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  1. Currently I'm studying pharmaceuticals at a college/university (not sure what to call it, in Sweden we say "högskola", which translates to "high school"), and I'm wondering, what do you guys study? And at what level? Do you even study at all anymore, or are you out and about doin' dat adult life? Do you have some fun or interesting stories to share from your time in school?

    We've been running some pretty fun lab tests including gastric acid and some germs, and it made me think of one time in third grade when a girl in my class who had been eating poisonous berries, despite me telling her not to, threw up on the stairs outside the lunch hall. As I remember it, it looked like white goop swimming in a vividly purple soup (from the berries). Fun times.
  2. done with studying

    did biology major then medical school then residency
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  3. I'm now a working stiff.

    Went to college for environmental technologies.
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  4. Oh God.. I finished high school - 6 years ago ?!
    Can't believe it has been that long lol xD.
    Anyways my Profile in high school was Human resources. Plenty of English, History and Philosophy stuff going on xD.

    Now I am working as an qualified Interpreter ;)

    Funny thing- our English teacher had this British accent and I found it so funny even if when I tried to speak like that it was horrible. I am stuck with and European- Americanish kind of accent. And here I am in UK- when I thought I'll never get here in the first place xD.

    One time in 9th grade- chemistry class- the teacher had mixed some stuff which was not right and it just bursts into flames.
    I immediately shouted " Jeronimooo !!" :))

    She was fine after that ha ha ;)
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  5. I'm currently under a dual enrollment system, doing college work and high school work. I plan to major in nursing so I'm getting all of that general core requirements and high school requirements out of the way, hopefully earning my AA degree at the same time I earn my high school diploma.
  6. Eeh, well, I'm just going to say teknikprogrammet and let all the Swedes out there get what I mean. And hopefully somebody could come up with the English equivalent.

    Anyway, finished school two years ago, and I've been working in the forestry industry since then. I'd love to maybe study archaeology or history, but it'll have to wait until I'm well enough to resume my studies. Drama school is another great temptation as well.

    I'd love to go to drama school, jfc. That would be fantastic.
  7. Back in college, working on my Computer Science degree.
  8. Studying theoretical physics at uni, as I've mentioned quite a few times around here. I don't have much else going on in my life so when I talk about anything it tends to come up.

    It's a fascinating subject, but the requirement for self-motivation is something I'm still failing to achieve. Plus, I really miss the breadth of subjects I did at high school - enough to make me wish I was doing a different degree, at times. English, why did I give you up? ;-;
  9. I start school for a Bachelor's degree in Journalism this fall
  10. Biology major undergraduate. Philosophy minor.
  11. Ah, well, I'm studying for a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology >_> <_< it is... Its something else. So many statistics and research papers, scientific speak and learning about disorders and the history of psych. It is horrifying. I should have gone the Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology route :T
  12. History, Media Studies, and English Language at sixthform, working towards advertising in university.
    I have a terrible, terrible feeling about this.
  13. Here in Singapore. we don't call it High School or Middle School/Junior High. At the end of the six years in Primary school (I think it's called Elementary school in other parts of the world, children graduate at 12), it is compulsory for students to take a leaving examination (PSLE) which will determine which stream they'll be in when they're in Secondary school.

    • Express -- 4 years of Secondary school
    • Normal (Academic) -- 5 years of Secondary school
    • Normal (Technical) -- 4 years of Secondary school (Straight to ITE after graduation)
    At the end of their fourth or fifth years, students have to sit for their GCE 'O'/'N' Level Examination. The O level is for the Express and Secondary 5 Normal Academic students. Normal Technical students will be sitting for their NT Level Examination. Before the Secondary 4 Normal Academic students get to proceed to Secondary 5, they have to complete their GCE N Level Examination.

    As for me, I'm in the Normal Academic stream, currently in Secondary 4. I go to an all girl school. Normal Academic students move at a slower pace than the Express students. Anyway, I'm studying Accounting, Combine Science (Physics & Chemistry), Combine Humanities (Social Studies & History), Malay (Second language is a must here), English and Math.

    Hm, currently, school life is still hectic as ever. The usual lack of unity among my classmates. I scored the highest in class for my Accounting and Physics test OuO. Second highest in Math :D Have been failing both my Social Studies and History tests.
  14. Not studying college courses yet.


    Because I'm not supposed to be in college yet...

    Just going through basic high school Junior courses like Biology II and Algebra II and Histoire =_=

    They're killing me softly.
  15. Atm I'm on a pause/break from college due to complications with getting the classes sorted, and a shifty change in placement requirements the college did without notifying anyone.

    But the program I am in is ECE (Early Childhood Education).
    In a nutshell? It's woman studies with a "Think about the children!" mentality thrown on top.

    Well... not 100%. ECE at least has some useful courses.
    You definitely need to take what they tell you through with a healthy dose of skepticism and a grain of salt, otherwise you'll walk out spouting shit like "Video games are evil! Musical Chairs are bad for children because it has competition!", "Men are abusive assholes! WAAAAGH!".

    I'm only in it because I need to get into an "Autism Studies" program to become an Autism Therapist, and that program requires previous training in working with children.
    A pre-requisite that ECE fills.

    Basically all my funny stories though are either with children themselves when at a placement, or in college clubs I go to after classes.

    One of which was me and a bunch of others from anime club once spent a few hours coming up with the concept of a "Reusable hot dog".
    It was a hot dog, that you could eat and then shit out whole to be eaten again.
    Not just that, it came in many colours with the black one being bigger.
    And it came with built in features like a music player.
  16. I plan to study Computer Science...before I turn 30.
  17. Back then, I was about to take Communication Arts in college. I tried to prepare myself for that in high school. I wrote articles and stories in the school paper so I could get used to writing under the time pressure. But I joined the literary division, not the features or opinion division of the paper.

    When I entered college, I realized that Comm Arts and Mass Comm didn't fit right into my life. If I took that course, I was pursuing what my parents wanted, not what I wanted. So now I'm in a BA English - creative writing major in one of the major state universities here in the Philippines. While I do have a passion to write, I have a stronger and more enduring interest in lit criticism. And if there's one thing I noticed in Mindanao, it's this: If the amount of Mindanao writers is few, the amount of Mindanao critics is even fewer. I plan to study in Manila, but I just can't cut off my roots to Mindanao.

    I'm planning to transfer to one of the constituent units, of the same university, over to Manila. Mostly because I'm comfortable with the system my university uses, and the course I'm after is only offered in Manila for that university. I'll be shifting to comparative literature or literary studies. It doesn't mean I'm completely discarding whatever I've learned in creative writing. Sometime in the future, maybe I'd want to write some prose or poetry myself. Intimate knowledge of the writing process is just as important critical process.

    Parents and friends always think that I'll end up poor as writer/critic. Just the mere sound of the word 'critic' makes most people think negatively. Not everything a critic says is negative, and a critic worth his/her salt knows how to offer his/her opinion without sacrificing basic decency and respect.
  18. Got me a BA Honours in History, with my dissertation written on freethinker groups in early 20th Century Britain (yes, they existed back then too: that prick Dawkins didn't start the whole trend).

    Landed a 2:1 for that, demonstrating that the system fails again given how much work I didn't put into it. That was enough to get me onto a Masters programme.

    So now I'm studying for an MSc in History, focusing on the Russian Civil War because I just can't seem to stay away from depressing subjects.

    I'm a fun guy, me.
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