands were gone. With that, she made a pose, conjuring it once more. It was shaped like a key, and was pretty green. Miharu then utilised the key to hold a defensive position. "I am not fond of wasting time, so if you are in any way offended, vent your anger in a fast mannerism."
  6. Sora gets ip from his bed and puts his cap back on. "Might as well explore a bit." he opens his dorm door and heads out going to look for the different parts of this hell. He comes across numerous classrooms and 2 gyms on his way. Finally to his glee he finds the cafeteria and goes straight in. He looks down at all the food and grabs a red velvet cupcake. "Mmmm red velvet." He heads out of the cafe and goes towards the crowds being one of the tallest in the crowd. He bumps into 2 small girls looking down he smirks. "Oh hello."
  7. [Bishop]
    Location: [Main Gates]
    Interactions[Student Council]

    "Hmmm seems like a few students are already getting in a small fight, without even finding out what their monochrome does." He gave a laugh he wasn't talking to anyone in particular from the student council as only some of them were over there, but the boy couldn't help but talk a little bit before he went to rest, maybe destroy some newbies on the way,

    "That is a shame, I bet they didn't even look at the rule book, oh well if the fight gets to big we could always send Steven."

    Of course the one speaking was Bishop the Secretary of the Council pretty much the third highest rank after President and Vice President, the boy himself didn't look very threatening, only standing at 5'4 he was short, yellow eyes and brown messy hair, of course being the youngest on the student council and probably in the school as he was only 13 made his shortness justified.

    "Of course we could always step in, show how powerful are oh so dear Miss President is." He joked slightly, he was probably the only one that would even try to crack a joke around the President, but most of them had gotten used to it. "Of course that isn't my decision."

    At the sight of an early fight other students started to make a large circle most the new students whispering and shouting, "Fight!" Of course this was because usually fights were one sided on the first day as first years were usually hunted by S classes, but it seemed that everyone had forgotten about them, but still the girls should make the fight quick, before more people have the chance to join.

    [Don't forget to add the pretext please]
  8. [Shiro]
    Location [Junzo High]
    Interaction [Miharu]

    Shiro watched the girl conjure her weapon, and decided to do the same. She channeled her will into it forming it's shape, as she had been instructed, but alas - no form was taken. She tried a second time, and a third, getting no where. Eventually she gave up and decided she had been given a duff object, something she'd have to get a replacement for. She tossed it at the girl, but just before she turned her back, she observed the opponent's giant key dissolve into pale fragments and eventually into nothing. "Well then." She walked over and retrieved the item. "I guess it does have a use after all..."

    Location [Junzo High]
    Interaction [Shiro, Student Council, Miharu]

    "None the less, it won't do to have rabbles in such a busy location."
    She walked towards the direction of the noise, with the council probably following behind. Her commanding presence caused the people to part much more easily than they had done for Shiro, and she found herself standing within the quickly growing circle. She was not the least pleased with what met her eyes. "You." Her words were icy and almost visibly dripped in venom. "Long time no see, Haru-chan." The president grew visibly angry, a silent war scream forming in her mind. She conjured Laevateinn, the black crystals humming with anticipation and bloodlust, and began her swing even as it was still forming. It was a slow and powerful uppercut that would deal a huge amount of damage. She stumbled as she lost her balance, not expecting Laevateinn to disappear so suddenly. She conjured it again, and swung once more, only for the weapon to disappear a second time. "Haru-chan. It's not gonna work." She regained her composure as she heard the words, and turned her back to the girl. "We shall see." She walked off, gesturing to the council to follow.
  9. [Miharu]
    Location [Junzo High]
    Interaction [Shiro]

    "You do not seem to... wish to vent your anger... I believe that this fight is off. Fate will will it to happen once again, but I probably do not."

    The pendant just smacked her forehead before falling to the ground. That was that. That was that. Then the key dematerialised. That was the battle.

    That was​

    The battle
    Even if the student council didn't step in, she knew that this battle wouldn't wreck anything.

    "I had a feeling this wasn't really going to be much of a fight anyways. We both require more experience. And I still need to figure out what this guy does."

    Miharu looks at the surrounding crowd that was starting to halt their cheers. "Yeah... you guys continue cheering or something, go get someone else to duke it out. I don't really care that much anymore. Excuse me, coming through, move aside..."

    Miharu proceeding to leave the area, advancing forward. Like he said, he did not wish to make foes, so she didn't do any glares or all that.

    She just proceeded.
  10. Jin cracked his neck as he walked around the school and to the new person area. Jin was how can you say it "hunting" prey of his own. The only difference was he had no interest in the new ones he was looking for the S class students. His blade the Guard Buster was slung across his back and he walked calmly and with purpose. As he strutted through the crowd he noticed two students about to throw daown and made his way to the side, much to his disappointment they were both new. Seeing the student body president made to look like a novice he burst out laughing. After the fight was "officially over he stepped into the middle of the circle and spoke in a loud voice.

    "Any S classes around her looking to hunt well here is your quarry, bring it on"
  11. [Bishop]
    Interactions: [Student Council]
    Location: [Walking]
    While most were amazed at the fact the President was completely stopped by a newbie, Bishop was laughing and chuckling the whole way looking at her and shaking his head, "God ou made a fool of yourself, you could have easily just used your own pure combat skills, or has someone gotten rusty and has to rely on monochromes?" He asked her as they walked, really that was the whole point of the school, nullification monochromes would be extremely useful if it wasn't for the fact everyone that got one wasn't as good on a physical level, so beating one of those was much easier than expect to be

    "Oh well, it doesn't matter much I just hope none of those new students get the wrong idea about the Student Council because of that." He muttered as they walked rubbing the back of his head, he heard the other guy shouting out for S classes to come his way, he shook his head lightly, "Asking for an S class fight always either gets you ignored, or you get an SS class, or if you are unlucky Steven comes out and asks you to stop disturbing the peace."

    Interactions: [None]
    [Location] ???
    Zen was watching for a far distance, the rebel tilted his head at the display strange usually the President wouldn't adress anyone that way, nor would she give up on a fight so easily, he jumped down from the buliding he had been watching on, his Red Void in his hand for the moment, the mute slowly walked around, deciding that maybe he would investigate further, of course there was the guy waving his hands around and saying things that would only bring trouble, shaking his head he instead kept with his walking.

  12. [Haruka]
    Location [Junzo High]
    Interaction [Student Council, Miharu]

    "That's not it. If Tempest were to get deactivated, then she's much faster than I am and I couldn't risk showing any further weakness. We can't have the student body losing respect for the council." She hesitated slightly when she saw a small figure leaving the building. "You guys go on ahead. I have something I need to do." Without waiting for a response, she separated from the council and headed over towards the girl. "Hey, you." She couldn't be bothered raising her voice so she waited until she was practically standing next to the girl to speak. "You were the one fighting the red-haired girl, right? I want you to keep an eye on her actions and report to me if she does anything you think might be out of order."
  13. [Sora]
    [Junzo high]
    [No one]

    Sora walks around the large school claspin and unclasping his metallic arm. He sighs smiling at all of the people he could take down right about now. A random b class student bumps into him and looks at sora with a scowl. "Finally someone to fight with im [insert random name] b class." Soras smirk gets wider clearly this boy does not know what hes dealing with. "Sora. Class ss." He takes the glove off his metallic hand and sets his hat down. The b begins attacking Sora swiftly dodging each one the b throws at him.

    Sora finally starts to move and ends up behind him quickly using alchemy to turns part of his metallic hand into a blade. "looks like youve wilted." He stabs him right in the stomach as he falls and blood pools out. Sora takes a finger of blood and draws a small rose on the bs shirt. After he walks away leaving the body to wilt.
  14. [Aiko]
    [Junzo High]
    [No one]

    Aiko gawked at the massive gates as the crowd dispursed after the Granmaster's speech. Wow, was a pushover. These next years were going to be Hell, no doubt about that. Damn, this school was huge. She had thought about running away from this blasted school, but she probably wouldnt get far.

    Reject, the double bladed Monochrome scythe she was assigned as she came, hung heavily across her back. Its weight felt comforting, strung across her shoulder blades. She could feel its power pulsing off it in waves, making her smirk. She could probably kill off half the students in this courtyard, but she opted against such a scene. Making enemies was not a smart decision on the first day.

    Her boots clicked softly against the ground as she walked, taking note of all the details. The way the ground dipped in certain places, where the water around the islands met the stone. Everything here was polished and clean.

    She leaned against the wall, the sharp pikes of Reject digging past her uniform and into the soft skin of her back. It was comforting, still. The pain let her know this was real. Reject was real. She was real. She would probably loathe her dorm partner, but she would need to get her dorm assignment sooner or later.

    Aiko crossed her arms and sighed. She would probably need to get her class assignment, too, but that could wait. She analyzed the students that walked past her, an assortment of emotions crisscrossed on their faces. This was going to be an interesting school.
  15. [DM]
    [Interaction]: Students
    [Time]: Afternoon

    It finally seemed the morning had passed, the sun now out beaming in the air as it was still August so it was starting to get warmer, but not hot just yet. The school looked amazing as the sun was fully in the air, the light reflecting off the water, smaller animals running and flying around as you were aloud to bring dogs and such animals to the school. It seemed a lot of the older students that had already reached the rank they wanted were taking it easy.

    Of course sooner or later most of the new students would find themselves at the main town of the school, huge towers and small towns, the school was huge and so was the student population as most of the shops were run by old students of the school who decided they would make more money off running a shop then work in the outside world. And there was then the main building of the city, it was way bigger than anything else and on the top it simply said, "Dorms".

    If a student were to go inside of the dorm they would find be handed a small device which when turned on would take a prick of blood for DNA and figure out who you were, when it was done this would be your own phone like device which you were free to name, the device would have apps for class, your class list, your dorm number and a picture of your roommate for the year.

    [The list for the roommates in the story]
    Aiko Minusuna, Sora[NUmber 450]

    Belle Faust- Zenkenichi Hide[Number 811]

    Kinoshita Miharu-Misaki Shiro [Number 801]

    Jen Rix- Jin Malphestes [Number 822]

    [Student Council is on the top floor each having their own dorm]
  16. Sora

    Sora sighs as he walks through the small schools town people busy everywhere. He looks around at the numerous shops that litter the snall town. Finally after walking for about 10 minutes he gets to the dorm room. He walks up to the line noticing students who flinch at the touch of the prick. He walks up and gets pricked not moving an inch. He puts his hand out receiving his phone/dorm card And heads into the building to room 405. Finally getting in he starts to decorate his side of the room. Putting a box of piercings onto the desk and setting his hat onto the desk as well. He starts to put his clothes in his wardrobe unbuttoning his custom jacket. Leaving him in his army pants and tank top.
  17. [Aiko]

    AIko managed her way to the dorm rooms. Her scythe felt even heavier on her back as she walked. Her dorm partner must already be there. Hopefully he wasnt aggressive. Or annoying.

    She winced slightly as the needle pressed into her skin, taking the drop of blood that would anchor her to this device. Dorm room 405 with Sora. There was no last name listed.

    The device beeped as it saved her DNA. What an unusual thing. She made her way across the scattered dorms until she reached room 405. From the muffled noise inside, she knew her roommate was already in there.

    She turned the knob and came face to face with a guy with a metal arm. He had already started decorating his side of the room. She cleared her throat and stood awkwardly in the threshold of the door.

    "Hey, I'm Aiko. I guess we'll be rooming together."
  18. Sora
    Interaction Aiko

    Sora turns around with a straight face his
    hair deshevled and his piercings clearly showing. He raises his metallic arm waving a bit with a smirk. "Hello mam I am roses artist. Its a pleasure to meet you." He puts his mettalic arm in front of him and bows. "I hope we can get along for the time being." He turns around and grabs his box of piercing supplies and puts it onto his bed. Disenfecting his eyebrow on his uncovered eye and pierces it quickly not even flinching by the pain. He quickly sticks in a black ball of metal and faces her again. "Would you like one?"
  19. Shiro
    No interaction

    Shiro breathed a sigh of relief as she finally entered the dorm building. She disliked the sun to begin with, so the fact that it was shining so brightly had really pissed her off. Compared to that, the inconvenience of the blood test was nothing. She took the device and began to walk toward her room. She rolled her eyes and muttered "typical" when she saw who her roommate was going to be. "Well, at least we can spare introductions now..". She entered the room, surprised to find her luggage to have arrived ahead of her. She opened the case and put away the various items in their appropriate places. The last item she retrieved was a peculiar sword she had asked to be sent, more as a keepsake than a weapon, but she realised she would have a lot more use for it than she had expected. The blade was double edged and about a third the length of herself, and gleamed with a spectacular silver. The strange part was the handle. Unlike a typical sword, it was a hollow circle, allowing her to hold it at practically every angle while putting barely any stress on her wrist. It had no leather covering, making it obvious that the whole weapon was forged of a single piece of metal. This, she placed on her bed and set about repairing the scabbard, which had become damaged by the razor sharp blade during the journey.
  20. [Miharu]
    Location [Dorm]
    Interaction [Shiro]

    "Ah... alright then..." Miharu uses a sample of his blood in order to verify her phone. As she checked the newly displayed data, he saw something.

    Then recalls.

    Hey, you, you were the one fighting the red-haired girl, right? I want you to keep an eye on her actions and report to me if she does anything you think might be out of order.

    "Oh, right. That. I better proceed," with that, the entrance of the Dorm was reached. As it was entered by Miharu, she saw the familiar sight.

    No greeting was emitted from his mouth. The androgynous little one enters and simply speaks, "I see that you are here. I do not wish to make friends or foes, so I do hope that your feelings... are not hard."